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Tuesday, 8 May 2018  |  Eugene

Drivers keep our world moving in all sorts of ways, as the vehicles we use for travel, leisure and work are indispensable in our daily lives. Driving can sometimes be challenging though, so it's important to make sure your hands are ready for anything when you step behind a wheel. Whether you're driving your family car, a public bus or a forklift, keeping a good grip on the wheel at all times is crucial, and a comfortable pair of gloves is an excellent way to do this.

Man using gloves to drive forklift
Driving gloves can help boost your grip and comfort at the wheel

Our Best Gloves for Driving

If you're searching the web for the right pair of driving gloves, you've probably already noticed that there are thousands of gloves out there. With all these choices boasting about their so-called driving prowess, how are you to sort through the noise and figure out which pair is right for you? At, we know our gloves, and we've put together a list of our favourite driving gloves to help you out. These gloves are all about grip and comfort on the wheel, and we're sure the right glove for you is here for the taking.


Supertouch Leather Driving Gloves with Full Fleece Lining 2064

We'll start off our list with a pair of gloves that our customers love, and is a favourite of LGV and HGV drivers alike. The SuperTouch Leather Driving Gloves with Full Fleece Lining 2064 are designed to provide you with great grip on the wheel with soft grain leather and an elastic tensioner for comfort and a snug fit. These gloves are fleece lined to provide warmth on chilly days on the road, and are also available in an unlined version for summer months.

Key Features: Excellent grip; available with or without fleece lining; a favourite of LGV and HGV drivers.

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Polyco Imola Drivers Style Safety Gloves

Many driving gloves made for professionals can be thick for added protection, making them heavy without the dexterity needed for fine movements. The Polyco Imola Drivers Style Safety Gloves are in the style of regular leather driving gloves, but are made with a full micro-foam nitrile coating to keep them as thin and dexterous as possible. Providing protection against dirt, scratches and abrasion, these gloves provide a strong grip on the wheel so you can have peace of mind on the job.

Key Features: Thinner than conventional driving glove; provide excellent dry grip, along with comfort and dexterity.

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HexArmor SteelLeather III 5033 Protective Driver's Gloves

HexArmor SteelLeather III 5033 Protective Driver's Gloves

Drivers on industrial sites such as warehouses or worksites can face all sorts of mechanical risks, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't have the same grip and dexterity as everyone else. The HexArmor SteelLeather III 5033 Protective Driver's Gloves provide excellent protection for your hands and knuckles, while providing excellent comfort and grip on the wheel at the same time. With goatskin leather palms and plenty of cut-resistance, these gloves are ideal for the driver who wants to be ready for anything.

Key Features: Provide protection to the hands and knuckles; cut resistant; reliable grip for long-haul driving.

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Polyco Daytona Drivers Style Leather Gloves

Polyco Daytona Drivers Style Leather Gloves DR100

If you're the kind of person who finds themselves behind the wheel for long hours at a time, a glove that can reduce hand fatigue can be a massive help. The Polyco Daytona Drivers Style Leather Gloves DR100 are designed for this purpose, and are extremely soft and flexible to keep your hands comfortable all day long. Elasticated at the wrist to ensure a proper fit, these versatile driving gloves are an ideal all-round choice for any professional driver.

Key Features: Soft and comfortable lining; help to reduce hand fatigue; high grade leather for maximum grip.

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Polyco Monza Drivers Style Safety Gloves

Polyco Monza Drivers Style Safety Gloves

If you work in the transport or logistics industry, you'll know that a day on the job can include pretty much anything, so a glove that always has you covered is the best choice. The Polyco Monza Drivers Style Safety Gloves are a favourite in transport, logistics, warehousing and construction, providing plenty of comfort and grip along with protection from abrasion and scratches. Lightweight and dexterous, these gloves can't be beat when it comes to value for money.

Key Features: Lightweight driving gloves; ideal for transport and logistics industries; great all-round option.

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Driving Gloves for All Industries

While we're confident of the quality of all the gloves on this list, not every glove is right for every industry. A lightweight option like the Polyco Imola gloves will provide more comfort in most conditions, but for jobs that involve exposure to more hazards, something like the HexArmor SteelLearher III gloves will be a better bet. Now it's time to weigh up the pros and cons of each glove, along with what you'll be using it for, and decide which pair is right for you.

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