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Best Nylon Work Gloves

19 June 2018

Nylon, the first commercially successful synthetic thermoplastic polymer, is as popular today as it was when it was first introduced in 1935. Its high durability, excellent abrasion resistance, strength and resilience make it one of the most widely used materials for making high quality safety gloves that are used across a range of industries. What all of them have in common is the combination of mechanical resistance and superb dexterity, which makes nylon one of the most practical and versatile gloves materials on the market. 

Nylon String
Nylon thread used in the manufacturing of nylon gloves

No matter what industry you work in, nylon gloves are almost always the right choice. Read on to find out which gloves we've included in our selection of the Best Nylon Work Gloves, and what it is that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Knitted Nylon Low-Linting White Gloves with PVC Palm Dots NLNW-D

Knitted Nylon Low-Linting White Gloves with PVC Palm Dots NLNW-DIn spite of their soft, seamless construction and a secure snug fit, the Knitted Nylon Low-Linting White Gloves with PVC Palm Dots NLNW-D offer excellent abrasion, cut, tear and even puncture resistance. The specialised low-linting design minimises the chances of contamination, while the PVC dotted palms and fingertips improve their grip and durability. If you're looking for very general nylon gloves that are ideal for low risk tasks, such as assembly, inspection or light handling, these are the right choice for you.

Key Features: Soft and seamless construction, good mechanical resistance, suitable for a range of light handling applications


Polyco Matrix Red N Nylon Work Gloves

Polyco Matrix Red N Nylon Work Gloves Designed to be tight fitting to give maximum dexterity for even the most tactile of applications, the Polyco Matrix Red N Nylon Work Gloves are ideal for indoor and outdoor work environments. In spite of their exceptional comfort and lightweight construction, however, they come with maximum tear resistance, as well as high levels of resistance against abrasions, cuts and punctures. These protective properties makes them suitable to be worn as a single glove, while their extremely thin design makes them suitable to be used as a glove liner as well.

Key Features: Extremely thin and lightweight design, good mechanical resistance, outstanding dexterity and flexibility, low-linting construction reduces the risk of product contamination

Portwest Senti-Flex Nylon Gloves A360

Portwest Senti-Flex Nylon Gloves A360With their ultra-thin 18 gauge liner, the Portwest Senti-Flex Nylon Gloves A360 are designed to offer total dexterity. Combined with a polyurethane coating for excellent grip and good mechanical resistance, these gloves are suitable for any industry that demands the handling of materials. Moreover, their breathable design and comfortable liner make them ideal even for extended use, while the low-linting construction reduces the risk of product contamination.

Key Features: 18 gauge nylon liner offers exceptional dexterity, good grip in dry and wet conditions, breathable and low-linting


Nylon Heavy Duty Heat Resistant Handling NG6 Gloves

Nylon Heavy Duty Heat Resistant Handling NG6 GlovesIf the above gloves are more suitable for light handling tasks where minimal risk of an injury is involved, the Nylon Heavy Duty Heat Resistant Handling NG6 Gloves are what you need if your work involves heat up to 100°C. They feature high levels of resistance against mechanical risks, seamless construction and integrated cotton liner for improved comfort, and a hardwearing design for prolonged use. Their snug fit ensures maximum dexterity, which means you can use them for all handling tasks.

Key Features: Good mechanical protection, heat resistant up to 100°C, seamless, comfortable construction, seven gauge nylon

Polyco Matrix Red N Nylon Work Gloves

 Polyco Matrix Red N Nylon Work GlovesMade from a seamless nylon shell with foamed nitrile coating and designed to protect against abrasions, scratches and dirt, the Polyco Matrix Red N Nylon Work Gloves are popular for assembly, car engineering and electronics. The seamless shell channels liquid away from the surface of the gloves to ensure good wet grip. This ultimate combination of dexterity and resilience makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, in dirty, clean, dry and wet conditions.

Key Features: Maximum abrasion resistance, seamless shell with nitrile coating for use in wet environments, dexterous and comfortable to wear

Which Nylon Gloves are Best for You?

While these are our top recommendations for nylon gloves, it's quite possible you've had something completely different in mind. If you haven't yet found what you're looking for, view our entire selection of nylon gloves.

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