Buy Washable Reusable Gloves (For When You Can't Find Your Favourite Disposables!)

Thursday, 23 April 2020  |  Sean

If you work in a warehouse or shop, or still commute during the COVID-19 lockdown, it's advisable to wear gloves that can protect your hands against contact with the virus. Unfortunately, it is beginning to get increasingly difficult to source disposable gloves due to a worldwide shortage. Thankfully, you can use washable reusable gloves to the same effect, as long as you wash them after every single use.

We have a wide range of reusable gloves that are suitable for washing, though none are quite as quick drying and useful as the TraffiGlove LXT Range. TraffiGlove LXT are a range of gloves by TraffiGloves, the company behind the famous traffic light cut-resistance rating. Highly popular within the manufacturing and construction industries, these gloves are also suitable for many other jobs including use in a warehouse.

Why Do I Need to Wear Gloves?

If you do need to leave the house for work or to go to the supermarket, then it doesn't hurt to wear a pair of gloves. Gloves can prevent virus cells from actually reaching the skin on your hands, meaning that, as long as you don't touch your face, the virus shouldn't enter your body. Disposable gloves are highly popular, mainly because you can remove them after every use, again reducing the chances of coming into contact with the virus.

Why Can't I Buy Disposable Gloves?

You might have noticed that it is becoming increasingly difficult to purchase your favourite disposable gloves. Unfortunately, there is a global demand in disposable gloves as a result of the coronavirus crisis. Across the UK, stocks of disposable gloves are running low, so we expect there to be a shortage for a few weeks until things can get moving again.

Why Should I Use TraffiGlove LXT Instead?

If you do want to wear gloves when you're out of the house, whether for work, a walk or while using transport, then you can still use reusable gloves. It's important that you wash these gloves though, and the same rules of don't touch your face still apply. The TraffiGlove LXT range uses LXT technology, which allows for:

The TraffiGlove LXT Gloves
  • The safe washing of the gloves without damage to the gloves
  • Fast drying for quick removable and donning
  • Makes the gloves faster and wearable for far longer

How Do I Wash My Hands With the LXT Gloves?

You can wash your hands with the TraffiGlove LXT Gloves before leaving them out to dry. To do so, please follow these instructions?

  1. Wet the gloves with water. Water must be 40°C (that's the hot tap turned on)
  2. Dispense soap onto the palm of your TraffiGlove LXT Gloves
  3. Rub your hands together working the soap into a lather
  4. Rinse the soap from the gloves
  5. Remove your gloves
  6. Squeeze out the access water from the gloves (like you're wringing a cloth)
  7. Drip dry on a line
  8. Once dry, you can wear these gloves again

Where Can I Buy the TraffiGlove LXT Gloves?

If you're not familiar with TraffiGlove Gloves, then the most important thing to understand is there colour scheme. Each of their ranges (including LXT), come in three different colours, depending on their level of cut protection. Red is the lowest, amber is the middle, and green is highest.

TraffiGlove LXT are fantastic gloves that are resistant to oil and water, highly grippy, and offer resistance to heat too. They are thin, discreet and lightweight, meaning that you can use them for packing and packaging in a warehouse, on a shop front to handle money, or even just while travelling on public transport. You can view the four in the LXT Range below.

TraffiGlove TG1240 LXT Cut Level A Heat-Resistant Gloves TraffiGlove TG3240 LXT Cut Level B Heat-Resistant Gloves TraffiGlove TG5240 LXT Cut Level C Heat-Resistant Gloves TraffiGlove TG6240 LXT Cut Level E Heat-Resistant Gloves
TraffiGlove TG1240 Cut Level A Gloves TraffiGlove TG3240 LXT Cut Level B Gloves TraffiGlove TG5240 LXT Cut Level C Gloves TraffiGlove TG6240 LXT Cut Level E Gloves

All of these gloves are the same, however moving from left to right leads to a higher level of cut resistance.

Improve Your Hygiene

These gloves ensure that you can retain your hygiene standards. For the full range, please visit TraffiGlove LXT. Alternatively, you can view our Reusable Hygiene Gloves category for a full list of reusable gloves that are suitable for washing.