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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Summer is finally in full swing, and while for some that means beaches, parks and swimming, many of us are really looking forward to those long summer afternoons spent over a barbecue. No matter what you're cooking, there's a special zen that can can only come from cooking food in the great outdoors, and there's nothing a true BBQ master likes more than a nice bit of kit. That's where our glove experts at SafetyGloves.co.uk come in, as they've put together a list of their favourite gloves to protect you from burns at the grill so you can put all your attention to producing the best flame-cooked meal possible.

Best BBQ gloves for cooking at the barbecue
The right BBQ gloves can help you get up close and personal to give you the most control possible

When you're at the barbecue, you need all your dexterity to be able to manipulate your skewers, tongs and spatulae to get just the right char on your food. Likewise, you need to be able to get up close and personal with the grill, without having to constantly worry about burns, scrapes and other injuries. Our experts' glove choices put your cooking first without forgetting about your safety, giving you everything you need for the perfect day at the barbecue.

Coolskin steam oven gloves

Coolskin Steam Oven Gloves

We start off our list with a popular pair of gloves that will treat you just as well at the BBQ as it will in the kitchen. Made by one of the most trusted names in heat-resistant cooking gloves, the Coolskin Steam Oven Gloves are perfect for use by the casual home barbecuer and professional alike, providing exceptional heat-resistance up to 350°C. Made with Nomex heat-resistant fibre to be resistant to both steam and contact heat, Coolskin give these gloves the go ahead for BBQs as well as ovens, AGA cookers, solid fuel stoves and microwaves.

Key features: Protect you from both contact heat and steam; protect your wrists and hands with powerful Nomex fibre.

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Polyco Hot gloves heat resistant gloves

Polyco Hot Glove Heat-Resistant Gloves 90

At the barbecue, you don't only need to be protected from heat, you need a great grip on your tools as well. The Polyco Hot Glove Heat-Resistant Gloves 90 are made to provide you with heat resistance as well as an enhanced grip, helping you keep a strong and sure hold on your tools. With the capacity to withstand temperatures as high as 250°C, they'll protect both you and your materials to ensure you have full control over the entire cooking process. As an added bonus, the double-layered cotton construction makes them durable enough to stay with you for many a BBQ season.

Key features: Provide excellent grip with a nitrile grip pattern; ambidextrous, durable and reliable.

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Coolskin Oven Gloves for heat protection

Coolskin Heat Resistant Oven Gloves 375

The perfect day at the BBQ requires a glove that provides ultimate comfort, which is where the CoolSkin Heat Resistant Oven Gloves 375 don't disappoint. Made with Meta Aramid (a strong heat-resistant fibre), helping them to achieve reliable heat resistance up to 350°C, these gloves are made with a duplex knitted structure and a 'glove within a glove' design to provide an excellent mix of comfort and heat resistance. Specialising in protection from dry-contact heat, these gloves are a perfect option for those who like to be comfortable while they cook, and are ideal for barbecues as well as ovens, solid-fuel stoves and AGA cookers.

Key feature: Provide extra comfort with 'glove within a glove' design; ideal for providing cool comfort as you work at the BBQ.

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Polyco volcano heat resistant gloves

Polyco Hot Glove Heat-Resistant Gloves

For those not convinced by standard cooking gloves, we thought we'd provide a heavy-duty option. The Polyco Volcano Heavyweight Kevlar Heat Resistant Gloves are made from 100% heavyweight Kevlar, providing not only protection from heat up to 350°C, but powerful cut and tear resistance as well. Exceptionally flexibly and dexterous for such a strong glove, the Polyco Volcano Gloves are available in two lengths, with an extra-long 58cm length for those who want complete protection.

Key features: Provide heavy duty protection from heat, cuts and tears; dexterous and flexible for easy hand movement.

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Polyco Teflon Mitt Silver Teflon Heat Resistant Glove

Polyco Teflon Mitt Silver Teflon Heat Resistant Gloves

While the other gloves on our list are designed with fingers for maximum dexterity, sometimes the old-fashioned oven mitt design will do the trick. The Polyco Teflon Mitt SIlver Teflon Heat Resistant Gloves are made with a special silver teflon coating, providing protection from heat up to 250°C. Lined with felt, these gloves are suitable for foot contact and are non-stick to prevent oil and grease absorption, making them ideal for when handling trays and touching food is unavoidable. 

Key feature: Coated with silver teflon for non-stick heat resistance; felt inner lining for comfort; suitable for food contact.

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Boost Your BBQ IQ

After laying out our experts' top picks at the BBQ, it's time to decide for yourself. Are you looking for grip, comfort, versatility or toughness? Whatever your answer, the perfect BBQ glove for you is here for the taking, providing you with all the protection and peace of mind you need to grill in comfort and tranquility. With options like these, there's no sense in continuing to fumble with hot implements and letting your meal pay the price, so boost your BBQ IQ today with the best gear around.

Not convinced, or want to take a look for yourself? Check out our entire range of Heat-Resistant Gloves!

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