Our Best Gardening Gloves 2020

Saturday, 25 April 2020

With summer approaching, it's time to dig out the secateurs from the back of the garage, maintain your lawnmower and inspect your overgrowing hedge. It's also time to think about your hands. Gardening comes with many risks: sharp thorns, niggly twigs, and that's not to mention the dangers posed by chainsaws, secateurs and strimmers.

Prepare for pruning sharp rose thorns with our gardening gloves
Prepare for those sharp thorns with our thorn proof gardening gloves

Here at SafetyGloves.co.uk, we've got you covered when it comes to all things gardening. Whether you want to prune your roses or weed your garden, we have a wide selection of gardening gloves that will keep your hands protected. This article demonstrates Our Best Gardening Gloves, allowing you to prepare for hitting the garden this summer.

Briers Ultimate Thermal Gardening Gloves

Briers Ultimate Thermal Gardening Gloves

First up are the gloves that we would recommend for all-round gardening and gardening in the cold. Warm and comfortable, the Briers Ultimate Thermal Gardening Gloves will protect your hands in all types of weather and many types of gardening including cultivating, digging, planting and weeding.

Maximum grip is supported by maximum dexterity, making them a top choice for getting your hands dirty. Strong all-round resistance means that your hands will be protected against most medium risk threats, while an elasticated cuff keeps your hands protected against dirt and debris.

Best Suited To: Cold weather gardening; summer gardening; all-round gardening; weeding; planting; trimming.

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Supertouch Handler Gloves 6203/6204

Supertouch Handler Gloves 6203/6204

Gardening will inevitably involve handling, which is why the Supertouch Handler Gloves 6203/6204 are a top choice for anyone who expects to be pulling weeds, trimming overgrowing plants and planting bulbs. Their breathable back will keep your hands cool during even the hottest of summers, while soft knitted fabric can keep your hands comfortable during the day.

A ribbed knitwrist will protect your hands from dirt and debris, while maximum dexterity will give you total control of your hands. Lightweight and breathable, these gloves are perfect for work in the garden.

Best Suited To: All round gardening; handling; weeding; planting; trimming.

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Skytec Argon Waterproof Thermal Gloves

Skytec Argon Waterproof Thermal Gloves

We couldn't not include the Skytec Argon Waterproof Thermal Gloves in a best gardening gloves list, particularly as they are among our best selling gloves for any kind of outdoors work. The outer waterproof shell is supported by a fleece interior, making these the best choice for any kind of winter gardening work. Don't be fooled, they don't just offer warmth and water protection, but good protection against sharp twigs and niggly shrubbery too.

Best Suited To: Winter hardening; handling; planting; weeding.

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Towa PowerGrab Premium TOW340 Latex-Coated Gloves

Towa PowerGrab Premium Tow340 Latex-Coated Gloves

Like the Briers 5246 only more dexterous, the Towa PowerGrab Premium Tow340 Latex-Coated Gloves use their flexibility and tough double-coated palm to ensure that your hands will stay protected against thorns and other sharp objects. MicroFinish technology enables handling in the dry and wet, meaning that you'll be prepared for whatever summer has to throw at you.

A breathable back keeps the hands cool, while high grip is ideal for working with delicate plants. For general versatility it is hard to find gloves that are better suited to handling than these. Dexterity, strength, protection and grip are everything needed to make your job in the garden easy and comfortable.

Best Suited To: Wet weather gardening; tougher gardening applications; pruning roses; bramble picking; digging; general gardening tasks.

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HexArmor ThornArmor 3092 Gardening and Landscaping Gloves

HexArmor Thornarmor 3092 Gardening and Landscaping Gloves

The HexArmor ThornArmor 3092 Gardening and Landscaping Gloves are the gloves to choose for those high risk, heavy duty tasks. For when gardening gets serious, these hard-wearing gloves are designed to protect against the sharpest thorns and the most dangerous of shrubbery. They will ensure that your hands stay completely protected when handling plants and shrubbery, and have become a top choice among professional gardeners, landscapers and people who work in agriculture.

These gloves argue that they could even protect against needles, which is why we would put our trust in them completely. A breathable back keeps you comfortable, while reinforced stitching ensures that you get your money's worth. Finally, their Airprene cuff is designed to prevent dirt and debris from entering the gloves, perfect for ensuring the best hygiene practice.

Best Suited To: Tough gardening tasks; handling thorns and sharp shrubbery; bramble picking; pruning roses; woodland and forestry; hedgelaying; strimming; hedge cutting; commercial gardening; cactus handling.

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Cutter CW100 Goatskin Leather Men's Original Work Gloves

Cutter CW800 Cow Grain Leather Men's Ultimate Utility Work Gloves

We finish with gloves somewhere in-between the HexArmor Gloves and the Supertouch Handler Gloves. For those who need that toughness for cutting hedges and dexterity for planting bulbs, the Cutter CW800 Cow Grain Leather Men's Ultimate Utility Work Gloves won't go amiss. Their tough PVC patches on the palms can protect against the thorns you would expect when pruning roses, while a flexible liner ensures that you are always in control.

Strong all round resistance protects your hands from injuries and ensures a long glove lifespan, and a tough leather construction is perfect for most gardening tasks, horticulture and more. For those who are serious about gardening but don't want to break the bank, then these gloves are ideal.

Best Suited To: All round gardening; horticulture; strimming; weeding; planting; pruning roses; hedge trimming; handling wood.

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With summer approaching you'll want to protect your hands against the worst that the garden has to throw at you. If you like what you see here and need a little more information, try taking a look at our Gardening Gloves category for a list of all our gloves, or our All Gardening Gloves section where you can find the glove that is specifically designed for the job that you require. Alternatively, you can call our customer care team on 020 7501 1104 for more information on our gardening gloves.

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