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Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Briers are a leading supplier of gardening gloves. They really do offer it all, whether you're after cut-resistant gardening gloves for weeding, waterproof gloves for draining a pond or some floral patterned gloves that add a touch of class and style to your gardening, Briers have got you covered. With a range this big it's hard to know which Briers gloves you should choose, so we've taken the steps to find our favourite Briers gloves for the summer ahead and put them in this short easy-to-read guide.

Our Top 7 Briers Gardening Gloves

We're proud to have such a large selection of Briers gloves available to you. Briers offer such a versatile range of gloves that we can promise that the perfect gardening glove is out there for you. It doesn't matter if you're after some children's gardening gloves to keep the little ones busy, or some thorn-resistant gloves for pruning those roses, we've got your back.

Click on any of the seven below to move down to the glove of your choice. Alternatively, scroll down and view the seven gloves in full.

Briers Ultimate Warmth Thermal Gardening Gloves

Our Best All-Round, All-weather Briers Gloves

The first on our list are what we would recommend for your average gardener; whether it's pulling weeds, working in wet weather, pruning roses or planting bulbs, the Briers Ultimate Warmth Thermal Gardening Gloves should do the trick. The secret to their success is combining a nitrile coating with high dexterity, as this allows you to tackle tricky gardening tasks while protecting yourself against a range of medium level threats. If this protection and dexterity isn't enough, these gloves can protect you from the cold and wet during more harsh seasons.

Key Points: Protect against thorns, shrubbery and more; thermal and waterproof; dexterous for more tactile tasks; the perfect gloves for the average gardener. 

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Briers Kids Junior Digger Orange and Blue Gardening Gloves B5313

Our Best Briers Gloves for Youngsters

There's never been a better time to get your young ones into gardening, and the Briers Kids Junior Digger Gloves are the perfect tool for the job. Provided in an eye-catching orange and blue, these snug gloves allow for total movement of the hands and a little protection too, ideal for letting your children loose in the garden. They are designed using a one-piece liner, making them more strong and more comfortable than your usual gardening gloves.

Key Points: Superb for children in the garden; come in an eye-catching orange and blue; one piece lining for extra comfort and longevity.

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Briers Advanced All Weather Gardening Gloves

Our Best Briers Gloves for Cold and Wetter Weather

You can't guarantee that it won't rain this summer, and you also can't guarantee that you won't want to stop your gardening once the weather turns later in the year. If this rings true with you, then the waterproof, windproof and thermal Briers Advanced All Weather Gardening Gloves might be the best option for you. These gloves come with a special anti-vibration patch too, meaning that you can use power-tools without sustaining damage to your hands.

Key Points: Thermal and waterproof; anti-vibration for strimmer use; Thinsulate liner keeps the hands nice and warm while retaining dexterity.

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Briers Advanced Cut Resistant Gloves

Our Best Thorn, Shrubbery and Nettle Resistant Briers Gloves

Some gardens only require the very best protection, and if you're facing large thorns and a lot of shrubbery, then look no further than the Briers Advanced Cut Resistant Gloves. These are lightweight gloves for heavy duty tasks, using a reinforced liner that can stop large, sharp thorns in their tracks. The gloves feature high durability, sensitivity and strength, proving perfect for those tougher gardening jobs.

Key Points: Offer exceptional cut resistance for sharp thorns; highly sensitive for tactile tasks; lightweight and dexterous for handling tools.

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Briers Full Length Drain, Tank and Pond Gloves

Our Best Briers Gloves for Drain and Pond Work

The Briers Full Length Drain, Tank and Pond Gloves are pretty self-explanatory; they use a waterproof arm length lining that will protect you completely from water when fully submerged. The gloves are dexterous and sensitive, meaning them ideal for reaching down and handling objects that are well beneath the water line. They are anti-slip, meaning that they won't drop off during use, while an elasticated top should prevent water and debris from entering down your arm.

Key Points: Waterproof up to the elbow; elasticated top to prevent water entering gloves; sensitive and dexterous for handling submerged items.

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Briers Multi-Grip All Rounder Gardening Gloves

Our Best Briers Gloves for All-Round Gardening on a Budget

Most gardening jobs require a little protection, a little grip, a little sensitivity and some dexterity too, and no gloves provide all of them things at such an economical price as the Briers Multi-Grip All Rounder Gardening Gloves. These gloves simply provide everything you need to garden effectively, with their light, dexterous and flexible nature allowing you to get to grips with most things garden related. A rippled latex layer provides the grip, while the one piece liner ensures comfort, thorn protection and light water resistance.

Key Points: Fantastic, all-round gardening gloves; offer light water resistance; elasticated wrist guards against dirt; latex coating offers a firm grip and good protection.

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Briers Vintage Floral Twin-Pack Gardening Gloves B8749

Our Best Patterned and Floral Briers Gardening Gloves

Briers sell all sorts of patterned and floral gloves, so we thought that we'd throw these in for good measure. The Briers Vintage Floral Gardening Gloves are stylish and trendy gardening gloves, provided in a floral purple that is well suited to all kinds of work. Like all of the gloves above they offer strong protection while gardening, although a cotton grip offers a breathable and cooling nature that sets them apart from the rest.

Key Points: Supplied in a stylish floral pattern; breathable cotton grip for warmer weather; plenty of protection against a wide range of risks.

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Our Best Briers Gloves

Hopefully, this list has giving you a better understanding of the types of gloves that Briers offer, as well as some of the top gloves in our range. To view our full range, please see our Briers Gardening Gloves category, and for more gardening gloves please see our Gardening Gloves category. 

Have any questions, or anything to add? Tell us in the comments below, or find us on Facebook and Twitter!