Red Hot Savings on PCN Red Handling Gloves

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Getting everything your company needs to run smoothly is an incredibly important part of business, but at the same time you need to be sure that you’re getting the best deal on everything you buy. Here at Safety Gloves we’re working to help deliver on both parts of this equation, and our latest Bulk Gloves Offers help us do exactly that. 

We’ve got our most popular products available to buy in bulk quantities for fantastic discounts, making it easier and cheaper for you to get the products you need. And our newest bulk product, the PCN Red Handling Gloves, is no exception. 

Why Buy PCN Red Handling Gloves?

The PCN Red Handling Gloves are a fantastic all-round glove, perfect for both general and more precise handling. The polyurethane coating on the front of the gloves is tough and durable, and gives the gloves even more grip and mechanical protection.

What’s more, the PCN Red Handling Gloves are great at resisting abrasion; they feature an abrasion level 4 as rated against the EN 388 standard. And the seamless, 100% nylon construction makes the gloves incredibly comfortable to wear over long periods.

Thanks to their host of features, the PCN Red Handling Gloves are suitable for general handling, delicate assembly, product protection and even for work with electronics, thanks to the low linting design which reduces the risk of product contamination.

How Much Can You Save?

Already at a great price when bought per pair, our bulk buy discounts mean you get a whole lot more worth of savings!  Available in a half-case (120 pairs), a full case (240 pairs) and two cases (480 pairs) to match whatever need you might have. Here’s what you can save:

  • Half-Case (120 pairs): £77.99 (£0.65 per pair and an overall saving of over £2 against our normal price)
  • Full-Case (240 pairs): £152.76 (£0.64 per pair and an overall saving of over £8 against our normal price)
  • Two Cases (480 pairs): £299.09 (£0.62 per pair and an overall saving of over £22 against our normal price)

As you can see, your savings go up dramatically when you buy more, so if your business relies on having a good stock of the PCN Red Handling Gloves at all times, then the Safety Gloves bulk buy offer is perfect for you, allowing you to save time and money when ordering and reordering gloves.