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What Are Surgical Gloves?

20 July 2015

Safety isn’t all about keeping your hands protected from heavy machinery or roaring flames, sometimes the most effective example of PPE and safety wear is as simple as a box of surgical gloves. You may be brave enough to take on some tasks without following our advice and slipping on a safety glove, and if you do, you may shortly be given the opportunity to realise that there really is no such compromise when it comes to the role of your doctor’s medical gloves.

It’s Not Brain Surgery

Even if that’s what you intend to use them for. The requirements of surgical gloves are far less complex than the tasks they do: keep you and your patients free from infection, and help you do your job well.

Many of our surgery gloves are sterile, with the majority adhering to EU Standards as fit for industries where health and safety is paramount, including food preparation and medical examination. Some of the EU Codes you may find on our Surgical Glove product pages are explained below:

EN455, EN455-2 or EN455-3 is awarded to gloves that are suitable as single use medical gloves. Durability, physical strength, chemical resistance and shelf life are all taken into consideration when offering this accreditation to a glove model.

EN556 denotes the sterilisation of the glove, thereby making it fit for use in sterile environments such as operating theatres. 

EN374/ 374-2 means that your gloves are resistant to water or, with the addition of -2, are also resistant the permeation of chemicals. This standard is explained in more detail over at our dedicated blog post.

Allergies Away

Don’t like latex? Don’t worry, our surgical gloves are also available in non-latex vinyl variants, to suit the needs of you and your patients.

All the gloves we list as surgical gloves are not powdered, in adherence of an increasingly followed trend in hospitals and clinics where powdered gloves are believed to inhibit the healing time of wounds. 

If you are looking for surgical style gloves but do not intend to use them for medical procedures, our Bodyguard Gloves come in powdered form, are available in popular black or blue styles and are suitable for non-medical applications such as food preparation or beauty treatments.

A Glove A Day 

All our surgical gloves come in conveniently packaged boxes, not only affording you space and time as you simply dispense them as needed, but also the worry of not having enough as each box contains at least 50 gloves, with an option to buy a greater amount to suit your needs. All of our gloves are also easily disposable for the safe treatment of patients, customers or food. 

We also offer an Extra Long Option for those who want to extend protection of their hands to their wrists and lower arms. Our entire range is available in a variety of sizes to give you the perfect second skin-like fit and offer a supreme level of dexterity, grip and strength, all while keeping you safe from sensitive environments, and vice versa.

Please visit Safety Gloves to see our full range of Surgical Gloves.

Polyco Finity Powder Free Vinyl Extra Long Disposable Gloves FT130

Polyco Finity Powder Free Vinyl Extra Long Disposable Gloves FT130

  • Price is per box of 100 gloves
  • Ideal for use in pharmaceuticals, laboratories and clinics
  • Protects from medical contamination
  • Extra long 30cm length for full wrist/arm protection
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