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What Are Welding Gloves?

16 July 2015

Everybody knows that Welding is a dangerous profession — after all, you're dealing with a white hot flame and a barrage of sparks on a daily basis. Keeping yourself protected when welding is of paramount importance and we have a number of different Welding Gloves that can help to prevent damage to your hands.

Wield the Welding Protection

It goes without saying that welding anything without gloves is incredibly dangerous (and fairly daft) but it’s equally as dangerous to try your hand at welding with a glove that isn’t suitable. While your Rigger garden gloves may never have let you down before, subjecting them to a naked flame is very different from doing your weeding. All our welding gloves have been carefully matched to the requirements of those undertaking hot works, protecting you from heat and abrasion, so finding a suitable pair couldn’t be easier.

Tig Tock

Whether for an hour or a day, our gloves range from Tig Welding Gloves to Stove Burner Protection Gloves and hardy Welding Gauntlets are durable enough to protect you for as long as you need. All our welding gloves use top quality materials to give top quality safety, whether it’s traditional leather or tough hide, you can be sure that you're hands are in a safe place.

As welding is a double-edged sword with risk not only from high temperatures but also from the machines you are using, our welding gloves are designed to give a high level of heat resistant suitable for these works and also great protection from cuts and abrasion as you get to grips with your machinery. 

Arm Your Arms

Our welding gauntlets all feature a heavy cuff to help protect your arms and ensure that your forearms aren’t left vulnerable as glove gives way to garment. Made from either the same high quality leather as the rest of the glove or an equally hard-wearing fabric, these cuffs allow for clothes to be tucked in so that skin is never at risk of abrasion or burn. 

You may have also read that we’re quite taken with our range of Kevlar gloves, and several of our welding gloves include Kevlar, This super material is as heat resistant as it is strong and reinforces gloves, making Kevlar gloves the ultimate in hand protection.

Flexible Gloves

All our welding gloves allow you to be fully flexible inside them, not hindering your dexterity or your comfort and providing enhanced grip, all while keeping you safe from heat, abrasion, cuts and scratches. 

Please visit the Safety Gloves site to see our full range of Welding Gloves

Polyco Weldmaster Heat and Flame Resistant Welding Gauntlet Gloves

Polyco Weldmaster Heat and Flame Resistant Welding Gauntlet Gloves

  • Pair of incredibly heat-resistant 250°C contact handling welding gauntlets
  • Suitable for type A welding and other hazardous heat-related applications
  • Tough wearing design includes heavy duty chrome leather 
  • Fire, flame and contact-heat resistant
In stock now  In stock now