Food Use Cut and Contamination Protection Gloves Bundle


Available, dispatched within 1-4 days  

Available, dispatched within 1-4 days

Price shown is excluding VAT at 20%.  (£10.79 Inc. VAT)
  • Food use money saving bundle that protects against cuts and contamination
  • Reusable gloves protect hands from cuts and heat
  • Disposable gloves protect reusable gloves from contamination and messy food
  • Price is per pair of reusable gloves and 100 disposable gloves
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Ejendals Tegera 456 Level C Cut Resistant GlovesEjendals Tegera 456 Level C Cut Resistant Gloves
Polyco Finesse PF Powder-Free Clear Vinyl Disposable Gloves MPF25Polyco Finesse PF Powder-Free Clear Vinyl Disposable Gloves MPF25

Brand:  Polyco

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Food Use Cut and Contamination Protection Gloves Bundle

The Food Use Cut and Contamination Protection Gloves Bundle can help to improve cut protection and productivity while reducing hygiene and contamination risks in the kitchen or work place. By wearing the disposable Polyco Finesse Gloves over the Ejendals 456 Gloves you can keep your reusable undergloves clean, dry and free from food bacteria, perfect for any workplace worried about contamination when working with food.

What's Included in the Food Use Bundle?

The Food Use Cut and Contamination Protection Bundle is perfect for kitchens and other food use environment, and comes at a great money-off price. It includes:

Please note that we recommend buying the Polyco Finesse Gloves as an extra large, to ensure that they fit over your Ejendals 456 Gloves.

What Is the Food Use Bundle For?

It is designed to ensure total hygiene, contamination protection and cut protection in your food based workplace. The food suitable Ejendals Tegera 456 Gloves are suitable for use with food, and can protect your hands from cuts and heat. The Polyco Finesse PF Powder-Free Gloves are disposable gloves that are suitable for use with food and can increase hygiene and contamination prevention.

Food Use Protection Bundle
Using the pictured Polyco Finesse Gloves with the Ejendals 456 Gloves can improve hygiene and protect against food risks

When cooking, preparing vegetables, filleting fish and chopping meat, you can wear an extra large pair of the Polyco Disposable Gloves over your Reusable Ejendals Tegera Gloves. This prevents your reusable gloves from getting dirty while you can keep replacing your disposable gloves once they have become too dirty for use. The Ejendals Gloves will protect your hands against cuts from knives and heat from ovens, and the Disposable Gloves will stop your Ejendals Gloves from becoming dirty and having to be cleaned to prevent contamination.

How Do I Get the Most from the Food Use Cut and Contamination Bundle?

To get the most from the Food Use Bundle, you should wear a pair of extra large disposable Polyco MPF25 Gloves over your Ejendals 456 Gloves. Once your outer disposable gloves are dirty, or once you switch to using different food, remove your disposable gloves and select a new pair to use over your reusable Ejendals Gloves. As you are supplied with a box of 100, this is ideal for use throughout the day where you may want to use numerous pairs of disposable gloves.

By repeatedly changing and using more disposable gloves it can prevent your cut resistant gloves underneath from getting dirty from messy food. It can also stop them from being contaminated from fish or meat, helping to reduce how often your gloves will need to be washed. Therefore using them together can improve productivity, cleanliness and the overall safety of the kitchen or workplace. 

Is the Food Use Bundle Suitable for Me?

The Food Use Bundle is suitable for you if you work with food and want to protect against cuts. The bundle is perfect for a professional environment such as a restaurant kitchen, food court or food processing factory, and can be used at home too to prevent food contamination. Applications where this pack is recommended includes:

  • Abattoir
  • Assembly line
  • Bakery
  • BBQ
  • Fast food preparation
  • Fish filleting
  • Food handling
  • Food manufacturing
  • Food packing
  • Food packaging
  • Food preparation
  • Food retailing
  • Food service
  • Kitchen
  • Restaurant kitchen

Will the Polyco Disposable Gloves Fit Over my Ejendals 456 Gloves?

Although the fit maybe a little tight, if you buy your Polyco Disposable Gloves in extra large it should be enough to fit over the top of your Ejendals 456 Gloves. The Polyco Finesse Gloves are designed to be flexible and extra strong meaning that they can withstand a little stretching, while the Ejendals 456 Gloves are designed to be thin and dexterous, perfect for fitting underneath some disposable gloves.

Thin and Flexible Design of the Ejendals 456 Gloves
The thin Ejendals 456 Gloves are perfect for fitting underneath extra large Polyco Finesse Gloves

How Does the Food Use Cut and Contamination Bundle Protect Against Cuts?

The Ejendals Tegera 456 Gloves come with a Level C cut-resistance, meaning that they can withstand pressure between 10 to 14.9 Newton's from a blade saw before the material being cut. Alternatively in testing it required 5 circular blade cuts before the material started to give way. This means that the gloves can withstand most cut-risk environments found in kitchens, including when using knives and other sharp materials.

How Does the Food Use Bundle Protect Against Contamination?

The Polyco Finesse PF Clear Disposable Gloves are medical grade gloves that are designed to ensure the contamination risk is prevented. While they contain no latex to reduce the chances of irritable skin, they adhere to standard AQL meaning that the chances of holes are low. Their super tough vinyl lining is enough for you to be confident during use, with your Ejendals Tegera Gloves underneath remaining clean and dry.

How Does the Food Use Cut and Contamination Bundle Improve Hygiene?

Hygiene is improved because you can keep replacing your Polyco Finesse Gloves while your reusable Ejendals 456 Gloves remain clean and dry underneath. This is ideal for use in messy kitchens where you may be concerned about having to wash your reusable gloves will protecting against cuts and heat.

How Does the Food Use Cut and Contamination Bundle Improve Productivity?

The Food Use Bundle can improve productivity because it reduces the amount of time spent washing your cut-resistant gloves. By fitting disposable gloves over your cut-resistant gloves, you can ensure that they will remain clean and germ free while in the kitchen. This is ideal for environments where you may be concerned about contamination and dirt risk, while wanting to improve the rate of productivity.

What Else Does the Food Use Bundle Protect against?

The Ejendals 456 Gloves are exceptional gloves, and can protect well against abrasion, tears, punctures and heat. You can see what they achieved in testing below.

Please note that this is for the Ejendals 456 Gloves only.

EN 388

Property Resistance Rating
Abrasion Resistance Level 4
Cut Resistance N/A
Tear Resistance Level 4
Puncture Resistance Level 3
ISO Cut Resistance Level C

EN 407

Hazard Level of Resistance
Burning N/A
Contact Heat Level 1
Convective Heat N/A
Radiant Heat N/A
Molten Metal (Splashes) N/A
Molten Metal (Large Quantities) N/A

What Size of Gloves Should I Choose?

Polyco Finesse Powder-Free Gloves

To ensure that you get the most out of your bundle, we would recommend choosing the largest size of Finesse Powder Free Disposable Gloves available which is an extra large. However if you wish to look at the sizes individually, please see the chart below for further information.

Size Palm Measurement Product Code
Small 6.5cm MPF25/01
Medium 7.5cm MPF25/02
Large 8.5cm MPF25/03
Extra Large 9.5cm MPF25/04

Ejendals Tegera 456 Gloves

The Ejendals Tegera 456 Gloves are available in six different sizes. Please consult the table below for details and select the size you require from the drop-down menu above.

Size Hand Circumference Hand Length Min. Glove Length
Size 6 152mm 160mm 220mm
Size 7 178mm 171mm 230mm
Size 8 203mm 182mm 240mm
Size 9 229mm 192mm 250mm
Size 10 254mm 204mm 260mm
Size 11 279mm 215mm 270mm

Documentation of the Food Use Bundle

Documentation for the Polyco Finesse Disposable Gloves

Please find the conformity statement for these gloves by clicking the PDF link below.

Conformity Statement for the Polyco Finesse Gloves

Documentation for the Ejendals Tegera 456 Light Work Gloves

Please find the conformity statement for these gloves by clicking the PDF link below.

Conformity Statement Instructions for Use
Download the Conformity Statement for the Ejendals Tegera 456 Download the Instruction Manual for the Ejendals Tegera 456

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What is EN 388?

You might have noticed that this product adheres to EN standard EN 388. EN standards ensure that the product you are buying meets the safety standards of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), the highest standards organisation recognised by and working on behalf of the European Union. To pass any EN standard, a PPE product must undergo some of the most rigorous safety tests around.

There are many EN standards that our gloves adhere to. However, the EN standard that we’re concerned about here is EN 388. EN 388 stands for Mechanical Resistance, and informs you of your gloves' resistance to abrasion, cuts, tears and punctures.

How Do I Read the EN 388 Score?

Simply speaking, the higher the score that this product achieves, the better the product will be at resisting that hazard. Products will score between Level 0 and Level 4 for abrasion, tears and punctures, and if they weren’t tested for that hazard you will see N/A written instead of a number.

Cuts are a little different and, with the EN 388 standard rewritten in 2016, it means that gloves will either be tested to cut resistance or ISO cut resistance (sometimes called TDM cut resistance). Gloves tested to cut resistance will score between Level 0 and Level 5, and gloves tested to ISO cut resistance will achieve a score between Level A and Level F with the higher letter offering better cut protection.

Where Can I Find Out More?

This is just a brief overview of EN standard EN 388 so you know where you are standing. For further information, you can see the Introductory EN 388 Blog in our Knowledge Centre.

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