TraffiGlove TG1240 LXT Cut Level A Heat-Resistant Gloves
 TraffiGlove TG1240 LXT Cut Level A Heat-Resistant GlovesTraffiGlove TG1240 LXT Cut Level A Heat-Resistant Gloves 

TraffiGlove TG1240 LXT Cut Level A Heat-Resistant Gloves

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  • Grippy gloves for wet, dry and oily conditions
  • Heat resistant up to 100°C
  • LXT Technology ensure gloves longevity
  • Price is per pair of gloves
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Brand:  TraffiGlove
Glove Type:  Reusable
Level of Cut Resistance:  1

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TraffiGlove TG1240 LXT Cut Level A Heat-Resistant Gloves

Using LXT Technology to ensure longevity and comfort, the TraffiGlove TG1240 LXT Cut Level A Heat-Resistant Gloves promise protection from abrasion, tears, water, oil, heat and grease. This unparalleled level of versatility is suitable for a wide range of mechanical and industrial applications, while their flexible and user friendly nature is ideal for preventing hand fatigue even during long spells at work.

What are the TraffiGlove TG1240 Gloves For?

The TraffiGlove TG1240 Gloves combine high dexterity and flexibility with strength, heat-resistance and resistance to oil, water and grease, making them an extremely versatile pair of gloves that can provide grip and protection across a variety of mechanical environments. These environments include:

  • Aerospace
  • Assembly
  • Automotive
  • Building
  • Component handling
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Industrial
  • Light engineering
  • Local authority
  • Maintenance
  • Offshore gas
  • Offshore oil
  • Oil filtration
  • Oil handling
  • Oil operations
  • Oil refining
  • Packaging
  • Packing
  • Product inspection
  • Public transport
  • Public utilities
  • Railway maintenance
  • Transportation
  • Utilities

Please note that the gloves aren't limited to this list, and can prove useful across a wide range of different environments that don't demand a high level of cut-resistance. Their versatility and durability is their strength, ensuring that you can have peace of mind when working across a range of different environments and industries.

How Heat Resistant Are the TG1240 Gloves?

The TG1240 LXT Gloves provide heat resistance up to 100°C, making them ideal for dealing with moderate levels of heat handling.

What Can The TG1240 LXT Gloves Protect my Hands Against?

They are designed to be versatile, protecting your hands against abrasion, tears, heat, water and oil. This versatility means that they can protect your hands from many of the threats found across a wide range of different industries. To ensure a high level of performance, these gloves have been tested to EN standards EN 388 and EN 407, and achieved the following scores.

EN 388

Resistance Resistance Level
Abrasion Resistance Level 4
Cut Resistance Level 1
Tear Resistance Level 4
Puncture Resistance Level 2
ISO Cut Resistance Level A

EN 407

Resistance Resistance Level
Burning N/A
Contact Heat Level 1
Convective Heat N/A
Radiant Heat N/A
Molten Metal (Splashes) N/A
Molten Metal (Large Quantities) N/A

What Does this Mean?

If both of these scores are leaving you feeling a little perplexed, then don't worry we'll briefly explain them in further detail here. The level four abrasion and tear resistance that they have achieved means that they offer the best abrasion and tear resistant available, perfect for protecting against knocks and scrapes and ensuring the longevity of your pair of gloves. The level A for cut resistance is low, however please note that these gloves aren't designed for cut-resistance and if you require some gloves with a little more try looking at our TraffiGlove Cut Level 5 category.

The second table deals with heat, flames and burning. Although the gloves weren't tested for the majority of the hazards (hence the N/A), they were tested for contact heat resistance, managing to achieve a level 1 score. A level 1 score isn't bad as it means that you should be able to handle items that have a temperature of up to 100°C for up to 30 seconds, without your hands getting hot.

What is LXT and Why Does it Matter?

The TraffiGlove TG1240 Gloves use something called LXT, a brand new glove treatment from TraffiGlove that stands for Life Extending Technology. The primary goal of LXT is to enhance durability and extended the life of the gloves. The gloves are treated during manufacturing by bonding glove fibres with this new formula that can act as a shield, protecting the gloves from water, oil and dirt.

LXT Technology for longevity and comfort
A special coating prevents contaminants from reaching the material of the gloves

This also works to protect the gloves from damage while increasing comfort, as fibres on the gloves will be less likely to fracture through and feel rough against the skin. This is ideal for those who suffer from sensitive skin. If you want to find out more about LXT, you can do so on our website or by viewing the video below.

How Comfortable are the TraffiGlove TG1240 LXT Gloves?

The LXT Technology that is infused with the fabrics of the TraffiGlove Gloves don't just provide longevity, they provide comfort too. By preventing glove breakdown you can keep the gloves feeling comfortable to the hands as fibres won't break through and cause irritability. Finally their nylon liner is flexible and breathable, helping to keep hands cool while the gloves stretch with the natural movement of your hands.

How Grippy are the TraffiGlove LXT Gloves?

A MicroDex coating on the palms ensures an outstanding level of grip, even when working in wet, dry and oily working conditions. This coating when wet becomes extremely coarse, which helps slippery items stick to the gloves. This level of grip can make you more productive, safe in the knowledge that you aren't going to drop the items that you are holding.

How Flexible are the TG1240 Cut Level A gloves?

The TG1240 Gloves are extremely flexible as their nylon coating is designed to stretch with the natural movement of your hands without tearing. This is ideal for extended use at work, as you won't start to feel hand fatigue after a long day.

Will The TG1240 Gloves Protect my Wrist?

The TraffiGlove TG1240 Gloves are designed with a knitwrist that extends up the wrist to ensure protection from the fingertips to the wrist. This knitwrist is also quite tight fitting and snug around the hands, meaning contaminants such as dirt and water won't enter the gloves. This knitwrist is also highly flexible, making it ideal for easy and fast donning at work.

Can I Wash the TG1240 Gloves?

The TraffiGlove Gloves are suitable for a light, gentle wash up to three times with mild detergent only. Do not tumble dry the gloves, only line dry them at temperatures of up to 30°C. Please note that machine washing these gloves may impact their overall performance.

Which Size Gloves Should I Choose?

The TraffiGlove Gloves are available in five sizes that should be suitable for most users. To find your perfect pair, please measure the circumference and length of your palm and match the results to the table below.

Glove Size Circumference Palm Length Min. Glove Length
Size 6 152mm 160mm 220mm
Size 7 178mm 171mm 230mm
Size 8 203mm 182mm 240mm
Size 9 229mm 192mm 250mm
Size 10 254mm 204mm 260mm

What Documentation is Available?

Conformity Statement Instructions for Use
Conformity Statement for the TraffiGlove TG1210 Gloves Download the Instruction Manual for the TraffiGlove Gloves


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What is EN 388?

You might have noticed that this product adheres to EN standard EN 388. EN standards ensure that the product you are buying meets the safety standards of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), the highest standards organisation recognised by and working on behalf of the European Union. To pass any EN standard, a PPE product must undergo some of the most rigorous safety tests around.

There are many EN standards that our gloves adhere to. However, the EN standard that we’re concerned about here is EN 388. EN 388 stands for Mechanical Resistance, and informs you of your gloves' resistance to abrasion, cuts, tears and punctures.

How Do I Read the EN 388 Score?

Simply speaking, the higher the score that this product achieves, the better the product will be at resisting that hazard. Products will score between Level 0 and Level 4 for abrasion, tears and punctures, and if they weren’t tested for that hazard you will see N/A written instead of a number.

Cuts are a little different and, with the EN 388 standard rewritten in 2016, it means that gloves will either be tested to cut resistance or ISO cut resistance (sometimes called TDM cut resistance). Gloves tested to cut resistance will score between Level 0 and Level 5, and gloves tested to ISO cut resistance will achieve a score between Level A and Level F with the higher letter offering better cut protection.

Where Can I Find Out More?

This is just a brief overview of EN standard EN 388 so you know where you are standing. For further information, you can see the Introductory EN 388 Blog in our Knowledge Centre.

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