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If you work at a large business, finding the right PPE can be difficult. With many people doing many different tasks, you need to be sure that everyone has adequate protection for his or her requirements.

To make this easier, is offering Free Site Surveys with product experts, designed to help your business find the work gloves that are not only protective but cost-effective too.

What Is a Site Survey?

A site survey consists of a safety glove expert visiting your premises, helping you to select gloves that are up to the specifications for the threats in your workplace. By directly experiencing the tasks that the gloves will be used for and the environment in which they will be used, a site survey can give a more specific recommendation for your needs.

Who Will Conduct My Site Survey?

Our site surveys are conducted on our behalf by glove experts at Polyco, one of the most trusted and revered manufacturers of PPE gloves in the UK. These experts have over 10 years of experience with safety gloves, ensuring that you can rely upon the accuracy of the advice given and have peace of mind that you are receiving the best possible gloves.

What Are the Benefits of a Site Survey?

A site survey is a great way to find the right gloves for your industry, as they give you a highly personalised recommendation based on your industry and hazards. They also have the following benefits:

  • Save time and money: If you are unsure which gloves are right for your needs, you can end up wasting a lot of time, energy and money looking for the perfect pair. With a site survey, you can get the right gloves, without the pain of trialling gloves.
  • Prevents accidents: Even companies that have been using PPE for a number of years can be at risk of selecting gloves that do not have the correct protection against hazards. Having an expert enter and assess your needs ensures that your workwear is up to the job.
  • Ideal for varied workplaces: If your business has people working on a number of different jobs, each of which with its own hazard, it can be difficult to select the right PPE gloves for every employee. A site visit takes all of this into account, as our glove experts are familiar with a vast array of industries and threats, and they can draw upon this experience to help you make the right decision.
  • Expert Advice: Our site surveys are conducted by a gloves expert with over 10 years of experience with PPE. This means that not only will you get a recommendation that is tailored to your profession, but you can even have a specialist give you advice on the specific safety features of a particular glove. This means that the end user will know the ins and outs of any gloves that they are using and make sure that they are getting the most from them.
  • Safety Posters: As well as offering tailored recommendations for your workplace, we can also create safety posters that ensure the proper use and maintenance of your gloves, for no extra charge.

Which industries can benefit from a site survey?

Site surveys are suitable for any industry, whether you are looking for the perfect pair of cold store gloves, or you want a recommendation of which gloves are best for use with an industrial oven. The only requirement that we have on industries for our site survey is that they have at least 50 gloves users per site.

How much will my site survey cost?

We are offering our site surveys absolutely free of charge! As long as you have 50 or more gloves users at your location, we are willing to have one of our experts visit your site and help you to find your perfect gloves.

What are the requirements of a site survey?

All site surveys are only available for UK-based businesses with 50 or more gloves users on site. You do not need to be a prior or current customer at in order to be eligible for a site survey.

When can I have a site survey?

Once an enquiry has been placed, site surveys are usually conducted within one week. Please note that this is dependant on availability and the accessibility of your location.

Can I find out more information?

For more information about site surveys, please fill out the form below:

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Alternatively, please speak to a member of our Customer Care team on 020 7501 1104 for more information.