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What are Barbed Wire Gloves?

20 July 2015  |  John

Barbed wire is an incredibly dangerous thing to deal with, so it’s vitally important that you have the right protection for the job. Because you’ll need to handle it, and holding barbed wire with bare hands is a recipe for disaster, it’s paramount that you have the right gloves on.

Who Needs Barbed Wire Gloves?

Barbed wire gloves should be worn by anyone who needs to work with barbed wire. This includes builders, farmers, and anyone else who needs to deal with the dangerous material but doesn't want to rip their hands to shreds.

What Are The Dangers of Handling Barbed Wire?

There are several dangers which come with having to deal with barbed wire, the main and most obvious of these is the risk of cuts and abrasions. Due to the design and shape of barbed wire can be deep and severe.

However, there is another less obvious risk of barbed wire. If a rusted piece of barbed wire pierces your skin in can cause the wound to be infected, and you may need a tetanus shot to prevent tetanus developing. This is especially important for people who are removing old barbed wire that could have come into contact with a number of contaminants.

Because of the serious risks posed by barbed wire, working with it without adequate protection is incredibly dangerous and should not be considered under any circumstances.

How Do Barbed Wire Gloves Work?

Barbed wire gloves help prevent cuts and abrasions to the skin. They do this by providing a thick and difficult to pierce protective barrier against the barbed wire and make it easier to safely and securely keep hold of barbed wire so that it can be more easily worked on.

What Are Barbed Wire Gloves Made From?

Depending on their levels of use, barbed wire gloves can be made from a variety of materials. Some barbed wire gloves, designed for more occasional handling of barbed wire are made from a thick layer of nitrile (a synthetic rubber) over a cotton liner. These can offer a good level of protection against barbed wire, but should only be used occasionally.

For more frequent use, a more heavy duty glove is needed. These frequently make use of proprietary materials; for example the HexArmor SteelLeather IX 5039 Cut Resistant Gloves use SuperFabric brand material to provide a high level of cut and abrasion resistance.

However, gloves like these also tend to utilise leather to offer additional protection to high-risk areas of the hand like the palm, thumb and index finger. These are the areas most likely to be affected by barbed wire, and so need the extra protection.

If you are interested in getting your hands in some barbed wire gloves, head over to Safety Gloves and check out our range of Barbed Wire Gloves.

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