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Our Best Mechanics Gloves

1 Comment3 January 2023  |  Sharman

Mechanics gloves need to be flexible and grippy enough for you to safely and accurately work in oily conditions. But in the garage, every day can be different, so there are a variety of other challenges and hazards to consider. Whatever the job, from precise engine maintenance under the bonnet, to heavy duty body work with a power saw, Our Best Mechanics Gloves guide will help you find the gloves for you. 

Here at we sell a wide range of Mechanics Gloves

What Does This Guide Cover?

Here at we sell a wide range of Mechanics Gloves, ranging from thin disposable gloves for contamination prevention, to oil resistant and cut resistant gloves for higher risk tasks. Click on any of the points below to head on down to the area of your choice.

Best All-round Mechanics Gloves

Winner: MaxiFlex Ultimate Palm Coated Handling Gloves

MaxiFlex Ultimate Palm Coated Handling Gloves 42-874

Why We Love Them...

 Thin and flexible while retaining versatile mechanical resistance
 Microcup GRIPTech finish offers a secure, safe and precise grip
 Naturally cooling and breathable for long-lasting comfort

Perfect For...

 Handling small parts and work that requires precision
 Comfortable, all-day wear for a variety of jobs 
 Lower risk technical work and engine maintenance 

Not the Best For...

 High cut resistance (See our solution)
 Impact protection (See our solution)


Editor's Verdict: The MaxiFlex Ultimate Palm Coated Handling Gloves are lightweight, thin, grippy and among the most popular handling gloves available. They're ideal for most precision and lower risk mechanics jobs, as well as being breathable and skin-kind for long-lasting comfort.

Customer Verdict: "Best outdoor gloves I have ever used…it's the first thing I put on before getting my hands dirty whether doing building work, gardening or under the bonnet of my cars." Irek ★★★★★

Best Cut-Resistant Mechanics Gloves

Winner: Portwest CT65 VHR Nitrile Foam Cut Level E Gloves

Portwest CT65 VHR Nitrile Foam Cut Level E Gloves

Why We Love Them...

 DyUltra and polyester blend build offers high level E cut resistance
 15 Gauge liner retains flexibility despite high level of protection
 Also give you strong protection from cut, abrasion, tear and puncture

Perfect For...

 Handling really sharp or jagged parts and tools
 Protection during dangerous jobs without compromising dexterity
 Working in wet conditions

Not the Best For...

 Impact protection (See our solution)
 Lower-risk, fiddly jobs (See our solution)


Editor's Verdict: Combining incredibly high cut resistance with a thin, 15 gauge liner, the Portwest CT65 Gloves offer serious protection without taking away your dexterity or sensitivity. This makes them the ideal choice for those dangerous jobs where you still really need to feel what you're doing

Best Oil-Resistant Mechanics Gloves

Winner: MaxiDry 3/4 Coated Oil-Resistant Gloves 56-425

MaxiDry 3/4 Coated Oil-Resistant Gloves 56-425


Why We Love Them...

 Fantastic resistance to oil, grease, water for the safest possible grip
 Nylon/spandex blend is protective while retaining hand dexterity
 HandCare technology is designed to be skin-kind and minimise irritation

Perfect For...

 Safely and precisely working in oily, wet or greasy conditions
 Maintaining hand hygiene and health in dirty environments
 Comfortable, all-day wear for a variety of mechanical jobs

Not the Best For...

 High cut risk work (See our solution)
 Light chemical resistance (See our solution)

Editor's View: The MaxiDry 3/4 Coated Oil-Resistant Gloves offer outstanding oil resistance, making them well-suited to the dirtiest mechanical jobs. They're also really flexible, lightweight and grippy, making them great for a variety of technical work in the garage.

Customer Verdict: "I’m a vehicle tech and I love these gloves, just the right balance between protection and dexterity." Chris ★★★★★

Best Heavy Duty Mechanics Gloves

Winner: HexArmor Rig Lizard 2021X Heat-Resistant Gloves with Impact Protection

HexArmor Rig Lizard 2021X Heat-Resistant Gloves with Impact Protection


Why We Love Them...

 Sturdy exoskeleton protects outside of hands from impacts
 Versatile protection from mechanical risks and contact heat up to 250°C
 Pre-curved fingers help maintain dexterity and reduce hand fatigue

Perfect For...

 The highest risk and most dangerous mechanical work
 Working with high temperatures  and heavy machinery
 All-weather work, including in low-light conditions

Not the Best For...

 High dexterity work (See our solution)
 High grip work (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Certified for resistance to impacts and contact heat up to 250°C, these HexArmor Gloves will keep your hands protected, even during the most dangerous mechanical work. They also offer strong resistance to abrasions, tears, cuts and punctures, making them incredibly well-rounded, too.

Best Lightweight Mechanics Gloves

Winner: Polyco Matrix F Grip Gloves

Polyco Matrix F Grip Work Glove


Why We Love Them...

 Coarse nitrile coating offers great grip, even in lightly oily conditions
 Seamless design maintains dexterity needed for precision handling work
 Maximum abrasion resistance protects your hands from scrapes

Perfect For...

 Handling small car parts and using tools
 Lower risk mechanics tasks and precise work in lightly oily conditions

Not the Best For...

 High cut risk tasks (See our solution)
 Wet work (See our solution)


Editor's Verdict: The Polyco Matrix F Grip Gloves are lightweight, thin work gloves that offer good resistance against oil, making them well suited to a range of low-risk jobs in the garage. They're also coated with a flexible nitrile layer that retains dexterity while also offering a precise and safe grip.

Customer Verdict: "Very good value for a good product. These give a certain amount of protection and you don't lose the feel of what you are handling. They also last pretty well." Clive ★★★★★

Best Disposable Mechanics Gloves

Best Semi-Disposable Mechanics Gloves

Winner: Grippaz Black Semi-Disposable Nitrile Grip Gloves

Grippaz Black Semi-Disposable Nitrile Grip Gloves (Pack of 50)


Why We Love Them...

 Extremely tough for disposables and can be used more than once
 Non-slip fishscale patterned surface offers incredibly strong and precise grip
 Resistant to oil, brake fluid and hydrogen peroxide

Perfect For...

 Working in oily conditions with the smallest engine parts like nuts and bolts
 Mechanics jobs that demand the highest levels of dexterity and precision

Not the Best For...

 Mechanical protection (See our solution)
 Cut resistance (See our solution)


Editor's Verdict: Grippaz Gloves are some of the strongest disposable gloves available. They're strong enough that you can use them extensively, more than once, so we've called them semi-disposable. Grippaz are an industry favourite and their famous fishscale grip gives you excellent control and precision, even in oily conditions. If you're working under the bonnet, Grippaz are your best bet!

Customer Verdict: "Mechanic’s Hands - Got these gloves to keep my hands clean while working on car engines. Much stronger than normal nitrile gloves, last much longer before they tear and good grip especially when fingers are a bit greasy." Alex ★★★★★

Best Fully Disposable Mechanics Gloves

Winner: Black Mamba Disposable Nitrile Gloves BX-BMG

Black Mamba Disposable Nitrile Gloves BX-BMG


Why We Love Them...

 Really thin design maximises flexibility and touch sensitivity
 Two-ply nitrile polymer is resistant to oil and chemicals
 Supplied in a box of 100 for convenience and economy

Perfect For...

 Working with oil, break fluid, petrol and diesel
 Precise, technical and lower risk mechanical jobs

Not the Best For...

 Long-lasting comfort and skin health (See our solution)
 Protection from heavier scrapes and bumps (See our solution)


Editor's Verdict: When it comes to single-use disposable mechanics gloves, it doesn't get better than Black Mamba. They're incredibly thin and flexible, perfect for the most technical and fiddly jobs. The gloves also offer outstanding grip, even in oily conditions, meaning that you can use them to handle small car parts and precision tools with ease.

Customer Verdict: "I use these for mechanics/repair and they are easy to use, sensitive to touch, really robust, resist tears and chemical (oil) deterioration & are perfect for the task." Justin ★★★★★

Choose the Right Mechanics Gloves

The gloves in this guide are some of our bestselling mechanics gloves, trusted by industry professionals and loved by our customers. We hope you've found the pair for you, but if not, take a look at our entire Mechanics Gloves range.

Have any questions, or anything to add? Tell us in the comments below, or find us on Facebook and Twitter!