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Welcome to Safety Gloves' range of TraffiGlove gloves. The TraffiGlove range has a wide range of Cut Resistant Gloves and Handling Gloves for different conditions including wet and dry handling. If you have any further queries regarding our range of TraffiGloves please contact our customer care team on 020 7501 1104 or via the Contact Us page. 

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TraffiGlove features a special "traffic light" system of protection. Green gloves have the highest level of protection (Cut Level 5 Gloves) and are suitable for use in a variety of hazardous environments. Orange gloves offer a more moderate level of protection (Cut Level 3 Gloves) meaning they are suitable for a number of industries but  not those that require the highest level of cut resistance. Red gloves give slight protection against cuts (Cut Level 1 Gloves) and are better suited for people at low risk of being cut or slashed.

At Safety Gloves, we appreciate that different people and different industries have different requirements and to cater to this, we offer a wide selection of all three level of TraffiGlove gloves. TraffiGlove products are suitable for a disparate selection of industries including automotive, construction, waste disposal and engineering. These gloves can be used anywhere where there is a risk of being cut or slashed, providing you with protection against blades, sharp metal edges and glass.

Though the TraffiGlove range is designed with protection from cuts in mind, many of the gloves are also certified for puncture resistance, tear resistance and abrasion resistance. This means that TraffiGlove gloves are long-lasting and highly durable, ensuring that you can reuse them time and again without having to worry about loss of protection and chances of injury.

Safety Gloves offers great customer support and if you would like any advice or information on any TraffiGlove products, please feel free to contact our customer care team on 020 7501 1104 or via our Contact Us page.