What Are Food Preparation Gloves?

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

If you are handling food on a regular basis, you will know that food preparation requires high levels of hygiene. To help ensure that your food has been prepared in the right way, it is imperative to use the right pair of Food Preparation Gloves. These gloves can be used by anyone from the person serving you in a bakery to a chef in a professional kitchen.

These gloves come in a variety of materials and designs, depending on their intended purpose. This allows you to get a great level of specificity from your gloves; if you're cutting meat, you can find gloves that protect your hands from cuts but if you're only making sandwiches, you can get disposable gloves that are inexpensive and effective.

What kinds of Food Preparation Gloves Are There?

There are three main kinds of food preparation gloves, the advantages of which are outlined below.

Disposable Gloves are gloves designed to be worn and removed frequently. These are usually made out of latex, nitrile, vinyl or polythene. Nitrile is the strongest, but will fall apart quickly when cut. Latex is the most common, but is unsuitable for those with latex allergies. Vinyl provides more dexterity, but is quite weak. Polythene is the cheapest, but is also the weakest and offers the least defence. Which glove you need really depends upon your personal preference.

Heat Resistant Gloves are basically oven gloves; gloves designed to resist heat. These are used to handle hot items such as baking trays straight from the oven and are designed to protect you against burns.

Chainmail Gloves are gloves made from chainmail and offer an incredibly high level of cut protection, making them perfect for use during butchering meat and protecting against the high risk of injury it involves.

When Should I Wear Food Preparation Gloves?

There is no clear consensus on whether or not disposable food preparation gloves should be worn completely throughout the food preparation process. However, there are several key points in the food preparation process where it is clearly a good idea to wear these kinds of food preparation gloves.

One such point is serving food to customers. You’ll be frequently handling money, which is a frequent carrier of disease and germs, so while you’re handing food and putting it into a bag or container you should wear food preparation gloves to minimise the risk. 

Another key point in the food preparation process where it is wise to wear food preparation is while wearing a dressing on your hand to cover a cut or injury. Wearing a glove to cover the dressing reduces the risk of the dressing falling off or your blood leaking out of the dressing and into the food you are working with.

When butchering meat or shucking an oyster you should wear a chain mail glove. This reduces the chance of causing serious injury to yourself. Similarly, when you are handling hot items you should always use a heat resistant glove such as an oven glove, to ensure that you do not burn yourself.

You should change your gloves regularly. If working with customers, you should remove your glove after handling food but before handling money and replace it with a new one each time. When working in the kitchen you should also change your gloves regularly, especially when going from dealing with raw food to cooked food.

Remember to wash your hands before you put gloves on and after you take them off. Gloves should never be used as an alternative to hand washing.

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