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What Are Food Preparation Gloves?

15 January 2023  |  Sharman

When working in any stage of food production, there are plenty of risks to both food hygiene and worker safety. To protect yourself and the people you're serving, a few things are needed, like frequent hand-washing, a degree of care and of course, the right pair of gloves. So What Are Food Preparation Gloves? In this guide, we go over the most important aspects of different types of kitchen gloves to help you find exactly what you need.

We also highlight some of our favourite food preparation gloves, kitchen-tested and loved by our customers.

What Does This Guide Cover?

What Are the Different Kinds of Food Preparation Gloves?

There are three main kinds of food preparation gloves:

  • Disposable Gloves - These are designed to be worn and replaced frequently, and are usually made out of nitrile, latex or vinyl – each offering its own benefits. Nitrile is the strongest, but will fall apart quickly when cut. Latex is the most common, but is unsuitable for those with latex allergies. Finally, vinyl provides more dexterity, but is usually not strong enough for long periods of use

  • Cut Resistant Gloves - Often made from a metal mesh or even chainmail, these gloves protect you from cuts. They're extremely useful when cutting large quantities of meat or produce at speed, ideal for professional kitchens

  • Heat Resistant Gloves - These gloves protect you from heat hazards in the kitchen, and usually take the form of oven gloves. These are used to handle hot items such as baking trays straight from the oven and are designed to protect you against burns

Best Disposable Gloves for Food Preparation

Best Disposable Nitrile Gloves for Food Preparation

Winner: Polyco Bodyguards GL897 Black Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Polyco Bodyguards GL897 Black Nitrile Disposable Gloves


Why We Love Them...

 Synthetic nitrile is flexible, as well as resistant to scrapes and tears
 Withstands grease, oils and fats, ideal for cooking and kitchen work
 Graded food-safe against EN1186 European standards

Perfect For...

 Fine handling in the kitchen and more complicated cooking 
 A variety of food prep and kitchen cleaning

Not the Best For...

 Extreme heat (See our solution)
 High-cut resistance (See our solution)


Editor's Verdict: Black nitrile gloves are incredibly popular with modern chefs, and these Polyco Bodyguards are a fantastic example of them. They're food safe of course, but they're also really tough, flexible enough to retain your natural hand dexterity and super grippy, even in contact with grease, oils and fat. 

Customer Verdict: "As far as i'm concerned, Bodyguards have always made the best gloves and these black ones are of the highest quality." Michael ★★★★★

Best Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Food Preparation

Winner: Aurelia Delight PF Medical Grade Vinyl Gloves 3822

Aurelia Delight PF Medical Grade Vinyl Gloves 3822


Why We Love Them...

 Made from extremely soft vinyl for maximum hand sensitivity 
 See-through design for clarity and hygiene maintenance
 Straight fingers and ambidextrous design for easy-donning

Perfect For...

 Low-risk and fiddly food handling, like making sandwiches 
 School dinner ladies, soup kitchens, canteens

Not the Best For...

 High-cut resistance (See our solution)
 More robust use (See our solution)


Editor's Verdict: These Aurelia Vinyl Gloves are a fantastic and incredibly affordable choice for low-risk food preparation situations, like making sandwiches and packing already cooked food. They're really thin and flexible, so you'll always be able to see and feel what you're doing. The straight finger design is also really easy and quick to wear, ideal for customer-facing food preparation jobs. 

Customer Verdict: "Very happy. Good service good product." Nigel ★★★★★

Best Disposable Latex Gloves for Food Preparation

Winner: Aurelia Vibrant Medical Grade Latex Gloves 98225-9

Aurelia Vibrant Medical Grade Latex Gloves


Why We Love Them...

 Medical-grade latex offers strength, sensitivity and flexibility
 Beaded cuffs stop liquid or food waste getting into gloves
 Power-free and chlorinated reduces chances of skin reactions 

Perfect For...

 Fine handling in the kitchen and fiddly jobs
 Cleaning kitchen sinks and surfaces with chemicals

Not the Best For...

 More robust use (See our solution)
 People with sensitive skin or latex allergies (See our solution)


Editor's Verdict: Form-fitting to maximise flexibility and touch sensitivity, these Aurelia Latex Medical Grade Gloves protect your hands without compromising movement. This reduces hand fatigue, even after long hours in the kitchen. Also, unlike a lot of latex, these gloves are powder-free and chlorinated, reducing skin reactions and making them easier to put on. 

Customer Verdict: "Good quality gloves; they're really comfortable and fit well so easy to use when wearing. Been buying them for years. Company is also really helpful. " Penny ★★★★★

Our Best Premium Disposable Gloves for Food Preparation

Winner: Grippaz Blue Semi-Disposable Nitrile Food Safety Gloves (Pack of 24 Pairs)

Grippaz Blue Semi-Disposable Nitrile Food Safety Gloves (Pack of 24 Pairs)


Why We Love Them...

 They're some of the toughest disposable gloves on the market
 Micro fish scale texture across surface offers incredible grip
 Resists and retains handling with oils, animal fats and grease

Perfect For...

 All-day intense kitchen use, can even be worn more than once!
 Handling most kitchen hazards, from oil to cleaning chemicals

Not the Best For...

 Dealing with extreme heat (See our solution)
 Heavy cut protection (See our solution)


Editor's Verdict: Grippaz are tried and trusted as the gold standard in disposable gloves. When it comes to grip, resistance to oil and chemicals, as well as dexterity and comfort, they're truly hard to beat! They're such phenomenal disposable gloves that we call them semi-disposable because you can use them more than once, even after the toughest kitchen shifts.

Customer Verdict: "Excellent Gloves. " Caroline ★★★★★



Winner: Kutlass Plus Cut Level F Food Use Gloves

Kutlass Plus Cut Level F Food Use Gloves


Why We Love Them...

 Classified with the highest level of cut resistance in their class
 Super thin and flexible build despite high level of protection
 Easy-clean design is perfect for kitchens - washable at 85°C 

Perfect For...

 Preparing food with a knife and other sharp kitchen tools
 Switching between range of kitchen jobs without removal

Not the Best For...

 Dealing with extreme heat (See our solution)
 Fiddly plating and precise cooking (See our solution)


Editor's Verdict: Featuring level F cut protection, the highest in their class, the Kutlass Food Gloves will shield your hands from knives and other dangerous kitchen tools. Despite this incredible protection, they're still really thin and flexible, as well as being graded food safe, making them super versatile food prep gloves. Whether you're chopping, cooking, or serving food, the Kutlass Gloves can help.


Winner: Honeywell Chainex 2000 Chainmail Butchers Glove with Nylon Strap

Honeywell Chainex 2000 Chainmail Butchers Glove with Nylon Strap


Why We Love Them...

 High-quality stainless steal mesh offers fantastic protection
 Single-hand design leaves knife-wielding hand free and dextrous
 Sturdy nylon strap for the most secure fit and easier storage 

Perfect For...

 Oyster shucking, deboning and raw meat carving
 Using a heavy cleaver and prepping large amounts of meat

Not the Best For...

 Fighting contamination (See our solution)
 Versatility and two-handed protection (See our solution)


Editor's Verdict: When working in a professional kitchen or restaurant, you may have to chop a lot of food, fast. If you do, reach for the Honeywell Chainmail Glove. The stainless steal mesh offers incredible cut and scrape protection so you can focus on getting the job quickly without worrying about injuries. The single glove design is great because it protects the at risk hand, while leaving the other dextrous enough to flex those knife skills!

Customer Verdict: "Just Right - Having worn Chainex gloves for over 30 years I was very pleased and relieved that the size and quality of my new glove had not changed. It met my expectations" Simon ★★★★★

Best Heat Resistant Gloves for Food Preparation

Our Best Oven Mitts for Food Preparation

Winner: Polyco Bakers Mitt Heat Protection Gloves 7724

Polyco Bakers Mitt Heat Protection Gloves 7724


Why We Love Them...

 Resistant to contact heat up 250°C and fire for fantastic oven safety
 Versatile mechanical resistance, including to cuts and tears
 PVC barrier resists steam and liquid, reducing slipping chances  

Perfect For...

 Handling extremely hot pans, utensils and more, with ease
 Comprehensive protection that extends up the arm

Not the Best For...

 Dexterity and hand movement (See our solution)
 Ingredient prepping or plating (See our solution)


Editor's Verdict: Combining serious heat and fire resistance with across-the-board mechanical protection from cuts, tears and scrapes, the Polyco Bakers Mitts prioritise kitchen safety. The protection extends past the hands and up your lower arms to avoid burns caused by splatters and slips. Steam and liquid are no problem either with the PVC layers that keeps your hands fresh and clean all day!

Customer Verdict: "Excellent product - These were the second pair I have used they keep your hands, wrists and lower arm safe when handling very hot utensils in the kitchen. From long experience they are the best and last a very long time." Gwyn ★★★★★

Our Best Oven Gloves for Food Preparation

Winner: Coolskin Heat Resistant Oven Gloves 375

Coolskin Heat Resistant Oven Gloves 375


Why We Love Them...

 Heat resistant meta aramid material is resistant to up 250°C
 Double-layer knitted design combines comfort and protection
 Short build offers great dexterity - but also available with long cuffs

Perfect For...

 Easier handling and carrying of hot utensils with five-fingers
 Switching between kitchen tasks without having to remove gloves

Not the Best For...

 Lower arm protection (See our solution)
 Finer handling and fiddly jobs (See our solution)


Editor's Verdict: When it comes to dealing with extremely hot, rounded pans and narrow handles, you need dexterity almost as much as you need heat protection. The unique five finger design of these Polyco Oven Gloves retains vital dexterity. This also allows you to take care of more complex kitchen tasks without constantly removing and donning your oven gloves.

Customer Verdict: "I purchased these gloves because I’ve started baking. They handle high temperatures with ease, so I can happily place the bread dough in a preheated cast iron Dutch oven or on a hot stone service. The knitted outer skin gives perfect grip, so they’re extremely safe to use." Ilia ★★★★★


Hopefully you now have a good idea about what kind of food preparation gloves you need, but you might still be wondering when you need to wear them. While there's no clear consensus on whether or not disposable food preparation gloves should be worn completely throughout the food preparation process, it's important to follow the safety standards of your place of work. There are also several key points in the food preparation process that can help maintain kitchen hygiene:

  • Serving Customers  In kitchen environments where workers will also have to deal with customers, gloves are a must. Money will often change hands in these scenarios, which is a key culprit in the spread of germs and bacteria. One such point is serving food to customers. When handling food and packing for the customer, wearing the right easy-donning pair of disposables is crucial.

  • Cuts or Injuries  If a kitchen worker has any sort of cut or dressing on their hand, wearing of gloves is imperative. Wearing a glove reduces the risk of the dressing falling off, and also prevents any blood leaking out of the dressing and into the food they are working with.

  • Cutting Meat  When butchering meat or shucking an oyster you should wear a chainmail glove. This reduces the chance of causing serious injury to yourself during a demanding cutting routine.

  • Handling Hot Items  Predictably, handling hot items requires the use of a heat resistant glove. This will help to prevent burn injuries and dropped pans, and will be much more reliable than the tea towel method.


In any kitchen environment, you should change your disposable gloves regularly. When working with customers, you should remove your glove after handling food, and before handling money, and replace it with a new one each time. When working in the kitchen, you should also change your gloves regularly, especially when going from dealing with raw food to cooked food.

Remember to wash your hands before you put gloves on and after you take them off. Gloves should never be used as an alternative to hand washing.

Prepare Your Hands Before You Prepare a Meal

Choosing the right gloves for your kitchen doesn't have to be complicated, and the right choice can end up saving you both time and money. We're confident that our expert glove picks will get the job done in the kitchen, but if you're still not convinced, you can browse our entire range of Food Preparation Gloves to see everything we have to offer.

Have any questions about our food gloves, or just have something to add? Tell us in the comments below, or find us on Facebook and Twitter!