Best Winter Gardening Gloves 2024

2 January 2024

With summer out the way and winter approaching, some of you might be putting down the secateurs and reaching for the TV remote. At we think otherwise, and the cold wet weather shouldn't stop you from getting out in the garden. We've got a wide selection of Winter Gardening Gloves available that should make gardening easy; from waterproof thornproof gloves to thermal gloves for weeding, below we outline the Best Winter Gardening Gloves.

The Right Gloves Can Protect Against Christmas Tree Needles
The right gloves can protect against Christmas tree needles

Find Your Winter Gardening Gloves

You might already know which type of winter gardening gloves you would like, in which case click on any of the points below to zoom on down to your choice. If not, take a look at all of the gloves by scrolling down. Remember, all of the gloves below meet just three criteria; they are thermal, they are great for gardening and they are recommended by our gardening experts.

  1. Best All-Round Gardening Gloves: Weeding, planting, yard work and more, these gloves do it all.
  2. Best Waterproof Gardening Gloves: Plenty on this list are water-resistant, however these go one step further. For use in downpours!
  3. Best Ladies Winter Gardening Gloves: All of the gloves on this list are suitable for women, however these come in a stylish floral pattern.
  4. Best Thornproof Winter Gardening Gloves: Tough, resilient and cut-proof, ideal for handling thorns.
  5. Best Gardening Gloves for Tough Winter Jobs: For tough jobs around the gardening such as paving, these gloves do the trick.
  6. Best Winter Gardening Gloves for Forestry, Tree Surgery, Timber Work and More: Best suited to harsh and tough outdoor tasks.
  7. Best Winter Gardening Gloves for Planting, Bulbing and More: These are the best for your general gardening tasks.
  8. Best All Season Gardening Gloves: Thermal for winter, thin for the summer, these are your all year round gardening gloves
  9. Best Extreme Cold Gardening Gloves: Can't bare being out of the garden even in snow? These might just do the trick for you.

Best All-Round Winter Gardening Gloves

Winner: Ejendals Tegera 295 Waterproof Thermal Work Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 295 Waterproof Thermal Work Gloves

Why We Love Them...

 Ideal for most gardening work with thermal protection and resistance
 Use a Thinsulate lining to combine thermal protection with high flexibility
 Highly resistant to rough and coarse materials
 Fit tight around the hand for comfortable extended use

Perfect For...

Digging, planting and weeding
General tool handling and grip
Use in most weather conditions

Not the Best For...

Operating gardening machinery (See our solution)
Extreme cold temperatures (See our solution)
 Thorn handling (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Outstanding all-round gardening gloves that can handle most of what the garden has to throw at them. One of the few gloves to combine thermal-resistance, water protection, high durability, grip and flexibility.

Runner Up: Portwest Liquid Pro Latex Foam Waterproof Gloves AP80 

Best Waterproof Winter Gardening Gloves

Winner: MaxiDry Zero Thermal Waterproof Gloves 56-451

MaxiDry Zero Thermal Gloves 56-451

Why We Love Them...

 Combine warmth and oil-resistance with a full waterproof lining
 Durable enough for handling rough and coarse items
Quality construction lasts for years
A premium product up to the standard of professional gardeners

Perfect For...

 Working with timber, wood, soil and more
Clearing brambles, thorns and holly
 General gardening work without spikes

Not the Best For...

Lightweight gardening tasks (See our solution)
Tasks requiring a high level of dexterity (See our solution)
 Working with extremely sharp thorns (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Thermal, waterproof and heat-resistant, these gloves are outstanding when the weather turns bad. Not only will their nitrile lining keep the hands dry, but they'll also keep them nice and warm too. Offer enough grip for handling garden tools too!

Best Ladies Winter Gardening Gloves

Winner: Ejendals Tegera 90030 Outdoor Ladies Gardening Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 90030 Outdoor Ladies Gardening Gloves

Why We Love Them...

 Come with a stylish floral pattern
 High dexterity for handling tools and more
 Water-repellent for use after wet weather
 Reinforced grip pattern ideal for handling tools and materials

Perfect For...

 Most low-risk gardening jobs
Protecting against minor cuts and scrapes
 Weeding, trimming, pruning and more

Not the Best For...

 Tough and manual work (See our solution)
 Total water protection (See our solution)
 Freezing weather (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Coming in a stylish floral pattern, these gloves can help you look the part while out in the garden. They are ideal for use over winter as they come with a water-repellent lining, and a highly grippy reinforced pattern can provide the grip needed to make tool use easier.

Best Thornproof Winter Gardening Gloves

Winner: HexArmor ThornArmor 3092 Gardening and Landscaping Gloves

HexArmor ThornArmor 3092 Gardening and Landscaping Gloves

Why We Love Them...

Tough and hardwearing leather gloves
 Offers fantastic resistance against cuts
Wing-style thumb is more comfortable for longer periods of use
Stylish grey and yellow for use outdoors

Perfect For...

People wanting a pair of gloves that will last for years
Outstanding protection against thorns and sharp items
A range of handling tasks without worrying about wear

Not the Best For...

Fine dexterity (See our solution)
Wet conditions (See our solution)
 Use in the extreme cold (See our solution)

Editor's View: These gloves are outstanding for thorn protection, making them ideal for use with roses and more. Good flexibility is ideal for pruning, making them popular among professional gardeners.

Runner Up: HexArmor SteelLeather IX 5039 Cut-Resistant Gloves 

Best Tough Outdoor Winter Gardening Gloves

Winner: Skytec Argon Waterproof Thermal Gloves

Skytec Argon Waterproof Thermal Gloves

Why We Love Them...

Highly waterproof design is ideal for working with water
 Tough material can withstand knocks and scrapes
 Highly comfortable thanks to fleece lining - perfect for extreme weather
 Well suited to submerging hands in water

Perfect For...

Tasks involving plenty of water or for use after wet weather
 Handling rough or coarse materials
 Digging around in soil and using gardening tools

Not the Best For...

 All season use (See our solution)
 High dexterity gardening (See our solution)
Dry work (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: The Skytec Argon's offer everything you could ever want from a winter gardening glove. Thermal, waterproof and durable, these gloves will protect the hands during planting, weeding, bulbing and more.

Runner Up: Polyco Grip it Oil Therm Hi-Vis Waterproof Gloves 

Best Winter Gardening Gloves for DIY, Forestry, Yard Work and More

Winner: Cutter CW300 Goatskin Leather Men's Original Water Repellent Work Gloves

Cutter CW300 Goatskin Leather Men's Original Water Repellent Work Gloves

Why We Love Them...

 Designed for tough manual jobs such as timber handling
Water-resistant design is suitable for the worst conditions
Gloves feature a coating that massively improves grip
Tough and durable gloves designed to last rigorous use

Perfect For...

Gardening during winter
 Tough work such as logging, DIY, forestry, yard work and more
 Working with heavy duty tools and equipment

Not the Best For...

 High dexterity work (See our solution)
Full submersion in deep water (See our solution)
Handling thorns or brambles (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: These gloves are your perfect choice for the toughest of outdoor work. Not just gardening, but DIY work, handling wood, putting up fencing, trimming hedges, placing down paving and more. Their water-repellent design keeps the hands dry and warm, while the tough leather exterior ensures durability long after purchase.

Runner Up: Cutter CW100 Outdoor Leather Gloves 

Best Winter Gardening Gloves for Weeding, Planting, Bulbing and More

Winner: Briers Ultimate Warmth Thermal Gardening Gloves

Briers Ultimate Warmth Thermal Gardening Gloves

Why We Love Them...

 High grip, high dexterity and super warm
 Your go-to general outdoor gardening use
 Good grip for handling plants and more
 Snug fit ensures comfort during use

Perfect For...

 Planting bulbs and plants
 Pulling out weeds and working with soil
 Using tools such as spades or secateurs

Not the Best For...

Handling sharp materials (See our solution)
 Use in wet weather (See our solution)
Using lighter machinery, such as mowers (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: These gloves are your go-to all-round gardening gloves, with superb dexterity, grip and thermal-resistance ensuring control and warmth while working. Perfect for most jobs, these are the ideal gloves to have around the garden.

Runner Up: Briers Ultimate Lined Leather Gardening Gloves 

Best All Season Winter Gardening Gloves

Winner: Briers All Seasons Gardening Gloves

Briers All Seasons Gardening Gloves

Why We Love Them...

Offer a high level of grip in all conditions
Designed to reduce hand fatigue, perfect for longer weeding sessions
Relatively thin design increases dexterity
Breathable material is great for all-day use

Perfect For...

Plant and tool handling
Prolonged use or use in hot or cold conditions
Various light gardening tasks requiring grip

Not the Best For...

Lasting as long as heavy-duty gloves (See our solution)
Extreme cold or winter weather (See our solution)
Handling rough or sharp materials (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: These gloves are designed for all seasons offering good thermal qualities for use during the colder months of the year, while the dexterous and sensitive design is better suited to the warmer months. The gloves also offer good grip and a decent level of protection, making them ideal for low-risk gardening jobs such as weeding and planting. 

Runner Up: Briers Sicilian Lemon Seed and Weed Gardening Gloves 

Best Winter Gardening Gloves for the Extreme Cold

Winner: Snickers Thermal Waterproof Extreme Weather Gloves 9579

Snickers Thermal Waterproof Extreme Weather Gloves 9579

Why We Love Them

Tough outdoors gloves that offer protection in temperatures of -30°C
 Extra thick with a Hipora lining for use with tools and machinery
 Completely waterproof and provide excellent grip to reduce accidents
 Outstanding protection for handling weeds and more

Perfect For...

Using trimmers, strimmers, lawnmowers and more
 Use in the extreme cold (think snow and ice)
Use as a general gardening glove

Not the Best For...

High dexterity and fine handling (See our solution)
 Handling wood and timber (See our solution)
 Handling extremely sharp thorns (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Sometimes you need gloves that go one step further when it comes to cold resistance. Offering level 4 contact cold-resistance, the Snickers Thermal Gloves can be used in temperatures that reach as low as -30°C! Along with a waterproof lining, this thermal resistance makes the gloves well suited to gardening tasks in the most extreme of conditions.

Don't Stop Gardening This Winter

Just because the weather is getting colder, it doesn't mean that you have to stop gardening. For more information and to browse our wider range of gardening gloves, don't forget to visit our Winter Gardening Gloves and general Gardening Gloves categories.

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