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Best Glove Liners 2024

29 January 2024

Glove liners, also known as under-gloves, could be just what you need to improve security and comfort when wearing your regular safety gloves. Whether you want to ensure thorough protection from heat, add an additional cut-resistant layer to prevent injury, or need something to help minimise irritation, there are plenty of great glove liners available.

If you're not sure where to start, check out our recommendations for the Best Glove Liners 2024 below.

What This Guide Covers

Best Glove Liners by Protection

Thermal Liner Gloves

Winner: Portwest A115 Polyester Thermal Liner Gloves

Porwest A115 Polyester Thermal Liner GlovesKey Features and Benefits

• Lightweight thermal glove liners (pair)
• Designed for a tight / snug fit on your hands
• Use with thermal gloves for protection in sub-zero temperatures
• Can be worn alone for light-duty thermal protection

Suitable Applications and Industries

Cold store and freezer tasks
Outdoor work
Use under cycling, motorcycle, or skiing gloves

Editor's verdict: These quality gloves are a great choice for those who want to enhance protection when working in cold environments. The touchscreen-compatible design means that to use your phone or other touch-screen devices, you won't need to remove this layer of thermal protection.

Heat-Resistant Glove Liners

Winner: Polyco Polyflex Grip Contact-Heat-Resistant Safety Gloves

Polyco Polyflex Grip Contac Heat Resistant Safety Gloves

Key Features and Benefits

• Pair of gloves with contact heat resistance
• Can worn alone or as an under-glove with heat-resistant gloves
• Level 1 contact heat resistance for brief contact with materials up to 100°C
• Nitrile-foam coat protects against contact with water and grease

Suitable Applications and Industries

Furnace tasks or use under welding gloves
Building, bricklaying, and construction
Oil and gas industries

Editor's verdict: These fantastic gloves are designed to offer a decent level of protection when worn alone. The lightweight and flexible design, however, makes them perfect for use under thicker, heat-resistant gloves to enhance their protective properties and ensure safe working conditions.

Cut-Resistant Glove Liners

Winner: ATG Maxicut Ultra 58-917 Cut-Resistant Under-Glove Liners

ATG Maxicut Ultra 58-917 Cut-Resistant Under-Glove Liners

Key Features and Benefits

• Level C cut-resistant for excellent protection
• Perfect for enhancing safety of various mechanical protection gloves
• Second-skin feel ensures optimal comfort and ease-of-wear
• Offers some thermal insulation for protection in cold environments

Suitable Applications and Industries

Blade handling and slicing
Demolition and construction
Metal fabrication and sheet metal handling

Editor's verdict: These gloves offer a decent level of cut protection which can be useful for enhancing the safety of your already existing mechanical gloves. For those who want to eliminate the risk of injury to the hands when working in more industrial environments, these gloves are a great choice.

Anti-Vibration GLove Liners

Winner: Impacto 501 Original Fingerless Anti-Vibration Glove Liners

Impacto 501 Original Fingerless Anti-Vibration Glove Liners

Key Features and Benefits

• Keeps hands safe when using power tools and machinery
• Fingerless design ensures a comfortable fit and improved tactility
• Absorbs and redistributes vibrations for better control of equipment
• Breathable and stretchy construction for comfort

Suitable Applications and Industries

Building and construction
Grinding, drilling, and sandblasting tasks
Any work with power tools

Editor's verdict: These quality anti-vibration gloves are ideal for a wide range of industries that require regular handling and usage of power tools. The gloves absorb and redistribute vibrations to ensure you maintain control of equipment, and to minimise the risk of developing conditions such as HAVS.

Best Glove Liners by Style

Fingerless Glove Liners

Winner: Supertouch 252W4 Fingerless Polycotton Knit-Wrist Liner Gloves

Supertouch 252W4 Fingerless Polycotton Knit-Wrist Liner Gloves

Key Features and Benefits

• Pair of thin and lightweight fingerless under-gloves
• Also available as a full-fingered version
• Fingerless construction offers excellent tactility
• Ideal for ensuring optimal hygiene during handling tasks

Suitable Applications and Industries

Product inspection
Material handling
Assembly tasks

Editor's verdict: These glove liners are the perfect choice for providing an extra layer of hygienic protection to help minimise contamination risks when working with a range of materials. To ensure continuous hygienic usage, these gloves can be machine-washed in-between uses.

Thin Glove Liners

Winner: Supertouch Stockinet Glove Liners - Polycotton 2500

Supertouch Stockinet Glove Liners - Polycotton 2500

Key Features and Benefits

• Pair of polyester and cotton glove liners
• Also available in a fingerless design
• Thin and breathable construction to ensure a good fit under gloves
• Great level of dexterity helps to minimise limitations of movement

Suitable Applications and Industries

Assembly tasks
Product inspection
Painting and decorating

Editor's verdict: These thin gloves are a great for minimising contamination risks, and providing a soft breathable layer between your regular work gloves and your skin.  They also offer Category 1 protection, i.e., a low-level of protection against mechanical risk, making them ideal for enhancing safety when worn with your regular work gloves.

Cotton Glove Liners for Eczema

Winner: Polyco Knitted Stockinette Cotton Work Gloves CK21K

Polyco Knitted Stockinette Cotton Work Gloves CK21K

Key Features and Benefits

• Pair of cotton glove liners perfect for those with eczema
• Provides a protective layer that prevents irritation of your eczema
• Irritation-free and latex-free construction is ideal for more sensitive hands
• Knit-wrist cuff design ensures a snug fit

Suitable Applications and Industries

Handling and assembly tasks
Engineering and manufacturing
Product inspection

Editor's verdict: For those with eczema, or whose hands become easily irritated while wearing safety gloves, these soft cotton glove liners are the perfect choice for improving comfort and minimising irritation. To ensure a snug fit and reduce the risk of glove slippage, the gloves also feature a knit-wrist cuff.

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