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A Guide to Glove Safety: EN 511

Tuesday, 11 August 2015  |  Admin

Safety Gloves might have one of the best ranges of specialist gloves on the web, but we still respect their traditional role by stocking those that keep your mitts warm. Ensuring great protection against sub-zero temperatures, the safety standard EN 511 is a mark that you are receiving high quality gloves that will perform admirably.

If you've not yet stumbled across the strange coding EN Standards like to use, this one is given to hand PPE that is resistant to the cold. Consider it the opposite of EN 407, while still offering the water resistance of EN 374 and the abrasion resistance of EN 388 – or to put it more simply, just consider these seriously warm gloves for seriously chilly challenges.

Brrrrilliant Thermal Protection

If you spy this pictogram on your new PPE gloves, then you can be sure that they’re up to the task of keeping your fingers toasty warm in temperatures as low as -50°C:

You will see numbers displayed in place of the letters, where each number is the level of performance in a range of tests:

A = Resistance to convective cold (Levels 1-4)

This is measured based on the transfer of cold through the glove via convection. A model hand heated to body temperature is subjected to a cold room; the resistance to the room’s climatic temperature and also the energy required by the hand to maintain a constant temperature are both measured to arrive at a final score.

B = Resistance to contact cold (Levels 1–4)

This measures the how protective the garment is when put into direct contact with a cold object or source. The sample is placed between a warm plate and a cold plate before an extractor fan is used to cool both plates further, the results are then compared to a reference standard and a final level decided.

C = Water Proof/ Permeability by water (Levels 0-1)

These tests ensure that your hands will be completely safe from water seeping in and is simply a pass or fail - if the glove cannot withstand water permeating its fabric after 30 minutes of exposure it will fail. Receiving a Level 0 on this test does not necessarily mean these gloves do not perform highly in the other two areas and can still earn them accreditation. 

All gloves that achieve this standard must also pass at least level 1 of the EN 388 abrasion tests, so you can be sure your hands are in good gloves!

Sub-Zero? Get Over Here!

And take a look at some of our best gloves to keep your fingers from freezing! Whether you want to take on lab tasks that require the hardy protection of UK leading brand Polyco’s Freezemaster Insulated Cryo Gauntlets or looking for trusty riggers that can stand up to the winter months during outside works without compromising grip, like the brilliant Supertouch’s Premier Riggers, we’re sure we have the right glove for you. 

Visit Safety Gloves for our full range of EN 511 gloves or discover our Top 5 Best EN 511 Gloves.

Supertouch Premier Plus Thermal Leather Rigger Gloves 21543

  • Heavyweight cold-resistant leather rigger gloves
  • Designed for outdoor, cold weather tough conditions
  • Features a reinforced index finger and knuckle strap
  • Price is per pair of gloves
In stock now  In stock now

Supertouch Topaz Ice Plus Gloves 6106

  • Price is per pair
  • Textured latex palm coating for added grip
  • Helps to keep  hands warm in cold environments
  • Applications including baggage handling and cold storage 
This product has been discontinued. Please contact our team for details of the latest release.  This product has been discontinued. Please contact our team for details of the latest release.