Our Best Waterproof Thermal Work Gloves 2024

2 January 2024

Working outside in the cold can be brutal on the hands, especially if it's raining, or if you're working in a wet environment. Gloves that are designed to keep out both water and cold are essential for working in such conditions, and we're here to help you find them.

Our selection of the Best Waterproof Thermal Gloves have been chosen based on expert recommendations from our manufacturers who design, test and utilise these gloves, so you can guarantee they're up the task. We've made sure to cover all bases, whether you work an outdoor trade, or are simply looking for a new set of hiking gloves.

What Does This Guide Have in Store?

In this guide, we'll take an in-depth look at a selection of gloves that we chose as the best for thermal and waterproof protection. How did we make our decisions? Well, we spoke to the experts who actually design these gloves, and they gave us a personal recommendation for each of the categories listed below. We also checked in with our customers to find out how these gloves helped them in their industry.

If you're looking for a particular type of glove, follow the links below to skip straight to what you need.

Best All-Round Thermal Waterproof Gloves

Winner: Ejendals Tegera 295 Thermal Waterproof Work Gloves

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Why We Love Them...

 Totally waterproof and heavily insulated to keep your hands warm and dry
 Goatskin leather provides excellent protection against knocks, scratches and scrapes
 Can be used by working professionals or for outdoor recreational use
 Thin yet strong material offers both dexterity and durability

Perfect For...

 DIY, construction, agriculture and more
 General handling
 Hiking, walking the dog or cycling

Not the Best For...

✗ Temperatures below -30° (see our solution)
 Cut protection (see our solution)
 Dirty work (see our solution)

Editor's Verdict: As one of our all time best-sellers, it's no surprise the Ejendals 295 Gloves make the top of our list. The secret to their success is a perfect balance of warmth, waterproofing and comfort that allows the wearer to work effectively, no matter how cold and wet the weather gets. These warm winter gloves are also very stylish, and can be used by anyone for outdoor activities  such as golf, cycling or hiking.

Manufacturer's Comment: "The ergonomic design provides a superior all-day comfort, reducing hand fatigue. The combination of durable leather and 40 g Thinsulate™ technology makes it the ideal glove for cold insulation in many different robust jobs."

Customer Feedback: "Excellent gloves. Very warm & totally waterproof, even when I clenched fist & water squeezing out but hands bone dry. Great fit, no loss of feel/grip. Will be used daily through winter livestock farming." - Ben ★★★★★

Best thermal Waterproof Gloves for Industrial Oil and Heat Based Work

Winner: MaxiDry Zero Thermal Waterproof Gloves 56-451

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Why We Love Them...

 Tough, mechanical gloves that protect against contact heat and contact cold
 Entirely water and oil proof, with textured palms that provide excellent grip
 Best used for cold weather work in industries that involve handling heated materials 
 Highly abrasion and tear resistant to protect your hands on the job

Perfect For...

 Oil refining, engineering, construction and more
 Handling hot materials 
 Total water protection (including the wrist)

Not the Best For...

 Temperatures below -30° (see our solution)
 Driving jobs (see our solution)
 High-level flexibility (see our solution)

Editor's Verdict: If you work outdoors in an industry that requires you to handle hot materials, you'll need gloves that offer both heat and cold protection. The MaxiDry 56-451 Gloves are designed for this exact purpose, providing both contact heat and contact cold protection. The textured palm also provides incredibly high grip, which makes them well-suited to handling wet or oily materials.

Manufacturer's Comment: "MaxiDry Zero 56-451 combines the core values of the ATG MaxiDry brand to bring together comfort and liquid repellence, and combine them with our THERMtech technology platform. This technology offers thermal resistance down to -10°C inside the glove itself, with a coating designed to remain flexible for temperatures as low as -30°C. Designed for versatility, MaxiDry Zero 56-451 will provide exceptional resistance against water, cold, heat and abrasion." 

Customer Feedback: "I used these gloves whilst working along side a river handling wet tools in near freezing conditions. Good grip, the gloves remained water proof and kept my hands warm. I found the gloves to be a very good fit." - Keith ★★★★★

Best Thermal Waterproof Gloves for Building and Scaffolding

Winner: Polyco Grip it Oil therm Hi-Vis Waterproof GIOTH Gloves

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Why We Love Them...

 Offers a very high level of contact cold protection
 Incredible abrasion resistance makes it ideal for handling coarse work materials
 High visibility yellow colour helps you stand out in dark working environments
 Dual-nitrile coating absorbs microscopic droplets to enhance grip strength

Perfect For...

 Handling concrete, scaffolding pipes and coarse materials
 Increasing visibility in dark environments
 Gripping wet or oily objects

Not the Best For...

 Heat protection (see our solution)
 Working with sharp objects (see our solution)
 Inconspicuous styling (see our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Whether you're a scaffolder, or working on a building site in winter, chances are you'll be handling cold, abrasive materials such as bricks, concrete and scaffolding pipe. For these kinds of jobs, you'll need gloves that offer both contact cold and abrasion protection, and that's exactly what the Polyco GIOTH Gloves do. They also sport a bright yellow outer palm, which will help you stand out in dark, hazardous environments.

Manufacturer's Comment: "Utilises two layers of nitrile coating to provide ultimate abrasion protection and gripping ability. The first layer which is a full coating is soft and resilient allowing for excellent dexterity."

Customer Feedback: "Great quality gloves, they keep my hands warm and dry when I'm working outside." - Laura ★★★★★

Best Thermal Waterproof Gloves for Cold Stores and Freezer Work 

Winner: Skytec Argon Waterproof Thermal Gloves

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Why We Love Them...

 Incredibly warm pair of gloves, designed for sub-zero temperatures as low as -50°C
 Special textured palm coating that offers exceptional grip when handling icy material
 Flexible HPT lining gives the wearer total flexibility to control their hands and tools
 Made from virgin raw materials as a more sustainable manufacturing process

Perfect For...

 Temperatures as low as -50°C
 Handling icy tools and materials
 Cold stores and freezer work

Not the Best For...

 Water protection past the wrist (see our solution)
 Working with oil or heat (see our solution)
 Cut protection (see our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Designed for use in extremely cold environments, the Skytec Argon Gloves offer superb contact cold protection, which allows you to handle freezing cold objects in cold stores and freezer rooms. Despite the impressive depths of cold these gloves can withstand, they still manage to maintain enough flexibility and grip to help you complete tasks smoothly.

Manufacturer's Comment: "Featuring a soft, thermal lining and a durable HPT foam coating that extends across the knuckles, Argon provides excellent warmth, grip and protection even in damp environments."

Customer Feedback: "Absolutely brilliant my daughter wears them 4 nights a week, she works in a freezer! Before getting these gloves she had inferior ones which lead to frost burn on three fingers, not with these gloves.  Highly recommend." - Rosemary ★★★★★

Best Thermal Waterproof Gloves for Window cleaners

Winner: Portwest Thermal Dual Latex Acrylic Gloves AP01

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Why We Love Them...

 Provides the highest possible level of contact cold protection (Level 4)
 Dual-latex coating offers near impenetrable water-resistance
 Brushed acrylic liner protects keeps your hands warm inside the glove
 Ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue during use

Perfect For...

 Quarry work and construction
 Window cleaning, fisheries, shipping
 Wet or icy conditions

Not the Best For...

 Contact heat protection (see our solution)
 Handling abrasive materials (see our solution)
 Cut risks (see our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Designed specifically for jobs that involve hands-on water tasks such as window cleaning or water irrigation, the Portwest AP01 Gloves offer premium water-resistance and contact cold protection. They feature a watertight double coating of latex that prevents any water from seeping through, while an acrylic thermal liner keeps the hands warm and insulated.

Manufacturer's Comment: "These heavy-duty cold weather gloves can be submerged up to the wrist without letting a drop of water through. They are best used in cold construction sites or quarry work in frosty conditions."

Customer Feedback: "[With these gloves] I have disconnected irrigation pipes and had water pouring over my hands and not a drop has got through. I have low blood pressure and feel the cold easily, my fingers still hurt with the cold sometimes, but I can still use them." - Sarah ★★★★

Best Thermal Waterproof Gloves for Cycling , sports and General Use

Winner: Ejendals Tegera 517 Insulated Waterproof Work Gloves

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Why We Love Them...

 Breathable, lightweight and flexible for operating machinery
 Grippy palm for superb handling of sharp, coarse, smooth and small items
 Anatomical shape reduces hand fatigue during extended shifts
 Accredited by the Skin Health Alliance for less irritability 

Perfect For...

 Assembly, handling, maintenance and manufacturing
 Sports, cycling and other recreational use
 People with irritable skin

Not the Best For...

 Temperatures below -10°C (see our solution)
 Cut protection (see our solution)
 Handling freezing items (see our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Stylish, comfy and practical, the Ejendals Tegera 517 Gloves are a favourite for the everyday worker and the outdoor adventurer. Whether you're cycling up a mountain or operating complex machinery inside a cold factory, these gloves provide the precision and protection you need to stay warm and safe.

Manufacturer's Comment: "A comfortable short wind and waterproof glove. Thanks to the hook and loop fastener, the gloves will stay on your hands even during active work. The thin lining will keep your hands warm in slightly cold environments."

Customer Feedback: "I absolutely love these gloves for cycling in. They are the only gloves I've found that actually keep my hands warm and dry. I've spent 100s trying to find the perfect gloves but these are by far the best. Thin enough so that gear changing is not impeded, great grip and most importantly warm. I've recommended these to many a cycling buddy..." - Kerry ★★★★★

Best Thermal Waterproof Gloves for Driving

Winner: Portwest PW3 Thermal Water-Resistant Work Gloves

Portwest PW3 Thermal Water-Resistant Work Gloves

Why We Love Them...

 Soft leather palm provides comfort, durability and protection
 Threaded with water-resistant membranes to ensure dry hands
 Proven contact cold protection with a Level 2 EN 511 rating
 Touchscreen compatible for greater convenience on the job

Perfect For...

 Site managers
 Golf and other recreational activities

Not the Best For...

 Total water protection (see our solution)
 Blade handling (see our solution)
 High level abrasion resistance (see our solution)

Editor's Verdict: The Portwest PW3 Gloves combine premium leather with water-resistant fibres, resulting in a highly resilient glove that keeps your hands protected from water and contact cold. They offer great all-round protection from a variety of common mechanical risks, making them incredibly versatile and suitable across a range of industries.

Manufacturer's Comment: "These gloves are thermal, waterproof and windproof, and the soft leather palm and PU fingertips provide excellent protection. They can be used by drivers, site managers, farmers and more, or they can be used recreationally for golf and other similar activities."

Best Cut-Resistant Thermal Waterproof Gloves 


TraffiGlove TG5570 Thermal Anti-Cut Gloves

Why We Love Them...

 Provides the highest possible level of cut protection (Level F)
 X-Dura latex lining is water-resistant including the wrist
 Contact cold protection is ideal for cold weather handling tasks
 Interior nylon lining keeps the hands insulated and warm

Perfect For...

 Blade handling jobs
 Cut and tear protection
 Construction, utilities, engineering and manufacturing

Not the Best For...

 Temperatures below -15°C (see our solution)
 Contact heat protection (see our solution)
 Recreational use (see our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Cut protection is essential for anyone who works with blades and other sharp objects, but finding cut-resistant gloves that are also warm and waterproof is a real challenge. After a great deal of searching, we narrowed down the best possible glove for the job. Not only do the Traffiglove TG5570 Gloves boast the highest rating of cut-resistance, they also provide excellent thermal warmth and water protection.

Manufacturer's Comment: "This glove has the highest cut level (according to the EN388:2016) and has great dexterity, meaning that it is perfect for engineering and manufacturing. The thermal and water-resistant features of the glove mean that it is perfect for outdoor work – especially in the winter."

Best Impact-Rsistant Thermal Waterproof Gloves 



Why We Love Them...

✔ Waterproof membrane technology delivers seamless waterproof protection
 TPR impact protection across the back of the hand to protect against knocks
 Level-E cut resistance provides excellent protection when handling sharp objects
 Provides both contact cold and contact heat protection for versatile use

Perfect For...

 Working with heavy machinery
 Blade work
 Construction, engineering, fabrication, offshore oil and gas

Not the Best For...

 Fine handling (see our solution...)
 Submerging the hands in water (see our solution...)
 Temperatures below -30°C (see our solution...)

Editor's Verdict: Operating heavy tools and machinery such as jackhammers, pneumatic drills and sledge hammers can wreck havoc on your hands, especially when cold, wet weather makes them feel even more tender. Designed to protect your hands against water, cold and repeated impacts, the Polyco Armor Guard Bear Gloves are incredibly versatile, offering reliable protection when handling cold, hot or vibrating material.

Manufacturer's Comment: "Our TPR impact protection has been specifically designed in joint R&D with the offshore oil and gas market. The area of protection focuses on the metacarpal area, while still allowing for the freedom of movement that larger ‘block’ TPR historically hinders. A key focus in the development phase was to have a glove that would be used in the largest number of sectors and applications possible. To achieve this we have developed the glove to pass contact heat level 1, so that handling of hot objects is safe. Alongside this, the glove passes both the contact cold and water penetration parts of EN511. Perfect for working in all seasons, no mater the weather or location."

Stay Warm, Dry and Safe this Winter

As the weather gets colder and wetter, you'll need the right pair of gloves to keep your hands both warm and dry. We hope this guide has brought you to the exact type of glove you were looking for. However, if none of them feel right for you, you can take a deeper look into our full range of Thermal Waterproof Gloves to find what you need.

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