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Strongest Disposable Gloves 2024

1 Comment4 January 2024

Disposable gloves don't always have the best reputation for being made of high quality, hardy materials - until now! In today's blog, we'll explore the Strongest Disposable Gloves for protection against chemicals and other workplace hazards for safety of industry workers and beyond.

Explore our guide to discover the strongest disposable gloves for optimal hand protection in your workplace.

What Does This Guide Cover?

Strongest Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Winner: Black Mamba Disposable Nitrile Gloves BX-BMG

Black Mamba Disposable Nitrile Gloves BX-BMG

Why We Love Them...

 Nitrile coating for three times the protection of latex and vinyl
 Nitrex polymer construction adds superior tear-resistance
 Thin palm design of just 5.75mil keeps you dexterous but safe

Perfect For...

 Use (and reuse, where appropriate) across over 25 industries
 Convenience, with 100 ambidextrous gloves per packet
 Long-lasting protection, as nitrile has a longer shelf life than latex 

Not the Best For...

 Protection of the arms (See our solution)


Editor's Verdict: Nitrile gloves are the top choice for anyone needing the strongest available disposable gloves, and the Black Mamba Disposable Nitrile Gloves BX-BMG are the perfect example. Perfect for a range of industry uses, from engineering to oven cleaning, the Black Mambas offer the most diverse range of protection for the broadest range of workers. We love the polymer-nitrile blend which makes the most of these materials' comfort, flexibility and strength for the best of all worlds.

Customer Verdict: "I'm a nail technician which involves a lot of harsh chemicals and slippery tools... these gloves are very strong, they don't tear when filing or let any harsh chemicals seep through, and they have an excellent grip. Definitely worth buying. I'd wish I'd discovered them sooner." Kay ★★★★★ 

Strongest Latex Disposable Gloves

Winner: Shield GD45 Powdered Latex Disposable Gloves (Pack of 100)

Shield GD45 Powdered Latex Disposable Gloves (Pack of 100)

Why We Love Them...

 Force at break of 6 Newtons prevents breaks and snaps
 Flexible material reduces fatigue during extended wear
 Powdered design reduces rubs, perspiration and snapping

Perfect For...

 Airport security, customs, product inspection, cleaning
 Use within food industries and hospitality spaces
 Long-lasting strength, with a three year shelf life

Not the Best For...

✘ People with latex allergies (See our solution)



Editor's Verdict: Latex gloves are known for their close touch and brilliant ability to maintain hygiene in often sterile workplaces handling chemicals and other hazardous substances. The Shield GD45 Powdered Latex Disposable Gloves (Pack of 100) have an EN420 level 5 for dexterity, meaning they not only allow wearers to feel comfortable - they also have a significantly lower chance of ripping to expose workers to harmful materials they work with. For a convenient, classic and long lasting disposable gloves, these are the ones for you. 

Our Supplier Says: "These gloves are fantastically strong due to their flexibility and dexterity levels, which reduces the likelihood of snaps and tears as is common with poor quality Latex gloves. The level 6 force of break means that this design can be put on easily and quickly, for rapid use in fast-paced work environments."  

Best Disposable Medical Gloves 

Winner: Ansell TouchNTuff 93-163 Disposable Long-Cuff Nitrile Gloves

Ansell TouchNTuff 93-163 Disposable Long-Cuff Nitrile Gloves

Why We Love Them...

 Long breakthrough times for hazardous chemicals
 Extended design ensures protection of a larger surface area
 Smooth and flexible formula for reduced fatigue

Perfect For...

 Handling n-Heptane, Sodium Hydroxide and Formaldehyde
 Environments handling other harmful solutions
 Avoiding cross-contamination in highly sterile environments

Not the Best For...

Food handling (See our solution)



Editor's Verdict: The Ansell TouchNTuff 93-163 Disposable Long-Cuff Nitrile Gloves combine incredible protection against several chemicals with a longer arm-length design to protect more of your body from hazards. This is ideal for anyone working in industries where they need to wear short-sleeved clothing, but still need to remain agile. Perfect for medical environments where sterility is paramount, these gloves keep workers and those they come into contact with as safe as possible by preventing cross-contamination.

Our Supplier Says: "These gloves are your best bet for handling n-Heptane, Sodium Hydroxide and Formaldehyde, making them brilliantly versatile. They're also super stretchy, which adds convenience for use in experiments that need quick or frequent donning." 

Strongest Food-Safe Disposable Gloves

Winner: Ejendals Tegera 555 Food Safe Disposable Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 555 Food Safe Disposable Gloves

Why We Love Them...

 Robust polyethylene prevents oil, water and fat penetration 
 Flexible formula prevents snapping out of shape
 Latex-free for use by people with skin sensitivities

Perfect For...

 Food prep, cleaning and service industry use
 A lightweight hand protection solution for comfortable wear
 Quick and easy use (ambidextrous)

Not the Best For...

High risk medical applications (See our solution)



Editor's Verdict: Unlike the other options in this blog, the Ejendals 555 Disposable Gloves are a loose-fitting, very comfortable alternative to often claustrophobic disposable gloves. We love that these gloves require on their construction material alone for protection against food-related hazards, including water, fats, oils, dust and a huge range of other common messes found in kitchens. Perfect for rapid donning for fast-paced industries, these gloves keep workers hands dry and protected for a more efficient workplace. 

Our Supplier Says: "These gloves have enough stretch to make them difficult to puncture, yet they're still flexible enough to remain comfortable and strong in case of accidental snags." 

Strongest Disposable Powder-Free Gloves

Winner: Ansell Touchntuff 92-600 Disposable Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves

Ansell TouchNTuff 92-600 Disposable Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves

Why We Love Them...

 Up to four times the puncture resistance of natural-latex gloves
 Splash resistant for chemically hazardous workplaces 
 Thin nitrile adds easy donning and grip in wet and dry conditions

Perfect For...

 Agriculture, chemical handling, cytostatics, assembly and more
 People who sweat lots (powdered gloves reduce perspiration)
 Avoiding cross-contamination in very sterile 

Not the Best For...

Sweat-reduction and control (See our solution)



Editor's Verdict: Designed for people wanting  easy-don gloves with protection from toxic chemicals, the Ansell Touchntuff 92-600 Disposable Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves are your best bet for use in chemical, agricultural, utilities and warehousing industries. They're our strongest powder-free design due to their splash resistance and construction up to four times the puncture resistance of standard Latex equivalents, making them an incredible alternative for people with skin sensitivities and allergies.

Customer Verdict: "Very durable and protective. No concerning about them tearing. Would definitely recomend." Adrian ★★★★★ 

Strongest Vinyl Disposable Gloves

Winner: Disposable Powder Free Vinyl Gloves

Disposable Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves

Why We Love Them...

 Easy to use, single use disposable gloves for maximum hygiene
 No change in resistance up to 5 years after manufacturing date 
 Roll cuff adds strength and drip to the design for quick donning

Perfect For...

 Skin sensitivity sufferers and people with allergies
 Product protection, mechanics, hair dressing
 Use across various industries needing dexterity

Not the Best For...

 Highly sterile environments (See our solution)



Editor's Verdict: When you think of strong disposable gloves, vinyl gloves are probably the last thing that come to mind. However, the Disposable Powder Free Vinyl Gloves are the most robust option available, in addition to being extremely comfortable, hygiene and cost-efficient. With roll cuffs for rapid donning and protection against snags and tears, this handy pack of disposable gloves is the best alternative to conventional glove materials to help you save money.

Customer Verdict: "I wear these when I go out for walks to pick-up litter and currently when I go to the shops during the Covid-19 crisis. They are a quality product at a VERY reasonable price. Happy customer!" Angus ★★★★★ 

What Makes a Strong Disposable Glove?

Nitrile, latex, and vinyl gloves are popular disposable options, but tend to differ in their strength due to their distinct material properties.

Nitrile gloves are strongest because they are made from a synthetic rubber compound that provides excellent tear and puncture resistance, while latex gloves are strong due to the natural elasticity and durability of latex material. Both of these types are medical and food safe when manufactured to the required standards, while additionally powder-free variants are less likely to cause allergies or contaminate sensitive environments, as they lack the powdered coating found in some disposable gloves. Vinyl gloves, although not as strong as nitrile or latex, are suitable for many tasks and are popular for their cost-effectiveness, making them a choice for various applications.

We hope you enjoyed today's blog on the strongest disposable gloves, and make sure to stay tuned on more blogs about how you can find the best gloves for you.

Helpful Information About Disposable Gloves

Here at Safety Gloves, we have a wide range of disposable gloves suited for use in medical environments, with range of different materials and uses. For more options, please view our categories below:

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