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What are Plumber's Gloves?

22 July 2015

If you’re plumbing the depths of pipes and drains then our Safety Gloves are going to plumb right along with you. No matter what you may discover down there, you’ll already have found a new level of protection with our Plumbers Gloves. Thick, thin, fingerless or not, a disposable glove or loyal work wear, our range features them all.

Your Protection is Not in Another Glove

Trust us, we have the glove for you, and settling for any less will only serve to put your most valuable assets at risk. All of our Plumbers Gloves have passed their respective tests to adhere to EU Standards of safety either for Resistance to Chemicals or to Mechanical Risks, meaning you’ll not find better gloves anywhere else. 

Polyco are yet to let us down when it comes to creating high-performing work gloves. Great grip and dexterity as well as high levels of protection against cut and abrasion keeps Polyco at the top of the leader board when it comes to leading the way to hand safety.

Black Mamba have already slithered their way into the PPE supplies of a variety of industries. A staple in many a safety collection from plumbers to lab workers to mechanics and oil rigs, Black Mamba gloves are used in so many industries because they work so well. Designed to combat the weakness Black Mamba found to be inherent in majority of latex and nitrile gloves on the market, they are now successfully beating them all at their own game. These gloves are fully disposable but totally irreplaceable as your number one choice for nitrile gloves. 

Fingerless gloves, why on earth, and especially in pipes, would you want bare fingers? Because our gloves understand your industry, and while it may be ideal to be totally protected, sometimes you need your own fingertips to get down to the tricky stuff. But don’t think loose fingers means loose standards, our fingerless gloves all still comply to EN388 protection against mechanical risks, and fully cover your hands and fingers save for the fingertips. Fingerless gloves are ideal for those situations where you really need your dexterity and fine motor skills.

What can our Plumber's Gloves Do for You?

While you may not feel as though you're facing that many threats when you're tinkering on taps but having the right protective work gloves can make the world of difference. For one thing, plumbers are often dealing with tools in wet and slippery environments and by using special grip gloves, you can prevent mistakes and generally make your life easier. On top of this, Plumber's Gloves can provide you with protection for your skin. The abrasion of dealing with metal objects all day can cause your hands to callus and can also provoke irritation and redness if left unchecked. Our Plumber's Gloves are designed to have a high resistance against water, meaning that your hands remain dry and comfortable while you are at work.

Peachy Plumber’s Gloves

Whether you’re for disposable protection from chemicals and contamination or hardier resistance against cuts and abrasion, our gloves can provide. A range of leading brand names with an eye for design and a mind for performance means you’ll be working pretty in our gloves. This combination of dexterity, protection, comfort and performance allows us to be fully confident when we say our gloves really do have you covered.

Visit Safety Gloves to see our full range of Plumber’s Gloves.

Polyco Grip It Dry Handling Gloves 889

Polyco Grip It Dry Handling Gloves 889

  • Low-risk, sensitive and flexible handling gloves
  • Ideal for warehousing, handling, building and more
  • Superb grip supplied by a latex palm coating
  • Perfect affordable gloves for picking, packing and loading
In stock now  In stock now
Polyco Matrix Fingerless Work Gloves 933

Polyco Matrix Fingerless Work Gloves 933

  • Pair of partially fingerless work safety gloves
  • Suitable for plumbing, assembly, tiling and more
  • Protects against dirt, scratches and abrasions
  • Price is per pair
In stock now  In stock now