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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Chemical resistant gloves are designed to help make handling and using chemicals as safe as possible. Because of the inherent dangers present when dealing with dangerous chemicals, we know how vital it is that you have the best possible protection. There's a lot of choice on the market with regards to chemically resistant gloves and with each one claiming to be the "best chemical resistant glove", how do you choose? To help you out here are the best 5 chemical resistant gloves available from us at Safety Gloves.

MaxiChem Chemical Resistant Gloves

This glove’s chemical protection comes from LiquiTech technology, which stops liquids and chemicals from clinging to the glove. This gives the glove great chemical resistance for those using harsher chemicals for longer and its micro-cup non-slip grip finish gives you a fantastic level of grip on whatever you’re holding. This makes it great for carrying bottles and vials of chemicals.

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Polyco Chemprotec Unlined Heavyweight Chemical Resistant Gloves

These gloves are designed to be as comfortable as possible. Because the glove has no underlining, you can wear an underglove underneath it, so you can get the most comfortable fit possible and even greater levels of protection. This also makes the glove easier to don and remove. 

The smooth outer surface prevents the glove from sticking to items, and it offers a fantastic level of chemical protection: it would take a 96% Sulphuric Acid solution over 4 hours of continuous contact to break through the glove.

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Polyco Jet Heavy Duty Chemical Resistant Gloves

These gloves specialise in dexterity and fit. The Polyco Jet Heavy Duty Chemical Resistant Gloves are ergonomically made and feature an enhanced pattern grip to ensure that you can keep hold of what you’re carrying. 

The glove has also been chlorinated, which not only makes the glove more durable but also makes them easier to put on. This eliminates the need for the inside of the glove to be powdered, which can pose a risk of contaminating samples, and the beaded cuff helps prevent liquid rollback.

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Supertouch Nitrile Heavyweight Full Dip Knit Wrist

These are made from heavy-duty nitrile, which is often used as a tougher replacement for latex. Because of this, the Supertouch Nitrile Heavyweight Full Dip Knit Wrist is fantastic at reducing the chance of a cut or abrasion in the glove developing. The heavyweight nitrile coating ensures that the gloves are equally as resistant to chemicals as they are to physical threats. 

They also feature a soft cotton liner, which means that despite the thick outer coating the gloves are soft and comfortable to wear.

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White Mamba Disposable Latex Gloves

These are some of the toughest disposable gloves available on the market today, which makes them a fantastic disposable alternative to the normally reusable chemical resistant glove. Despite the fact that they are incredibly thin, they offer a level of chemical resistance which is great for dealing with oil and lubricants.

Due to the thin construction of these gloves, they offer an incredibly high level of sensitivity that makes it easier to hold smaller items or parts.

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We hope that this selection of the best chemical gloves makes your purchasing choice easier, but if you’d like to see a wider variety of chemical resistant gloves you can always head over to Safety Gloves and check out our full range of Chemical Resistant Gloves.

MaxiChem Chemical Resistant Gauntlet Gloves 56-635

  • Price is per pair of gauntlet gloves
  • Offers resistance against oils, liquids and chemicals
  • Ideal for outdoor, pharmaceutical and industrial work
  • Designed at 35cm long to protect fingertips to elbows
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Polyco Chemprotec Unlined Heavyweight Chemical Resistant Gloves

  • Price is per pair (Special offer on selected sizes)
  • Provides protection against a wide range of chemicals and cleaning agents
  • Excellent abrasion and tear resistance
  • Unlined for easy donning
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Polyco Jet Black Heavy Duty Chemical Resistant Gloves 52

  • Price is per pair
  • Heavyweight glove designed to withstand rubbing and scuffing
  • Enhanced grip patterned palm
  • Contains a fungicidal and bacteriostatic agent for hygiene
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Supertouch Nitrile Heavyweight Full Dip Knit Wrist Gloves 2207

  • Price is per pair
  • Blue full dip heavy weight nitrile
  • Wet and dry grip
  • Great for a wide range of handling tasks
  • Abrasion resistance
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White Mamba Disposable Latex Gloves BX-WMG

  • Price is per box of 100 gloves
  • Performs against chemicals which nitrile gloves may fail to combat
  • Ambidextrous & EZ-Glide donning system
  • One of the toughest disposables on the market; over 8.0 mils in thickness
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