The Best Kevlar Gloves 2022

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Kevlar is an innovative material that is so strong that it is used in bulletproof vests. While Kevlar Gloves won't protect you against bullets, they do offer outstanding protection against a range of hazards, including cuts. This guide is designed to help you find the Best Kevlar Gloves for you, taking into account jobs, hazards and more.

Find the Best Kevlar Gloves

If you know the hazard that you want to protect against or the industry that you work in, then you can click on the below points to head on down to your perfect Kevlar Gloves. Otherwise, scroll down to view each pair of gloves in full.

Best All Round Kevlar Gloves

Winner: MCR Safety CT1014NF Nitrile Kevlar Level 5 Cut Gloves

MCR Safety CT1014NF Nitrile Foam Kevlar Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves

Why We Love Them...

 Kevlar lining offers outstanding cut resistance
 Combine dexterity, grip and impressive durability
 Also lined with steel for further hand protection
 Nitrile coating ideal for light levels of oil

Perfect For...

 Automotives, engineering and glass work
 Handling thin and sharp materials
 Use with light levels of oil and water

Editor's Verdict: The MCR Safety CT1014NF Gloves use both glass and Kevlar to provide outstanding dexterity and grip, allowing you to handle sharp items in a range of environments. Impressive dexterity is ideal for precision handling work, while a nitrile coating provides a light level of oil, grease and water resistance.

Best Cut Resistant Kevlar Gloves

Winner: Ansell PGK10BL Level 5 Cut-Resistant Heat-Resistant Gloves

Ansell PGK10BL Level 5 Cut-Resistant Heat-Resistant Gloves

Why We Love Them...

 Designed to provide protection against heat and 250°C temperatures
 Uses Techcor technology to provide an excellent fit
 Fully resistant to abrasion, tears, cut and punctures
 Very thin for use during precision handling work

Perfect For...

 Use in high heat and cut risk environments
 Ideal for glass handling, metal cutting and recycling
 Reducing irritation thanks to seamless liner

Editor's Verdict: The Ansell PGK10BL Gloves use their Kevlar lining to provide outstanding protection against heat, and in offering 250°C contact heat resistance, provide some of the highest heat-resistance and high dexterity that gloves can offer. This makes the gloves well suited to glass handling, metal handling, recycling and more.

Best Heat Resistant Kevlar Gloves

Winner: Polyco Volcano Heavyweight Kevlar Heat Resistant Gloves

Polyco Volcano Heavyweight Kevlar Heat Resistant Gloves

Why We Love Them...

 Offer among the best heat resistance available with an EN 407 score of 43432X
 Can withstand temperatures of up to 350°C
 Extra long for protecting the lower arms
 Good dexterity ideal for precision-based work

Perfect For...

 Ideal for glass work, steel work and metal work
 Protecting against oil such as in mechanics
 Tough, heavy duty jobs on site

Editor's View: The Polyco Volcano Heavyweight Kevlar Gloves are heavyweight gloves with a surprising level of dexterity and sensitivity, providing outstanding protection against both heat and cuts. The gloves can withstand extremely high temperatures, while good cut resistance makes them well suited to steel and oil work.

Best High Dexterity Kevlar Gloves

Winner: Polyco Touchstone Kevlar Cut REsistant Lightweight Gloves 750

Polyco Touchstone 100% Kevlar Cut Resistant Lightweight Gloves

Why We Love Them...

 Lightweight and high dexterity work gloves
Thin and dexterous while offering good heat resistance
 Aramid lining offers excellent mechanical protection
 Soft fibres designed to prevent hand fatigue

Perfect For...

 Tasks with a heat risk such as glass manufacture
 All day handling jobs
 Handling rough and coarse items

Editor's Verdict: The Polyco Touchstone Kevlar Lightweight Gloves offer good all-round mechanical protection and impressive heat-resistance, ensuring protection during a wide range of tasks and industries. The gloves' thin and lightweight design makes them particularly well suited to all day handling jobs.

Best Kevlar Sleeves

Winner: Polyco Touchstone Kevlar Knitted Sleeve

Polyco Touchstone 100% Kevlar Knitted Sleeves

Why We Love Them...

 Thin sleeve that is designed using 100% Kevlar
 Provides good protection when used in conjunction with the Volcano Gloves
 Special thumb strap ensures that the sleeve fits secure in place
 Will protect well against heat, moderate cuts and tears

Perfect For...

 Protecting the arm against heat and mechanical risks
 Suitable for steel handling, glass handling and glazing
 Won't irritate the arms even during extended use

Editor's Verdict: The Polyco Touchstone Knitted Sleeve offers users the chance to not just protect their hands, but their arms too. The gloves use an Aramid lining to protect well against cuts and heat, making them ideal for use during glass, metal and steel work. 

Best High Grip Kevlar Gloves

Winner: Supertouch 7 Gauge Kevlar PVC Dot Gloves

Supertouch 7 Gauge Kevlar Tear-Resistant PVC DOt Gloves 2727

Why We Love Them...

 PVC dot grip designed to ensure outstanding control
 Also protect well against cuts and tear hazards
 Good mechanical protection makes them suitable for handling use
 Comfortable design ideal for extended use

Perfect For...

 Handling a wide range of items
 Handling rough, course and sharp items
 Extended use thanks to comfortable lightweight design 

Editor's Verdict: The Supertouch 7 Gauge Kevlar PVC Dot Gloves use a PVC dot coating to provide an excellent level of grip, which is combined with the Kevlar lining to offer good protection against cuts and tears. The gloves are highly flexible and highly grippy, ideal for most all-day handling jobs.

Where to Find Our Full Kevlar Range

We hope that this guide has given you a better idea about the kind of Kevlar Gloves that you want to buy. If you still haven't decided and would like to view the full range, take a look at our Kevlar Gloves category.

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