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What are Bricklayer's Gloves?

22 July 2015

If your job calls for you to be laying bricks, then you’ll be pleased to know Safety Gloves have already lain the foundation of your safety with our Bricklayer's Gloves. Nobody - and certainly no hands - wants to be handling bricks and cement without a safety glove. True, the humble brick may not strike fear into the heart when it comes to contemplating the hazards of a construction site but an unfavourable brick strike to your hands can easily leave you broken-hearted, or handed.

No Brick-A-Brac

We don’t just offer you any old gloves here at Safety Gloves, we compile our range based on the gloves we know are going to perform as well as you do. All our bricklayers gloves have been specifically designed for the hazards of hands-on work, and the vast majority of them also adhere to EU Standards of safety (EN 388). You don’t just have to take our word for it when we say these gloves are tough-going because you have the European Standardization Organizations stating it as fact.

Nitrile coated, comfy riggers or futuristic exoskeleton designs, our extensive range will have you spoilt for choice, so go ahead and spoil your hands with the highest level of safety.

Solid As a Rock

Polyco is once again scoring highly in our range of bricklayers gloves, because as the industry leader of PPE, Polyco just don’t know how to score any less. With high standards throughout their range and a constant desire to innovate and improve, Polyco’s gloves are suitable for all kinds of applications and even its thinnest, most flexible models still offer optimum safety for your hands. You may be unsure about which glove is right for you but with Polyco it’s hard to go wrong.

Gel? In a glove? You may be more used to seeing the soothing power of gel used in spa masks or shoe insoles but your hands deserve a little TLC too, especially if they’re spending the day hefting bricks around. The Silverline Gel Comfort Gloves feature a breathable back, gel inserts and a synthetic suede palm for high performance and high comfort.

Riggers are yet to let us down as a great glove for a range of applications, bricklaying is definitely one of them, and whether you go for a Supertouch Rigger for safety and comfort or a Dirty Rigger model for some serious protection, these gloves will continue to prove why they’re such a popular model.

Going to be handling things? Then you’ll need some handling gloves! We’re not complicated over here at Safety Gloves and the clue really is in the name with our handling gloves, designed for great protection and excellent grip, perfect for brick laying. Have a great grasp on your work thanks to these gloves having a great grasp on your safety. 

Hexarmor, because real gloves aren’t afraid to flash the fluro. Hexarmor gloves perform as good as they look, having been put through their paces on oil rigs and high-pressure tasks. Hexarmor believe that your safety is the most important thing, as we think that too, it’s only right that we’ve joined forces to offer you their range of striking, super-strong gloves.

Please visit Safety Gloves for our full range of Bricklayer’s Gloves.

Dirty Rigger Protector Flexible Armortex Rigger Gloves

Dirty Rigger Protector Flexible Armortex Rigger Gloves

  • Price is per pair
  • Armortex covering on key wear areas
  • Rounded, seem-free finger tips
  • High density, motion-flexible knuckle protection
In stock now  In stock now