What Are Tattoo Gloves?

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Tattoo gloves are gloves which should be worn by artists while they tattoo their customers to ensure hygiene and prevent infections from spreading to the sensitive tattooed area. These gloves are essentially medical-grade examination gloves and also help to ensure that the tattoo artist is protected against any fluid that they might encounter whilst giving the tattoo.

How Important are Tattoo Gloves?

Tattoo gloves are incredibly important in ensuring that tattoos are applied safely and hygienically. They provide a barrier which not only protects the customer, but also you, the tattoo artist.

Because of the way tattoos are applied, there is a chance of a tattoo artist infecting their customer and vice versa. Due to the fact that a tattoo is essentially having a needle jabbed into your skin repeatedly, they can leave your skin more susceptible to infection The use of gloves helps minimise this risk and makes the situation much more hygienic and safe for everyone involved.

How Should a Tattoo Glove Fit?

A tattoo glove should provide a snug and comfortable fit that does not constrict your movement. This is of paramount importance because if the glove is too tight, it can tear when you flex your hand and limit your dexterity, decreasing the quality of your work. Too loose a fit can be just as bad because it becomes much easier to pierce the glove by accident and prevents you from having the fine motor control that is necessary for a good tattoo. Because of these issues, transparent polythene gloves should not be used for tattooing, as they are too loose-fitting.

If for whatever reason your glove does become perforated or torn, it is important to replace it immediately

Which Gloves are Tattoo Gloves?

Tattoo gloves are any disposable gloves which are marked for use with biological agents. This ensures that they offer the correct amount of protection against bacteria and germs.

Tattoo gloves mostly come in three different materials; latex, nitrile and vinyl. Latex gloves are the most often used, because of their strength and the protection they offer. However, their continual use has led many who use them everyday, including many tattoo artists, to develop latex allergies. Because of this, other materials may be used instead and some people even recommend that latex gloves should be avoided regardless of allergy issues.

Nitrile gloves are similar in appearance to latex gloves however they contain no latex which makes them perfect for those with an allergy. They are also harder to puncture or tear than latex gloves, although they do not offer the same level of touch sensitivity that latex does.

Vinyl gloves also do not contain latex. On the other hand, they offer the least amount of puncture or tear resistance, and they are also a relatively loose fit and so are the least likely to be used. In terms of choosing which material is right for you, a lot of what makes the "best tattoo gloves" is personal preference — it is important to find a glove that works for you.

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