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2 January 2024
Our Best Pawa Gloves 2024

Pawa Gloves are premium work gloves that offer protection against cuts, oils, water, heat and more. Learn about the Best Pawa Gloves with this handy guide.

2 January 2024
Our Top Portwest Gloves 2024

Portwest are an industry giant with a pair of gloves for every occasion. Whether you're out in the rain and snow, or handling sharps and blades in a manufacturing plant sounds more familiar, our Our Top Portwest Gloves 2024 guide has something for you.

2 January 2024  |  Eugene
Best Anti-Vibration Gloves 2024

HAVS is common among those who used power tools but with the right protection this can be avoided. Our glove experts put together a list of Our Best Anti-Vibration Gloves to help you pick your top gloves.

2 Comments2 January 2024
Introducing Milwaukee Safety Gloves 2024

Milwaukee Tools are fresh from the USA. Check out their range of thermal, cut-resistant and touchscreen functional safety gloves, showcased for the first time, here.

1 Comment2 January 2024
Top 5 Supertouch Safety Gloves 2024

Supertouch are a brand committed to the manufacture of protective and durable safety  gloves. See our blog below to find out which gloves made it into our Top 5 Supertouch Safety Gloves.

2 January 2024
Best Ejendals Gloves 2024

To know you're truly protected, you need gloves with a name that you can trust. One such name is Ejendals and we've compiled a list of the Top Ejendals Tegera Gloves, helping you to find the best gloves for you.

2 January 2024
Best HexArmor Gloves 2024

HexArmor have been protecting workers' hands across the world for decades, and have become known for offering the best protection in the highest risk of tasks. Find the Best HexArmor Gloves with this handy guide.

2 January 2024  |  Eugene
Best Coolskin Oven Gloves 2024

Whether you're taking something out of the oven, handling a hot pan, or removing a reheated dish from the microwave, we all know the consequences of a lack of hand protection. At, we're experts on all sorts of hand protection, so we've taken it upon ourselves to help get the word out about the best oven gloves around with this list of Our Best Coolskin Oven Gloves.

27 October 2021
Introducing Traffiglove's LXT Eco-Friendly Safety Glove Range

As the world changes, consumers and businesses alike are becoming more and more conscious of where the materials used in product manufacturing come from. Traffiglove are committed to manufacturing eco-friendly gloves that are reliably sourced and sustainably produced.

5 September 2021
Snickers: Scandinavian Simplicity and Style

Snickers gloves are a true product of their environment, built for harsh Scandinavian winters with a focus on cold handling, water resistance and mechanical protection. Learn about Snickers here, with our short introductory guide.

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