Top 5 Supertouch Safety Gloves 2024

1 Comment2 January 2024

Supertouch are an industry staple committed to the manufacture and supply of high-quality, application-targeted safety gloves. Prioritising client contact, Supertouch strive to understand the professionals they supply in order to better meet industry specific needs.

Our range of Supertouch Safety Gloves cover a wide range of professions and environments to ensure our customers can access affordable, quality protection no matter what their application.

So without further ado, see below to find out which Supertouch Gloves made it into our Top 5!

Our Best SuperTouch Handling Gloves

Supertouch Nitrotouch Gloves

Supertouch Nitrotouch Handling Gloves 2676, 2677, 2678 are our no-nonsense selection. Supertouch have asked and understood the concerns and demands of picking, packing and loading professionals with these ones.

Available in three different colour combinations, they offer incredible grip strength and stability without compromising on the comfort we know prevents hand fatigue and stress build-up.

Here's What We Love:

  • Our number one pair of nitrile gloves
  • Inexpensive price point is brilliant for bulk-buyers
  • The only choice for maintenance, handling and assembly application
  • Maximum Level 4 abrasion resistance stands up to the hardest material

Our Favourite Supertouch Driving Gloves

Supertouch Driving Gloves

Up for a range of jobs are the Supertouch 2064 Leather Driving Gloves with Full Fleece Lining. Manufactured with premium soft grain leather to an elegant and timeless driving glove specification, these gloves are guaranteed to keep your hands warm thanks to a full-fleece lining.

If that wasn't enough, they also come complete with maximum tear resistance and a whole host of other EN 388 mechanical hazard protections.

Here's What We Love:

  • Comes complete with a luxuriously plush, thermal fleece lining
  • Elegant design matches the timeless look of a pair of driving gloves
  • Perfect for dual use as a general purpose cold weather leisure glove
  • Available at an incredibly affordable price for the quality on offer
  • Across the board EN 388 hazard protection for applicable trade use

Our Pick for All Round Safety Gloves

Supertouch Handler Gloves

Some professionals need a little bit of everything, and that's okay. Despite their fun and colourful colour options, Supertouch 6203/6204 Handler Safety Gloves are a serious pair of safety gloves. Designed to withstand the rigours of a warehouse packing department, they are dually useful on building and construction sites where the pace never lets up.

Here's What We Love:

  • Unrivalled value at 60p per glove
  • Available to order in bulk
  • Manufactured specifically for professional handling, lifting and carrying
  • Built to take a beating
  • Bolstered palm stands up to bricks, concrete and lumber
  • Fingertips enhanced for improve dexterity and accuracy

Our Favourite Supertouch Rigger Gloves

Supertouch Rigging GlovesAfter something a little bit more substantial? No problem. Supertouch 21123 Elite Leather Rigger Gloves with Safety Cuff have got you covered. Supertouch understand that some applications call for something a little bit bulkier.

With maximum EN 388 abrasion, tear and puncture resistance, whether you're clearing rubble, hauling material or loading freights and vans, these Elite Rigging Gloves are guaranteed to make your life easier.

Here's What We Love:

  • Across the board protection under EN 388, including maximum abrasion, tear and puncture resistance
  • Chunky fingers guarantee protection against debris piercing
  • Safety strap ensures a secured fit no matter what your application
  • Manufactured with premium quality split leather

Our Best Affordable Delicate Handling Gloves

Supertouch Forchette Gloves

Manufactured in immaculate white against a traditional design specification, Supertouch White Cotton Forchette 2550 Gloves are our number one choice!  Perfect for intricate handling applications, these blemish-prevention safety gloves are remarkably inexpensive for the dexterity, accuracy and precision they offer.

Here's What We Love:

  • Immaculate white design is excellent for fine handling applications
  • Incredible value at 45p per gloves
  • Unlimited uses thanks to stripped back, nonsense design
  • Reliability in a highly multidimensional glove
  • Inexpensive design makes mass department outfitting cost-efficient
  • Ultra-thin material promotes dexterity and precision

Find and shop all of these and more, at our dedicated Supertouch Safety Gloves Brand Category.

Have something to add? Let us know what you think of our picks in the comments section below, or visit our constantly updated Knowledge Centre to learn more about safety gloves.