Snickers: Scandinavian Simplicity and Style

5 September 2021

Snickers gloves are a true product of their environment, built for harsh Scandinavian winters with a focus on cold handling, water resistance and mechanical protection. It's because of their tendency to combine dexterity and grip with cold and weather resistance that has led Snickers gloves to become a trusted and valued part of British workforce PPE.

Snickers-branded products ooze quality and reliability, and this is all true whether you're looking at Snickers gloves, kneepads, jackets or trousers. This short guide looks into Snickers, who they are, where they come from, their products, and their ethos. We finish with a short guide describing our best Snickers gloves, ideal for preparing for the winter ahead.

Snickers: Inventing Workwear

Snickare is a Swedish word that means carpenter or joiner. It is from here that Swedish-Finnish craftsman Matti Viio derived the name Snickers. Viio realised in 1975 that his workwear simply wasn't up the scratch, and he quickly came up with his own idea; what if instead of buying workwear, what if he invented his own?

Inspired by how fast the tools and working methods where developing around him, he developed workwear that met the requirements of strength, adaption and freedom of movement that was now required. Within a few years he had a collection of gloves, tool vests and work jackets that could match and exceed whatever was out their on the market.

The Snickers Mission

Snickers aim to inspire professionals to a smarter and safer work life. Founded in the 1970s, their ethos hasn't changed, and their collection today is still full of inventive products that push boundaries and improve worker safety. Their intention is to keep redefining the concept of modern workwear, and by doing that they can keep pushing the industry forward in terms of technology, safety, intuition and productivity.

Why Choose Snickers?

Our range of Snickers gloves covers all areas, including water, cold, abrasion, hi-vis and mechanical protection. They are all high quality and promise longevity, while the thermal gloves are perfect for the extreme weather conditions. Some gloves that we would recommend includes.

Snickers 9319 Gloves

Snickers Flex Sense All weather Gloves 9319

We don't sell many gloves that come with level 3 contact cold resistance and exceptional flexibility, which is why the Snickers Flex Sense All Weather Gloves 9319 are instant top sellers. The gloves will continue to provide flexibility even at temperatures as low as -30°C, which when combined with the good all-round mechanical protection means that they really are must-haves in freezing medium risk workplaces. More flexible than the rest, we recommend these for freezer and winter outdoor handling work.

Key Points: Excellent -30°C contact cold protection; retains flexibility at low temperatures; best suited to indoor, outdoor and cold use.

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Snickers Precision Flex Lightweight Grip Gloves 9321

Snickers Precision Flex Lightweight Grip Gloves 9321

Next up are the Snickers Precision Flex Lightweight Grip Gloves 9321, which are some of the best gloves around for those long shifts handling materials that can cause a strain on your hands. They are built with stamina in mind, helping to protect your hands, provide comfort, and resist knocks and scrapes during all-day use in shift work. Their flexibility reduces the chances of you dropping materials, while good abrasion and tear resistance reduces the chances of you injuring yourself at work.

Key Points: Outstanding lightweight handling gloves; excel in dry conditions; high flexibility.

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Snickers Thermal Wet Flex Guard Grip Gloves 9325

Snickers Thermal Wet Flex Guard Grip Gloves 9325

With winter approaching the gloves that you need to turn to are the Snickers Thermal Wet Flex Guard Grip Gloves 9325. They use a thick foam coating that can resist pretty much all water, while their brushed acrylic liner keeps the hands warm in temperatures as low as -20°C. This combination of water and cold resistance means that the gloves are extremely versatile, proving suitable in tasks as wide ranging as freezer and cold store work, to outdoor, winter, fishing and industrial tasks.

Key Points: Offer resistance to temperatures as low as -20°C; offer total protection against water; high flexibility; good mechanical resistance; ideal for wet weather, fishing, freezing work.

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Prepare for Winter with Snickers Workwear

With winter approaching Snickers have got your back. Exceptional cold- and water-resistant gloves feature as heavily as their dexterous dry handling gloves. To view our full Snickers range, take a look at our Snickers Gloves category.

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