Our Best Pawa Gloves 2024

2 January 2024

You're always best off buying a premium pair of work gloves, even for lower risk tasks such as assembly. Not only do high quality work gloves provide you with exceptional protection, but they ensure a level of durability that promises your money's worth.

Pawa Gloves are a premium brand of work gloves that have a portfolio of gloves that includes everything from cut protection, high grip and heat resistance. This guide gives you a brief introduction to Pawa, explaining the best gloves for each of our top work tasks.

Looking for something in particular? Here are the areas that we are going to cover:

Best All-Round Handling Pawa Gloves

Winner: Pawa PG101 Palm Coated Handling Gloves

Pawa PG101 Nitrile Palm Coated Breathable Handling Gloves

Why We Love Them...

 Nano foam technology keeps the hands cool during long shifts
 Nitrile coating improves grip and offers light protection
 Flexible design perfect for low risk handling tasks
 Anatomically designed for reducing hand fatigue during use

Perfect For...

 Warehousing and other lower risk tasks
 Handling bricks and using tools during building work
 Carrying equipment, materials and delivery services

Editor's Verdict: Pawa recommend the PG101 Gloves for all of your low risk handling tasks. Good dry grip, flexibility and a breathable design for reducing discomfort and overheating make these the number one choice for building, warehousing and more.

Best Oil-Resistant Handling Pawa Gloves

Winner: Pawa PG103 Nitrile Coated Breathable Gloves

Pawa PG103 Nitrile Fully Coated Water Resistant Breathable Gloves

Why We Love Them...

 Full nitrile coating offers superb resistance against oil
 Improves grip therefore making oil handling safer
 Provides 360 degree breathability for warmer working conditions
 Flexibility perfect for tricky and small parts handling situations

Perfect For...

 Tasks that come with an oil or water risk
 Mechanics, engineering and small parts handling
 Outdoor work and work that comes with a light water risk

Editor's Verdict: The PG103 Gloves are similar to the PG101 Gloves however come with more nitrile coating for better oil resistance. As they are similar, it means that they still provide the fantastic flexibility, perfect for light handling situations.

Best Pawa Gloves with High Dexterity

Winner: Pawa PG122 High Dexterity Latex Coated Grip Gloves

Pawa PG122 High Dexterity Latex Coated Grip Gloves

Why We Love Them...

 Highly thin gloves that offer outstanding flexibility
 Gives you full feeling in fingers, perfect for tricky handling tasks
 Anatomical shape reduces hand fatigue and improves comfort
 Latex coating offers outstanding grip in dry conditions

Perfect For...

 Small and tricky handling tasks
 Inspection and low risk handling
 Light handling tasks in water

Editor's Verdict: These are the gloves for those tricky and difficult tasks. They are super thin and super dexterous, ensuring that you have total control and a decent level of protection as well.


Best Pawa Gloves for Plumbing and Wet Work

Winner: Pawa PG120 Ultralight Dexterous Handling Gloves

Pawa PG120 Ultralight Dexterous Nitrile Coated Handling Gloves

Why We Love Them...

 Offer light water resistance making them ideal for plumbing
 Lightweight for tricky small parts tasks
 Breathable coating keeps the wearer warm during use
 Grippy palm helps to improve productivity

Perfect For...

 Those tricky wet tasks such as plumbing and maintenance
 Those tasks that require a high level of sensitivity
 Providing a light amount of resistance against abrasion

Editor's View: These gloves are well recommended for tricky wet tasks. This can include plumbing, utilities and maintenance where dexterity, water resistance, sensitivity and grip are needed most.

Best All-Round Pawa Gloves for Hot Weather

Winner: Pawa PG121 Coolmax Handling Gloves

Pawa PG121 Coolmax Breathable Handling Gloves

Why We Love Them...

 Coolmax technology is designed to circulate air through the gloves
 Full breathability ensures that the hands stay nice and comfortable
 Grippy nitrile palm perfect for handling small items
 Ideal for medium risk handling tasks outdoors

Perfect For...

 Hot, outdoor summer work
 Warehousing, courier work, building work and more
 Small parts handling such as engineering and more

Editor's Verdict: These gloves use Coolmax technology, which explains why Pawa specifically recommended these gloves for hot, summer work. The gloves are grippy and flexible, making them well suited to tricky handling tasks. 

Best Water Resistant and Thermal Pawa Gloves

Winner: Pawa PG241 Water Resistant Thermal Gloves

Pawa PG241 Latex Coated Water Resistant Thermal Gloves

Why We Love Them...

 Excellent water resistant and thermal coating for harsh weather work
 Provides excellent grip even in slippery working conditions
 Also provides a good level of protection against heat
 Seamless liner provides much needed comfort in harsh weather

Perfect For...

 Utilities, engineering and maintenance and more
 Harsh wet and cold weather working conditions
 Keeping the hands warm and dry whatever the weather

Editor's Verdict: These gloves are some of our best Thermal Waterproof Gloves. Their impressive resistance to water, the cold and mechanical threats make them highly popular for the high weather risk industries.

Best Pawa Gloves for Cold Work

Winner: Pawa PG400 Thermolite Cold Resistant Grip Gloves

Pawa PG400 Thermolite Cold Resistant Grip Gloves

Why We Love Them...

 Offer resistance against temperatures of -20°C
 Good all-round resistance against mechanical threats
 Perfect for freezer and cold store work thanks to high grip
 Thermolite lining promises superb warmth during use

Perfect For...

 Cold store, freezer and other simulated environmental work
 Cold weather work during winter
 Handling tasks such as utilities, maintenance and logistics

Editor's Verdict: Pawa make premium gloves for every task, and the PG400 Gloves are those gloves for the coldest working conditions. Good grip and mechanical protection is all that's needed for cold weather tasks and indoor tasks such as cold store and freezer work.

Best Pawa Gloves for Cut Resistance

Winner: Pawa PG520 Cut Level D Grip Gloves

Pawa PG520 Cut Level D Kevlar Grip Gloves

Why We Love Them...

 Combine cut resistance with heat resistance for glass and metal handling
 Superb grip and flexibility ideal for trickier handling tasks too
 Breathable coating perfect for hot working conditions
 Textured finish improves the level of control during use

Perfect For...

 Glass handling, steel handling and metal handling
 Flexibility ideal for small parts assembly
 Grip ideal for construction and bricklaying

Editor's Verdict: Glass and metal handling requires a combination of cut and heat resistance, which is why the PG520 Gloves immediately stand out. Combined with grip and flexibility, these gloves can promote productivity too.


We've highlighted what we think are our best Pawa Gloves. If you want to view the full range, don't hesitate to head on over to the Pawa Gloves category.

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