Introducing Milwaukee Safety Gloves 2024

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Milwaukee Tools are an industry staple in workwear arena. Founded in 1924, Milwaukee have been changing the game ever since. With an emphasis on end user-engagement and answering tricky construction, building and trade problems, the Milwaukee brand is synonymous with durability, longevity and functionality.

Here at SafetyGloves, we're happy to introduce a range of Milwaukee products that guarantee to solve a whole host of commonplace issues for builders, construction professionals and tradesmen. 


Starting with power tools, Milwaukee gained and consistently grew a loyal customer following who trusted in their ability to manufacture reliable and trustworthy products. With a stable base of clients who stayed loyal to their brand, Milwaukee soon made moves into workwear, manufacturing robust and dynamic garments and gloves. And as they say, the rest is history.

Milwaukee Brand Commitments and Beliefs

  • End User Engagement: Asking customers about their wants, needs and issues
  • Durability: High resistance ratings ensure material lasts longer
  • Targeted Problem Solving: Each product should solve a unique, specific problem
  • Dynamic On-Site Functionality: Most Milwaukee gloves are touchscreen functional
  • Longevity: A pair of gloves should be built to withstand whatever you throw at them
  • Robust Manufacturing: A glove is only as a strong as the material its made of

So What Makes Milwaukee Safety Gloves Different?

Milwaukee are one of the largest, most trusted trade brands in the United States. What sets them apart from the competition is their targeted, robust approach to problem solving. Milwaukee understand the unique problems that tradesmen face because they talk to them. It's as simple as that.

Showcasing a Few of Our Favourite Milwaukee Safety Gloves

When the workplace throws them problem, Milwaukee are committed to finding solutions. Our range of Milwaukee Safety Gloves have the cure for a whole host of different trade, construction and building headaches. Take a look below to view a few of our favourites!

Milwaukee Cut Level E Touchscreen Safety Gloves (4932471424)

Milwaukee Cut Level E Safety GlovesWhy We Love Them:

  • Second highest cut resistance rating available
  • Maximum tear, puncture and abrasion resistance under EN 388
  • Touchscreen functionality means no more removal in order to answers calls or consult plans
  • Plush and soft 100% knit wrist cuff
  • Available in three sizes designed to fit larger hand users

Ideal For:

  • Handling highly hazardous material like sheet metal and blades
  • Builders, construction professionals and roofers consulting digital plans

Our Verdict: Level E cut-resistance, touchscreen functionality and maximum abrasion, tear and puncture resistance make these gloves a real handful for builders, roofers and joinery professionals.


Milwaukee Winter Latex Coated Thermal Safety Gloves (4932471347)

Milwaukee Thermal Protection Gloves

Why We Love Them:

Thermal protection ensures your hands stay warm no matter what your application

  • 3/4 latex coating enhances grip strength and stability
  • Level 2 contact-cold resistance allows the user to seamlessly handle freezing material
  • Terry cloth lining further enhances cold-resistance and comfort

Ideal For:

  • Outdoor applications and environments
  • Professionals who experience numbness and sensation loss due to cold
  • Cold store and freezer work where cold handling are a must

Our Verdict: Sensation loss and numbness in the fingers compromises your comfort, safety and ability to work effectively. Milwaukee Thermal Gloves allow you to handle frozen material and work in the coldest environments without interruption.


Milwaukee Fingerless Dexterity Gloves (48229741)

Milwaukee Fingerless Gloves

Why We Love Them:

  • Exposed fingertips allow the user maximum dexterity and accuracy
  • Available in three sizes specifically designed for those with larger hands
  • Rest of the hand remains protected against abrasions, cuts and punctures
  • Manufactured with a hook and loop fastening for a customisable fit
  • Breathable fabric releases odour as you work

Ideal For:

  • Roofers, joiners and builders handling parts, tools and tricky equipment
  • Professionals with larger hands or fingers

Our Verdict: Take back control. Maximising dexterity, accuracy and tactility, Milwaukee Fingerless Gloves are essential wear for professionals requiring the highest level of precision to get the job done.


Milwaukee SMARTSWIPE Heavy-Duty Touchscreen Gloves (4932471420)

Why We Love Them:

  • Maximum Level 4 abrasion and tear resistance under EN 388 regulation
  • Incredibly affordable price tag for the protection on offer
  • Touchscreen functional with smartphones, tablets and human machine interfaces
  • Full nitrile palm and fingertip coating enhances stability when handling material
  • Available in three sizes designed for users with larger hands and fingers

Ideal For:

  • Rough and robust, heavy-duty handling applications
  • Digital professionals utilising tablets and smartphones for ordering and plan consultation

Our Verdict: Go digital. Milwaukee SMARTSWIPE Heavy-Duty Gloves are a touchscreen friendly, highly durable upgrade on your every day handling gloves.


Let us know what you think of our selections in the comments section below. To learn more about Milwaukee Tools and to see our full range of their products, click here to view our Milwaukee brand category. 

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