Introducing Traffiglove's LXT Eco-Friendly Safety Glove Range

27 October 2021

Traffi Worlds First Carbon Neutal Glove

Whether it's for environmental, financial or ethical reasons, sustainability is something all businesses and consumers want. Environmentally conscious products are becoming more and more popular, meaning demand for sustainable workwear continues to rise.

Traffi's Life Extending Technology (LXT) is the worlds first carbon neutral safety glove range that looks to promote sustainability without compromising on safety, functionality and price. With a net-zero carbon footprint, the LXT range features four gloves, each described below and each with their own unique protective properties.

See the information below for an idea of just what Traffi have been up to.

Traffiglove LXT TG1240 – Heat-Resistant Handling Gloves


Key Features

  • EN 388: 4142A
  • Contact heat resistant up to 100°C
  • 15 gauge fabric makes for a lightweight, tight glove

TG1240 Gloves are ideal if you're dealing with oil, grease, grime and dirt. With a MicroDex nitrile dipped palm, they offer excellent abrasion resistance and grip enhancement in oily conditions.

How Are They Environmentally Friendly?

TG1240 Gloves are manufactured in Sri Lanka at a sustainable factory fuelled by the wood from the rubber trees used in the manufacture of Traffi TD02 Biodegradable Latex Gloves.

Traffiglove LXT TG3240 – All-Rounders for Medium Risk Environments


Key Features

  • EN 388: 4X43B
  • LXT engineered triple wrapped core increases stability and gives a soft, comfortable feel
  • Incredible abrasion resistance means palm grip coating doesn't wear away

TG3240 Gloves have a higher cut and puncture resistance than TG1240 Gloves. They are nitrile coated and have a grip enhancement for use in oily conditions.

How Are They Environmentally Friendly?

Traffi cite a potential purchase volume decrease of up to 45% when adopting a long lasting safety glove, helping both your wallet and the environment.

Traffiglove LXT TG5240 – Cut and Heat Resistant


Key Features

  • EN 388 : 4X43C
  • Highly cut resistant glove ideal for hazardous environments and professions
  • Contact heat resistant to temperatures up to 100°C for fifteen seconds

Ideal for highly hazardous environments, TG5240 Gloves are a snug 15 gauge glove with excellent cut resistance. Highly cut resistant gloves are essential wear for glass handlers, builders, roofers and machinists.

How Are They Environmentally Friendly?

TG5240 Gloves are made with reliably and ethically sourced fabrics, giving them up to four times the shelf life of a standard safety glove.

Traffiglove LXT TG6240 – Incredible Cut Resistance with Touchscreen Capability

TG6240Key Features

  • EN 388: 4X44E
  • Incredible Level E cut resistance
  • Touchscreen compatible

Boasting an incredible Level E cut resistance, TG6240 are the most durable glove in the LXT glove range.  They are contact heat resistant to temperatures up to 100°C and have a reinforced thumb crotch designed to increase longevity and durability.

How Are They Environmentally Friendly?

Like the entire LXT range, TG6240 arrive to you in 100% plastic free, recycled and recyclable packaging.

So, What Does This Mean for You?

Environmental and ethical sustainability benefits both the customer and the manufacturer. Net zero carbon gains are transferred on to the customer, resulting in cheaper products and a cleaner planet.

See below for a list of things Traffiglove are doing to benefit you and the planet:

  • Traffi are a certified carbon neutral company
  • LXT Gloves have four times the use life of a standard safety glove, saving money and material
  • They use 100% recycled and recyclable plastic free packaging
  • Carbon neutral status achieved by using sustainably sourced materials and a net-zero production line
  • Traffi plant trees and gain carbon credits that they reinvest in the local Sri Lankan community
  • Manufacturing creates jobs, benefitting the community where the factory is located

If you've liked what you've seen, check out our full range of TraffiGlove gloves today.