Best Coolskin Oven Gloves 2024

2 January 2024  |  Eugene

Whether you're taking something out of the oven, handling a hot pan, or removing a reheated dish from the microwave, we all know the consequences of a lack of hand protection. Even a second of exposure to that sort of heat can mean minutes of holding your hand under a cold tap, and hours still of pain and annoyance. Why then do so many of us settle for an old, beaten up oven mitt or a floppy, unreliable dish cloth? With burns being such a common kitchen occurrence, it's worth bringing in some more trustworthy and convenient equipment.

Coolskin heat resistant oven gloves
A lack of hand protection can leave you at risk of burns in the kitchen

That's where Coolskin come in. With years of experience keeping the hands of casual and professional cooks free from burns, there's no better name out there to trust. At, we're experts on all sorts of hand protection, so we've taken it upon ourselves to help get the word out about the best oven gloves around. We've put together a list of our Best Coolskin Gloves, each uniquely designed to keep you comfortable, safe and efficient in the kitchen.

Coolskin heat resistant gloves 375

Coolskin  Heat Resistant GLoves 375

We'll start off our list with the Coolskin gloves that started it all: the Coolskin Heat Resistant Oven Gloves 375. These dexterous oven gloves are made with an outer layer of Meta Aramid, a strong synthetic fibre that provides heat resistance up to 350°C, which is more than enough to handle any sort of heat in the kitchen. Made with a "glove within a glove" design, these oven gloves combine comfort with protection, meaning that they're flexible enough to allow all the fine movements in the kitchen, and protective enough to provide you with peace of mind while handling even the hottest pots and pans.

Key feature: The glove that changed oven gloves forever; heat resistant up to 350°C with great dexterity and comfort.

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Coolskin Heat Resistant GTX Mid Length Gauntlet

CoolSKin Heat Resistant GTX Mid Length Gauntlets

While a pair of heat-resistant oven gloves is enough for most kitchen applications, many of us have experienced that awkward burn on our wrists and forearms from some less-than-stellar handling. The Coolskin Heat Resistant GTX Mid Length Gauntlets are designed with full protection of the wrists, providing you with some extra protection while handling awkward objects. Made with the same materials and "glove within a glove" design as the 375s, these are ideal for those who often handle larger or more unpredictable objects in the kitchen.

Key feature: Provide the same 350°C protection while extending their material to protect the wrist.

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Coolskin Heat Resistant Full Length Oven Gloves for heat protection

Coolskin Heat Resistant GTX20 Full Length Gauntlets 375GTX20

For professional kitchen environments, or for those who spend long hours in the kitchen handling hot items, the most comprehensive protection is needed. The Coolskin Heat Resistant GTX20 Full Length Gauntlets 375GTX20 take the same 350°C heat resistant materials and extend the protection across your entire forearm – making them an ideal choice for the cook who wants to know they're fully protected. Providing more than enough protection to go into just about any cooking environment with confidence, these gauntlets make your standard oven glove look like a flimsy piece of cloth in comparison.

Key feature: The ultimate protective oven glove; protect your entire forearms for full peace of mind.

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Which GLove is for You?

All of these gloves have been tried and tested by ourselves and our customers, and have received rave reviews for their performance in the kitchen. If you're looking for a glove that's easy and convenient to put on and take off at a moment's notice, one of the smaller gloves will be for you. If you're a professional or want fool-proof resistance, maybe the longer version is a better bet. Either way, you can be sure that when you choose a Coolskin glove for protection in the kitchen, you're getting a product that will last you years and will become one of your favourite kitchen items.

Not convinced, or want to take a look for yourself? Check out our entire range of Coolskin Oven Gloves!

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