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Best Gloves for Truck Drivers 2024

2 January 2024

Truck driving doesn't just mean hundreds of monotonous hours a month sat behind a wheel. Whether you're tying down your vehicle or unloading for the night, you need good quality gloves that mean you get the job done quickly and safely, without cutting and tearing your palms up.

Ensure your hands and your cargo are preserved, with Our Best Gloves for Truck Drivers.

Our Best Truck Driving Gloves

What Will This Guide Cover?

Our Number One Gloves for Transferring Freight, Goods and Cargo

MaxiDry Oil-Resistant Gauntlet Gloves 56-426​Trucking and long distance lorry driving isn't all about driving. If you're on the road a lot, you'll know that tying down and securing strap lines causes more damage to your hands than driving ever could. MaxiDry 56-426 Oil-Resistant Gauntlet Gloves allow the natural dexterity in your hands to bleed through whilst guarding against blisters, abrasions, cuts and scuffs when transferring loads and securing your vehicle.

What We Love...

Our choice for maximising dexterity
The perfect choice for transferring freight and loads
Tried and tested by HGV, lorry, truck and van drivers

Not the Best for...

Those after a thick, bulky fit

Our Customers Say...

"I'm a lorry driver on curtain sides. I need good hard wearing hand protection. These are the best I have ever used!" - Ian

Best Lorry, Truck and HGV Driving Gloves

Supertouch 2064 Leather Driving Gloves with Full Fleece Lining​Driving makes up the bulk of your day when you're a truck driver. Sounds obvious right? Our favourite gloves for putting your pedal to the metal as you clock up the miles are Supertouch 2064 Leather Driving Gloves with Full Fleece Lining. Designed to take a beating, Supertouch Leather Driving Gloves feature a full-fleece lining and a rough and ready outer lining that's made using soft-grain leather.

What We Love...

Ideal for the rigging and shipping aspects of the job
Maximum level 4 tear resistance demonstrates durability
Thick soft-grain leather fabric enhances grip on wheel and cargo

Not the Best for...

Use during the warmer summer months

Our Customers Say...

"Good value gloves. Perfect for trucking work - they take a lot of punishment and to date no sign of wear or damage" - Colin

Best Summer and Warm-Weather Truck Driving Gloves

Portwest A260 Oves Driver Leather GlovesPortwest A260 Oves Driver Leather Gloves buck the trend when it comes to HGV driving gloves. Highly breathable and specifically suited for use in warm climates, they allow the hands to breathe and release perspiration and odour, whether you're sat at the wheel, tying down or unloading deliveries. Deceptively protective, these Portwest A260 Driver Gloves are our number one choice for driving in warm weather.

What We Love...

Deceptively lightweight despite rough and ready protection
Perfect for dual-purpose application carrying material and doing repairs
Highly breathable material means hands wont sweat out whilst unloading

Not the Best for...


Our Customers Say...

"As a lorry driver I needed some gloves that were strong and durable. These are perfect for strapping and manual handling". - Rameez

Best for Loading and Unloading Heavy-Duty Cargo

Delta Plus FBN49 Cowhide Leather Outdoor Work Gloves​Not all cargo is made equally. Truck drivers need gloves that withstand the rigours of loading and unloading seriously heavy material. Sound familiar? Tried and tested out on the road by our customers, Delta Plus FBN49 Cowhide Leather Outdoor Work Gloves are our choice for drivers tasked with dropping off more than their fair share of cargo.

What We Love...

Strong EN 388 ratings despite great dexterity and handling
Cowhide leather forms a traditional rigger style fit
Soft interior minimises fatigue for busy, on-the-go drivers

Not the Best for...

Waterproofing in rainy weather (see our solution)

Our Customers Say...

"Would highly recommend. In fact have passed on details to my boss for his drivers & staff". - Richard

The Best Thermal Truck and Lorry Driving Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 293 Insulated All Round Work Gloves​Feel like you're battling the elements and the traffic? No matter what you're driving, doing it during winter can mean numbness, sore fingers and sensation loss. Packed to the brim with 40 grams of Thinsulate thermal padding, Ejendals Tegera 293 Insulated All Round Work Gloves are unrivalled when it comes to heat retention. Rest assured, they don't compromise on dexterity either...

What We Love...

Packed with an incredible 40 grams of Thinsulate
Kick sensation loss, tingling, numbness and heat-loss into touch
The only real choice for truckers and HGV drivers this winter

Not the Best for...

Accuracy and dexterity-based tasks (see our solution)

Our Customers Say...

"I work as a reach truck driver in a large warehouse. I would recommend them to anyone in the same industry". - Paul

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The Last Word

As you no doubt know, truck driving is a job that demands a lot from your hands. Despite the wide variety of tasks you're asked to complete on a daily basis, we think we've covered all the bases, no matter the weather, cargo or your hours.

We hope you've found what you were looking for in our guide. If you haven't, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us via our Twitter or Facebook pages!