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Thursday, 27 September 2018

The Extreme Cold Demands Tough Thermal GlovesWinter is fast approaching and if you work outdoors, you'll want to start thinking about getting in some new gloves for winter. The cold can leave you unproductive as your hands and fingers can become painful and freeze up. The extreme cold can do much worse, and start to cause frostbite if you're left open to the elements for too long. Thankfully, we have a wide range of gloves that are well suited to extreme cold conditions, so whether you work in a controlled, freezer based environment, or want to buy some new gloves for when the nights draw in, we have you covered.

Remember the cold isn't worth risking, a lapse in judgement, or a hole in your glove fingertips can leave you seriously or even permanently injured. Exploring different factors such as use, style, and mechanical protection, we've asked our experts for some advice on what they think are the gloves that are best suited to cold conditions. They have come back with this list of Our Best Gloves for the Extreme Cold.


Portwest Thermal Acrylic Gloves

Portwest Thermal Dual Latex Acrylic Gloves AP01

These gloves are lightweight and flexible, meaning that they are perfect for handling materials particularly during freezer work. Don't be fooled into thinking that the the Portwest Thermal Dual Latex Acrylic Gloves AP01 lack the thermal qualities of others on our list however, as they achieve the highest EN 511 score of level 4, meaning that they can protect against temperatures that drop as low as - 30°C. Their dual latex coating provides a waterproof finish, while protecting the hands from moderate risks.

Key Features: Provide level 4 EN 511 contact cold resistance; dual latex coat offers resistance to water; offers strong resistance against a range of mechanical risks.

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Flexitog Industrial Freezer Gloves

Flexitog Arctic Grip Industrial Freezer Gloves FG640

Flexitog are known for their excellence and consistency in producing high quality gloves for adverse conditions. Things are no different with the Flexitog Arctic Grip Industrial Freezer Gloves FG640, that use highly durable leather and nylon to provide exceptional warmth in freezing conditions. As well as offering level 3 contact cold resistance the FG640 Gloves also offer strong all round mechanical protection, making them well suited to high risk and high cold environments.

Key features: Provide level 3 contact cold resistance; leather and nylon construction ensures durability; hollowfibre insulation keeps the hands warm.

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Ansell Polar Grip Gloves

Ansell 23-700 Polar Grip Insulated Winter Work Gloves

Sometimes the clue is in the name, and if you are going to be working in freezing, wet conditions, then the Ansell 23-700 Polar Grip Insulated Winter Work Gloves should be quite high on your list. They also use a PVC coat to offer resistance to chemicals and salts, helping to protect the hands in industries that range from chemical refining and laboratory work to outdoor use and offshore drilling. Their gauntlet style protects the hands too, while a grippy palm means that the handling of slippery and hazardous substances can be made safe.

Key features: PVC coat offers resistance to salts and chemicals; high grip ideal for handling hazardous substances; gauntlet style cuff protects the lower arm.

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Polyco Freezemaster Ultra Insulated Gloves

Polyco Freezemaster Ultra Insulated Gauntlets FMU

Designed for use in all things science, the Polyco Freezemaster Ultra Insulated Gauntlets FMU excel for use in applications such as pharmaceutical work, genetics and biotechnology work, fertility clinic work, cold room work and cryogenic work. Constructed using neoprene and leather, the Insulated Gauntlets provide the maximum cold resistance rating of 4. With their extra long arm and good resistance to mechanical threats, the Freezemaster Gauntlets promise protection in the harshest of cold weather conditions.

Key Features: Hipora membrane protects the hands from wet conditions; Thinsulate lining provides exceptional warmth in freezing environments; well suited to laboratory and pharmaceutical work.

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Tegera 295 Insulated Waterproof Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 295 Insulated Waterproof Work Gloves

Cold conditions can quickly bring on frostbite, which is why the reliable Ejendals Tegera 295 Insulated Waterproof Work Gloves use a Thinsulate lining to provide long-lasting warmth in the coldest of conditions. Waterproof too, the Insulated work gloves are highly reliable, proving useful in industries that range from building and construction to utilities and cold store work. It's not hard to see why they are a top seller, with their useful, reliable, safe and warm construction.

Key features: Thinsulate lining ensures high warmth; waterproof design ideal for wet conditions; provide flexibility and sensitivity.

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Don't Risk Frostbite

Freezing cold temperatures don't take long to start causing damage. A damaged glove isn't enough to protect you from the cold, which is why it's crucial to purchase a reliable, durable and thermal pair of gloves. If you want to browse further, then why not check out our Freezer Gloves, our Cold Store Gloves, our Cold Weather Gloves or our Gloves for Cold Environments. You're bound to find the gloves for you!

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