Polyco 891 Granite 5 Beta Leather Flame and Cut Resistant Safety Gloves

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  • Pair of highly versatile flame and cut resistant safety gloves
  • Ideal for handling hot and sharp material
  • Contact-heat resistant to temperatures not exceeding 250°C
  • Level D cut resistance allows user to handle seriously sharp material
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Brand:  Polyco
Style:  Safety
Glove Type:  Reusable
Level of Cut Resistance:  Level D
Contact Heat Resistance:  250°C

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Polyco 891 Granite 5 Beta Leather Flame and Cut Resistant Safety Gloves

Ideal for handling heated material in the face of fire and flame, Polyco 891 Granite 5 Beta Leather Flame and Cut Resistant Safety Gloves allow the user to safely remove and transfer material with a temperature of up to an incredible 250°C. The double-stitched Kevlar foundation fabric and superior grain-leather fabric provides a high level of cut-resistance and a tear/rip resistant reinforced thumb crotch.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Pair of Heat Safety Gloves

Which Size Is Right For Me?

Polyco Granite 5 Beta Heat Safe Gloves are available in five different sizes. To find the right one for you, simply measure the circumference of your palm (ignoring the thumb area) and the length of your hand as indicated in the image below.

Once you have your measurements, please consult the sizing chart below to find the correct size for your hand.

How to measure your hand

Size Circumference of Palm (mm) Length of Palm (mm)
Size 6 (Extra Small) 152mm 160mm
Size 7 (Small) 178mm 171mm
Size 8 (Medium) 203mm 182mm
Size 9 (Large) 229mm 192mm
Size 10 (Extra Large) 254mm 204mm

How Do Polyco 891 Safety Gloves Protect My Hands?

Polyco 891 Safety Gloves are manufactured using a base layer of Kevlar to enhance protection against blades and other sharp objects and a top layer of highly heat and flame-proof fabric to ensure protection against contact-heat and fire/flame. This combination means the user can safely handle heated material, sharp objects and knives/blades without injuring themselves or their hands.

Performance Ratings for Polyco Flame and Cut Resistant Gloves

EN 388

  • EN 388: 3X34D

EN 388 is a European regulation governing the sale of gloves used for safety and protection. It determines the gloves' performance when used for protection against mechanical machinery by measuring the fabric's abrasion, cut, tear and puncture resistance.

The EN 388 cut resistance test uses a single sharp implement to repeatedly pressure a glove in order to determine the amount of force required to cause visible and functional damage.

Standard Resistance Rating
Abrasion Resistance Level 3
Cut Resistance N/A
Tear Resistance Level 3
Puncture Resistance Level 4
ISO Cut Resistance Level D

EN 407

  • 42XXXX

EN 407 is a European safety regulation governing the sale of gloves and garments that are resistant to any number of fire, heat and molten related hazards. Please view the table below to find out more:

Standard Resistance Rating
Burning Resistance Level 4
Contact Heat Resistance Level 2 (250°C)
Convective Heat Resistance N/A
Radiant Heat Resistance N/A
Resistance to Small Molten Splashes N/A
Resistance to Large Molten Splashes N/A

What Do These Ratings Mean?

A level D cut resistance rating means fabric used in the construction of Polyco 891 Safety Gloves is capable of withstanding up to 15 newtons of downward force applied by a sharp object. This rating makes them safe for use with sharp metals, blades and jagged material like machine parts and tools.

Polyco include a real difference maker with an incredible maximum level 4 burn resistance rating which indicates a garment will burn for no less than 2 seconds once fire/flame is removed. This hard-to-attain rating is based on the length of time a piece of material continues to burn and glow after the source of ignition is removed from the fabric.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Maximum level 4 flammability resistance rating under EN 407
  • Highly cut-resistant for safe blade, knife and jagged material handling
  • Contact-heat resistant to temperatures up to 250°C
  • Manufactured with a double-stitched Kevlar foundation to bolster protection
  • Grain leather fabric is hard-wearing and built-to-last
  • Available in five different sizes for a guaranteed perfect fit

Level D Cut Resistance Rating

A level D cut resistance rating is the difference between safely handling and transferring sharp and jagged material and the tip or side of a serrated blade slicing straight through the fabric of your gloves to damage your hands. Polyco use a combination of cut-resistant fibres and a Kevlar foundation to prevent sharp edges breaking through the durable outer fabric of their Cut Resistant 891 Safety Gloves.

Polyco 891 Safety Gloves

Maximum Flame Resistance

Maximum flame resistance is an incredibly rare performance rating, even in gloves that are heat resistant. This rating means that, in the event your glove does catch fire or is exposed to a flammable ignition source, once that source is removed, the gloves will cease to burn within an incredible two seconds.

This rating makes the difference when handling heated material in seriously dangerous environments. In order to prevent serious flame related injury, you need this protection rating when working around fire and flame.

Seamless Contact Heat Handling

Polyco 891 Cut and Flame Resistant Safety Gloves allow the user to seamlessly and safely handle material heated to a temperature not exceeding 250°C for an incredible 15 seconds. Whether you're removing material from an autoclave or picking up heated tools in a foundry, know that your hands are safe and protected up to 250°C.

Suitable Applications and Environments for Polyco 891 Gloves

Please view the list below to see which professions and environments are tailor made for Polyco 891 Heat and Cut Safe Gloves:

Strong and Durable Kevlar Foundation

Kevlar is a synthetic material manufactured by DuPont. It is a tightly woven collection of aramid fibres, spun until the bond formed between them is too tight to separate and is used in cut-resistant clothing and gloves because the lack of gaps between the fibres means a blade cannot easily pierce or puncture it.

Reinforced Thumb Crotch Prevents Tearing

A reinforced thumb crotch is a really nifty addition to any durability focused safety glove. It means that the inherently weak area at the point at which the thumb and palm meet is reinforced using a combination of hardwearing fabric and extra stitching, meaning when you tense your hand or form a fist, this commonly torn area is bolstered and reinforced.

Additional Safety Documentation


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What is EN 388?

You might have noticed that this product adheres to EN standard EN 388. EN standards ensure that the product you are buying meets the safety standards of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), the highest standards organisation recognised by and working on behalf of the European Union. To pass any EN standard, a PPE product must undergo some of the most rigorous safety tests around.

There are many EN standards that our gloves adhere to. However, the EN standard that we’re concerned about here is EN 388. EN 388 stands for Mechanical Resistance, and informs you of your gloves' resistance to abrasion, cuts, tears and punctures.

How Do I Read the EN 388 Score?

Simply speaking, the higher the score that this product achieves, the better the product will be at resisting that hazard. Products will score between Level 0 and Level 4 for abrasion, tears and punctures, and if they weren’t tested for that hazard you will see N/A written instead of a number.

Cuts are a little different and, with the EN 388 standard rewritten in 2016, it means that gloves will either be tested to cut resistance or ISO cut resistance (sometimes called TDM cut resistance). Gloves tested to cut resistance will score between Level 0 and Level 5, and gloves tested to ISO cut resistance will achieve a score between Level A and Level F with the higher letter offering better cut protection.

Where Can I Find Out More?

This is just a brief overview of EN standard EN 388 so you know where you are standing. For further information, you can see the Introductory EN 388 Blog in our Knowledge Centre.

Customer Reviews
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garden work gloves
Thursday, 28 January 2021  | 

excellent gloves which for garden work protect fully against nettles, brambles, pyracantha and branch splinters. These are the 2nd pair I have bought, the other pair are still in use though getting some wear and tear after some years of hard wear.

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Wednesday, 23 December 2020  | 

Difficult to find an all round glove, until now. They are fantastic, hard wearing, warm and resistant to most hazards we encounter on a daily basis at work.

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excellent comfort
Monday, 22 June 2020  | 

Would be 5 stars for comfort
I purchased these for removing spear thistles and have had to reinforce them to stop prickles penetrating, but they are better than most on the market and they deal with brambles, roses, and creeping thistles no problem at all.
They also deal with wet foliage well

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Great work gloves
Monday, 21 October 2019  | 

Soft, supple and strong. I'm very happy with these gloves and have been using them for scrub clearance. So far they've protected me from blackthorn and gorse thorns. A great improvement on my last work gloves - and they protect my wrists too.

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

Heavy duty but still malleable
Friday, 28 July 2017  | 

Great protective glove for use with cutting tools. Thick, bit soft and sufficiently flexible to safely manipulate hot, sharp off-cuts etc. Highly recommended.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

When you've got an acre of brambles...
Monday, 27 February 2017  | 

I understand these gloves are higher rated for cut than stab resistance but they've been a godsend in the garden dealing with brambles. You can "almost" treat even the most evil ones with impunity, sometime you know you're handling something very sharp but I've yet to have one draw blood through these. Very comfortable and the cuffs are a good length. Highly recommended.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

3 of 3 people found this review helpful.

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