Polyco Gloves: Leading The Market

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Polyco is one of the leading gloves manufacturers in Europe. BM Polyco (their full name) was founded in 1979 by Leslie Blustin and Greg Murray (hence the BM).
The company was founded to disrupt the market; at the time, one supplier had 96% market share in consumer rubber gloves and Polyco set out to change this. By following where the market was heading by distributing to supermarkets instead of pharmacies, Polyco helped change the shape of the market. 

A Massive Variety

The gloves produced by Polyco are massively varied. From medical examination gloves to oven gloves to chemical resistant gloves, Polyco make hundreds of different varieties of gloves for almost any purpose. Whatever industry, whichever sector — Polyco probably make a pair of gloves that can help you out.

The Polyco Difference

Polyco is completely dedicated to its customers. Every product is made with the customer in mind, making sure that they provide the exact level of protection, safety and comfort needed. To ensure that you are getting the gloves that you want, Polyco use something that they like to call "The Polyco Difference".

Several things make up The Polyco Difference: the industry leading laboratories, the dedicated customer service personnel, and the dedication to be as cost-effective as possible. But it is all of these things together which ensure that their customers get exactly what they want. This is "The Polyco Difference".

Glove Veterans

Polyco have been in the glove industry for decades and have witnessed the technological changes that have happened. This experience means the company knows not only how to make good gloves, but also how to react to technological advances and understands the importance of making these changes happen.

Setting the Standards

Polyco gloves comply with European Standards, and Polyco’s labs set up to test for conformity to these standards. On top of all of this, Polyco actively works with the British Standards Institute and the European Committee for Standardisation to help develop and evolve these standards.

This means that Polyco is as up to date with standards and regulations as humanly possible. You can believe that when one of their gloves is classified as cut resistant or heat resistant that it won't let you down in your moment of need.

Size Matters

Polyco is not only one of the best glove manufacturers in Europe, but it is also one of the biggest. With a 60% market share in the consumer gloves market, Polyco has the leverage to negotiate with material suppliers and manufacturers to get the lowest possible prices, which they then pass on to consumers.

Cost Effective Construction

While their main production facility is in Enfield, which is also where the product development, testing and certification happens, Polyco has manufacturing partnerships with companies in China, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. This ensures that their products are as cost-effective as possible, not just for them but for you as well.

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Beryl Jenks
29 April 2020  |  18:39

Polyco GL890 gloves are out of stock (Coronavirus) please. Advise when they are available.. I have an account. With your Company. And am keen to. Buy more ASAP
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