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Best Disposable Gloves for Mechanics 2024

1 Comment2 January 2024

Whether it's inspecting and making alterations under the bonnet or tightening down the locking nuts on a chassis, the hands of an automotive mechanic go through a lot in a day. Our selection of the Best Disposable Gloves for Mechanics all enhance the natural dexterity in your fingertips whilst preventing your hands from getting caked in oil, grease, dirt and grime.

What Does This Guide Cover?

Our informative guide addresses everything mechanics are after in a set of disposable gloves. Our choices include: 

Best Overall Disposable Gloves for Mechanics

Black Mamba Black Disposable Gloves

Starting us off with a bang are the Black Mamba Disposable Nitrile Gloves BX-BMG. They're our number one for a reason and they also receive incredible testimonials from professionals on the ground. Complete with incredible durability thanks to a thick and robust nitrile foundation, Black Mamba's are capable of withstanding a tonne of oil thanks to their rolled and beaded contamination-free cuff.

Why Do We Love Them?

Three times the chemical resistance of latex and vinyl
Easy donning with a rolled and beaded cuff
Two-ply NITREX polymer prevents tears, rips and splitting

Not the Best for:

Intricate and precision handling (See our solution)

"The best mechanics gloves I have found" - Brian, one of our satisfied customers

Best Mechanics Disposable Gloves for Dexterity and Fine Handling

UCi Maxim Disposable Mechanics GlovesDexterity for mechanics is vital, and UCi Maxim Orange Disposable Mechanics Disposable Gloves are packed to the brim with it. Lined with an unrivalled amount of deep and riveted fish-scale style texturing, intricate tools and parts like bolts, lugs and tools almost seem to cling to your fingertips whilst you work.

Why Do We Love Them?

Five times more strength than your standard nitrile disposables
 Outperformed all competitors when tested for grip strength by SATRA UK
 Never drop a tool or part again thanks to grip enhancing fish-scale textured coating

Not the Best for:

Concealing grease, oil and grime stains (See our solution)

"For mechanics, I’d recommend the Maxim for sure" - Product Expert at UCi

Our Best Oil and Grease Resistant Disposable Gloves

Grippaz Orange Semi-Disposable Nitrile GlovesIf you're concerned about grease, oil and grime bleeding or breaking through your gloves, look no further. Grippaz Orange Semi-Disposable Nitrile Grip Gloves (Pack of 50) are constructed with 100% nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) which bolsters protection when handling oil, brake fluid, hydrogen peroxide, spirits and more.

Why Do We Love Them?

100% NBR foundation prevents commonly handled chemicals bleeding through
 Perfect for automotive professionals regularly handling chemicals and solvents
Fish-scale embossed fingers and palm grips like a vacuum

Not the Best for:

 Lightning fast application and removal (See our solution)

"Great gloves for mechanics. Don't need to throw away after each use, they keep on going!" - Chris, one of our happy customers

The Most Robust and Durable Disposable Gloves for Mechanics

Polyco Bodyguards GL897 Mechanics Disposable GlovesAfter gloves that are more resistant in the face of tearing and splits? Polyco Bodyguards GL897 Black Nitrile Disposable Gloves are as thick as they come and highly resistant to breakage. They are the only option for the rough and ready mechanic. If you're after gloves that work as hard as you in the face of abrasions and snags, look no further.

Why Do We Love Them?

 Synthetic nitrile foundation offers unrivalled defence against tearing and punctures
 High dexterity level allows you to easily pick up and use small tools and implements
All-black design won't show signs of grease, grime and oil spoilage

Not the Best for:

 Preventing grease and oil breaking through (See our solution)

"As far as I'm concerned, Bodyguards have always made the best gloves and these black ones are of the highest quality" - Michael, one of our happy customers

Other Useful Links and Pages

Mechanics need gloves that enhance the natural dexterity and precision in the fingertips whilst protecting against dirt, grease, grime and oil. All the above products excel in different areas, giving you a wide range of options to choose from.

If you still haven't found what you're looking for, we suggest taking a look at some of the helpful and informative pages below:

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M.Sarfraz Sarfraz
07 October 2022  |  14:21

Outstanding Article. Thank you