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Best Disposable Gloves

31 July 2023

Workers across industries including medicine, dentistry, cleaning, food catering and automotives use disposable gloves extensively to maintain cleanliness and prevent dirt and germs from spreading around them. Non-professionals can also hugely benefit from using disposable gloves for personal use. Whether you're doing some work in your garden, cleaning your house with chemicals, or even dying your hair, disposable gloves can provide protection while keeping your hands clean in the process.

In this blog, we present you with our Best Disposable Gloves that should help keep your hands protected while enabling you to carry out tasks seamlessly.

What Does This Guide Cover?

Best Disposable Gloves for Food Handling

Our Winner: Ejendals Tegera 555 Food Safe Disposable Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 555 Food Safe Disposable GlovesWhy They're Great...

✔ Protect the hands and wrists against fats, grease and oil
Made from an incredibly thin and lightweight material that is just 0.02 thick
Feature a flexible formula that prevents the gloves from snapping or stretching

Ideal For...

Use in professional kitchens and cafes
Users with sensitive skin due to latex and powder-free design

Not the Best For...

✘ Use in the mechanical and automotive industries (See our solution)
Medical professionals looking for a strong a dexterous glove (See our solution)



Editor's Verdict: If you work in the catering industry and need gloves that are comfortable and hygienic, the Ejendals Tegera 555 Food Safe Disposable Gloves are perfect for you. These are designed to be thin and lightweight, making it easy to put them on and take them off quickly. The Ejendals Tegera 555 gloves are made from a durable, latex-free and powder-free polyethene material that can withstand exposure to oils and fats, ensuring that your hands stay clean while handling all types of food. With these gloves, you can work with confidence knowing that your hands and your workspace are free from bacteria. 

Best Disposable Medical Gloves

Our Winner: Polyco GL890 Bodyguards Medical Gloves for Virus Protection

Polyco GL890 Bodyguards Medical Gloves for Virus ProtectionWhy They're Great...

Thin, grippy design provides superb dexterity and tactility while ensuring protection
Virus certified to EN 374 prevents micro-organisms from passing through the glove
Designed using nitrile for extra strength and durability, preventing tears and rips

Ideal For...

Medical, food and care industries
Those who are prone to allergies due to latex-free and powder-free design

Not the Best For...

 Users in the automotive industry seeking an oil-resistant glove (See our solution)
Extended wrist and forearm protection (See our solution)



Editor's Verdict: Medical professionals require a highly hygienic glove that will enable them to treat patients without contracting or spreading viruses in the workplace. The Polyco GL890 Bodyguards Medical Gloves for Virus Protection are medically certified, making them an ideal choice for doctors, nurses, and caregivers in need of a highly reliable glove. Besides featuring a strong and comfortable nitrile design, these gloves are also virus certified to EN 374 standards aimed to prevent microorganisms from passing through and potentially affecting the wearer.

Customer's Verdict: "Excellent service speedy delivery and great product Using gloves in the funeral industry as a covid 19 prevention and excellent for the job" - William ★★★★★

Best  Oil Resistant Disposable Gloves

Our Winner: Grippaz Black Semi-Disposable Nitrile Grip Gloves (Pack of 50)

Grippaz Black Semi-Disposable Nitrile Grip Gloves (Pack of 50)Why They're Great...

Feature a "fish-scale" design to provide outstanding dexterity in oily conditions
✔ Resistant to brake fluid, hydrogen peroxide, and other hazardous chemicals
Offer 50% more tensile strength than diamond grip gloves

Ideal For...

Users in the automotive, engineering and domestic cleaning industries
Handling bricks and cement due to robust and highly dexterous design

Not the Best For...

 People in the food catering industry needing disposable gloves (See our solution)
Workers in the medical or care sector (See our solution)



Editor's Verdict: Whether you work as a mechanic fixing vehicles, or as a domestic worker handling cleaning products on a daily basis, you'll need a pair of oil-resistant, disposable gloves that will protect your hands from directly coming into contact with dirt and chemicals. The Grippaz Black Semi-Disposable Nitrile Grip Gloves (Pack of 50) are fully constructed from a robust nitrile material that moulds perfectly to your hands, while also being impervious to a variety of chemicals and brake fluid. What's more, these gloves also feature a fish-scale grip making it one of the most dexterous gloves currently available.

Customer's Verdict: "Got these gloves to keep my hands clean while working on car engines. Much stronger than normal nitrile gloves, last much longer before they tear and good grip especially when fingers are a bit greasy." - Alex ★★★★★

Best Disposable Latex-Free Gloves

Our Winner: Aurelia Bold Medical Grade Black Nitrile Gloves

Aurelia Bold Medical Grade Black Nitrile GlovesWhy They're Great...

✔ Feature strong and powder-free nitrile material for increased durability
✔ Offer an impressive grip ensured by special micro-texture on the palms
Certified for use by all health and PPE agencies

Ideal For...

Food, health, medical and chemical industries
Users with a latex allergy due to skin-friendly design

Not the Best For...

 Mechanics in need of a highly dexterous, oil-resistant glove (See our solution)
Food handling and catering (See our solution)



Editor's Verdict: If you have sensitive skin or latex allergies, it's advisable to choose a latex-free alternative that can safeguard your hands without causing any discomfort or itching. The Aurelia Bold Medical Grade Black Nitrile Gloves are an excellent option as they are free from powder and latex, making them suitable for most people without triggering any allergic reactions. These gloves offer a strong grip and are highly durable, capable of withstanding mild chemicals and contamination. They are certified by all health and PPE agencies, making them a reliable choice for professionals across various fields.

Customer Verdict: "These are a significant improvement over any disposable gloves I've used before as they are much tougher and less prone to tearing. They will be the "go-to" in future." - Brian ★★★★★

Best Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Our Winner: Black Mamba Disposable Nitrile Gloves BX-BMG

Black Mamba Disposable Nitrile Gloves BX-BMGWhy They're Great...

✔ Feature a two-ply fusion strength to prevent the gloves from breaking for hours
✔ Include a textured grip-rite finish that offers outstanding grip in slippery conditions
✔ Tough build provides protection against minor knocks and scrapes while on the job

Ideal For...

Workers across industries including beauty, decorating, plumbing and construction
Those looking for a durable and resilient disposable glove that will last for hours

Not the Best For...

 Users looking for extended forearm coverage (See our solution)
Those searching for a lightweight polyethene glove (See our solution)



Editor's Verdict: The Black Mamba Disposable Nitrile Gloves BX-BMG are a popular choice amongst our customers for a good reason. These gloves feature a grip-rite finish that provides an outstanding grip for handling small tools in wet and slippery conditions, and a top-ply fusion strength that helps them last through long shifts without splitting or tearing. Whether you spend your days fixing tires or filing and manicuring nails, these gloves will never fail in protecting you against harsh chemicals and oils without making you lose finger agility.

Customer Verdict: "I’m a nail technician which involves a lot of harsh chemicals and slippery tools. These gloves are very strong, they don’t tear when filing or let any chemicals seep through and they have excellent grip. Definitely worth buying. I wish I’d discovered them sooner." - Kay ★★★★★


Best Disposable Long Nitrile Gloves

Our Winner: Ejendals Tegera 849 Disposable Long-Cuff Nitrile Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 849 Disposable Long-Cuff Nitrile GlovesWhy They're Great...

✔ Provide hand and forearm protection against oils, solvents and chemicals
✔ Feature a high-puncture resistance and provide protection against viruses
✔ Supplied in a pack of 50 for extra convenience and price efficiency

Ideal For...

People looking for disposable gloves that will provide wrist and forearm protection
Professionals working in industries ranging from hairdressing to oil and gas

Not the Best For...

 Users looking for a highly dexterous glove (See our solution)
People who prefer a shorter nitrile glove  (See our solution)



Editor's Verdict: Sometimes extended protection is necessary to keep dirt and oils out of your sleeves and avoid wrist and forearm injuries. The Ejendals Tegera 849 Disposable Long-Cuff Nitrile Gloves are ideal for professionals who handle strong chemicals regularly, thanks to their extended cuff that provides added protection. If you work in industrial cleaning, or as a medical scientist in a lab, these gloves will provide the protective barrier you need to prevent chemicals, oils, and solvents from penetrating through.

Customer Verdict: "...I love these gloves they are the best gloves I have had in a long time 10/10 stars..." - Rodney ★★★★★

Keep Your Hands Clean and Your Workplace Free of Germs

It is critical to maintain a clean and safe work environment and protect your hands from damage, regardless of your workplace. This blog presents our top recommendations for disposable gloves that will keep your hands free from scratches and bruises.

If you have not found your ideal pair of gloves on this page, feel free to browse our Single Use Gloves category till you find a product that meets your requirements.