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Best Ladies Gardening Gloves 2024

1 Comment2 January 2024  |  Eugene

There are few things more therapeutic than gardening, as the soothing sounds of nature and fresh air of the outdoors combine to keep both the body and mind relaxed like nothing else. Gardeners know that it isn't all sunshine and roses though, with less-than-ideal weather and tough tasks making some days less idyllic than others. Luckily, these hazards can often be overcome by the right equipment and preparation, and at, we're here to help. We've laid out a short list of our Best Ladies Gardening Gloves, providing you with all the comfort and protection you need for a pleasant and fruitful day in the garden.

Best All-Round ladies Gardening Gloves



The Pros...

 Really comfortable gloves for low-risk gardening tasks
 Latex coating on palm provides great grip in wet conditions
 Breathable back keeps your hands comfortable in all weather

The Cons...

 Low cut resistance for industrial work settings
 Breathability makes them unsuited to coldest weather

Good For...

 Long hours spent in the garden on general tasks
 Getting a great grip on damp weeds and plants
 Using gardening tools like spades, hoes and clippers


Editor's Review: Clip gloves are designed to provide comfort during lengthy tasks, and the Clip Glove Bamboo Fibre Ladies Grip Gardening Gloves are no exception. Grippy and dexterous, these gloves are great for pulling up weeds in wet weather or using tools like lawnmowers and shovels.

Best Ladies Winter Gardening Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 90030 Outdoor Ladies Gardening Gloves


The Pros...

 Suitable for use in all weather, including the colder months
 Reinforced fingertips help protect you from thorns
 Designed to be easy on the hands to reduce fatigue during work

The Cons...

 Not waterproof, though they will be suitable for damp plants
 Not ideal for oily tasks or use with chemicals

Good For...

 Pruning work or weeding with thorny brambles
 Anyone who finds their hands get tired from hours in the garden
 Abrasive tasks that can be tough on gloves like dealing with gravel and dirt


Editor's Review: These are thicker than most of our gardening gloves, making the Ejendals Tegera 90030 Outdoor Ladies Gardening Gloves great in terms of both durability and thermal resistance. Their breathability may not be suitable for the very coldest days, but the insulating materials are more than warm enough for a typical cold day in a UK garden.

Best Ladies Rigger Gardening Gloves

Briers Ladies Tuff Rigger Thorn Proof Gloves

Briers Ladies Tuff Rigger Thorn Proof Gloves

The Pros...

 Tough and reliable with a classic rigger glove design
 Mould to your hand to provide a personalised fit 
 Thick suede material is thornproof and abrasion-resistant

The Cons...

 Not fully waterproof, but thick enough to handle damp tasks
 Lack the cut resistance necessary for industrial applications

Good For...

 General gardening tasks requiring a tough glove
 Dirty tasks, as the gloves are fully machine washable
✔ Weeding, or dealing with stubborn thorns and brambles


Editor's Review: There's a reason certain glove styles have stayed around forever, and that's more true than ever with the Briers Ladies Tuff Rigger Thorn Proof Gloves. These tough gloves are made with thick suede, making them ideal for dealing with thorns, brambles and tough tasks that may rip a more delicate pair of gloves.

What Should I Look for in a Gardening Glove?

The perfect gardening glove is different for every gardener. While some may be looking for a glove to keep their hands warm through the colder months, others may be in search of protection to tackle those thorny bushes and tougher weeds. Judging from our own experience of gloves and gardens, we've boiled it down to three main features to consider in a gardening glove:

1) Comfort 

Gardening enthusiasts can often spend long hours tending to their plants, so long-lasting comfort is a must. Flexibility is often key to comfort, but in most cases comfort comes down to insulation and breathability. In the summer, a breathable glove will prevent sweating, overheating and fatigue. In the winter, an insulated glove will keep your hands warm, nimble and ready to work.

2) Protection

Every gardener knows the feeling of gripping an unexpected bramble and thorn, and it isn't one we'd like to experience again. For the toughest jobs, choose a glove that's thick and protective. This includes water-resistance, as nothing makes garden work less enjoyable than wet, painful and cold hands.

3) Grip

 Dirt, water and other hazards outside can make getting the right purchase on tools and plants a pain. Choosing a glove with the right grip will make your life much easier, as all your energy and strength will be directed to the right place.

Keep Your Hands Happy in the Garden

Time in the garden should be relaxing and fun, so let's keep it that way. These gloves will make all of those painful and uncomfortable gardening hazards a thing of the past, keeping your hands comfortable, dry and ready to get to work. Weigh up the factors that are most important for your gardening regimen, review the strengths of our gloves, and find the best option for you!

Not convinced, or want to take a look for yourself? Check out our entire range of Ladies Gardening Gloves!

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