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Best Long Work Gloves

1 August 2023

Protecting the hands while working is essential to prevent long-term consequences. After all, life becomes a lot harder when we can't make use of both hands. Whether you work as a gardener pruning and fertilising sharp plants or in a riskier industry that requires you to handle hazardous chemicals, you should invest in a pair of high-quality long gloves that will provide adequate protection to your hands and arms.

In this blog, we have put together a handy guide to some of our Best Long Work Gloves aimed at helping you find the perfect protection to prevent injuries ranging from deep cuts to burns, or skin conditions that can develop from handling toxic chemicals. Keep reading to learn more!

What Does This Guide Cover?

Best Long Gloves for Gardening

Our Winner: Briers Ultimate Suede Gauntlets

Briers Ultimate Suede GauntletsWhy They're Great...

✔ Feature gauntlet sleeves to protect your forearms against cuts and scratches
Lightweight design allows for full dexterity needed while pruning and other tasks
Black suede material conceals dirt, preventing the need to wash after every wear

Ideal For...

Carrying out most gardening tasks including pruning and watering sharp plants
Most users, as it comes in one-size-fits-most

Not the Best For...

Use in tasks where strong chemicals are involved (See our solution)
Cleaning and washing up in wet conditions (See our solution)



Editor's Verdict: Gardening often involves the handling of sharp objects and stingy plants, hence the importance of owning a good pair of thick and robust gauntlets that will allow you to work in perfect conditions. The Briers Ultimate Suede Gauntlets are one of our most popular gardening gloves for good reason. Besides providing optimal hand and arm protection against cuts and abrasions, these gloves also feature a comfortable and attractive, lightweight design for maximum dexterity and comfort during long-wearing times. 

Customer Verdict:  "Easy ordering, speedy delivery, great gauntlets for clearing huge brambles, I no longer look like I've been savaged by a werewolf" - Astrid ★★★★★

Best Long Washing-Up Gloves

Our Winner: Polyco Deep Sink Extra-Long Rubber Washing-Up Gloves

Polyco Deep Sink Extra-Long Rubber Washing-Up GlovesWhy They're Great...

Feature extra-long wrist cuffs to provide enhanced splash and water protection
Provide protection against hot water, light chemicals and detergents including soap
Include an enhanced grip palm pattern that prevents dishes from slipping

Ideal For...

Users with sensitive skin in need of a glove that will prevent irritation
Professional use in kitchens and canteens

Not the Best For...

Drain, tank and pond cleaning (See our solution)
Providing heat protection (See our solution)



Editor's Verdict: Finding an extra sturdy and protective pair of washing-up gloves is a harder task than it seems, as the majority of gloves available on your supermarket shelf tend to give after a few uses. As one of our top picks, the Polyco Deep Sink Extra-Long Rubber Washing-Up Gloves feature a robust design with an extended 40cm length to provide exceptional hand and forearm protection against hot water and detergents including soap and washing-up liquid. What's more, these gloves also include a soft cotton flock lining that absorbs perspiration and sweat to prevent itching and irritation. 

Customer Verdict: "Having lost complete faith with the washing up gloves you buy at the store or online stores I found these and gave them a try - So far they are the best yet - good fit without having to stretch the gloves- and they have lasted better than all the other alternatives" - Gary - ★★★★★

Best Long Disposable Gloves

Our Winner: Ejendals Tegera 849 Disposable Long-Cuff Nitrile Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 849 Disposable Long-Cuff Nitrile GlovesWhy They're Great...

Provide essential protection against oil, solvents and chemicals
Feature a high-puncture resistance and provide protection against viruses
✔ Supplied in a box of 50 for maximum convenience and price efficiency

Ideal For...

People working in industries ranging from catering to healthcare and cleaning
Those with sensitive or irritation-prone skin due to latex-free design

Not the Best For...

✘ Protecting hands and forearms against extreme heat (See our solution)
Pruning and handling sharp, coarse or stingy plants (See our solution)



Editor's Verdict: Disposable long gloves are extremely useful to maintain workplace hygiene while protecting your hands and forearms against dirt, grease and other common chemicals. The Ejendals Tegera 849 Disposable Long-Cuff Nitrile Gloves are a versatile option that can be used by professionals in industries ranging from health and beauty to oil and gas, painting and decorating, and industrial cleaning. Featuring a thick nitrile foundation, these gloves can withstand, oil and solvents, enabling you to make use of them in a range of tasks. They are also food safe and have a high puncture resistance to prevent them from tearing soon after you put them on.  

Customer Verdict: "...I love these gloves they are the best gloves I have had in a long time 10/10 stars..." - Rodney ★★★★★

Best Long Chemical Resistant Gloves 

Our Winner: Ejendals Tegera 12910 Extra Long Chemical Resistant Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 12910 Extra Long Chemical Resistant GlovesWhy They're Great...

✔ Provide protection against strong chemicals including Methanol and n-Heptane
Made from seamless PVC material to enable a comfortable wearing experience
Feature an extra-long 700mm design to cover the entire lower arm

Ideal For...

Chemical and marine work including cleaning and fishing
Professionals working in oil and gas, agriculture and the petrochemical industry

Not the Best For...

✘ People working in industries including healthcare and catering (See our solution)
Foundry application and handling hot objects (See our solution)



Editor's Verdict: When working with corrosive chemicals, it's crucial to protect your hands and arms from potential harm, like severe burns or dangerous skin irritation. The Ejendals Tegera 12910 Extra Long Chemical Resistant Gloves are designed to provide the coverage you need to shield your skin against chemical permeation, penetration, and degradation. These gloves feature a seamless PVC design that ensures your comfort during even the toughest tasks. Whether you're performing marine work or decontaminating an area, the Ejendals Tegera 12910 gloves will keep you safe without compromising on performance. 

Customer Verdict: "...Service was great. My gloves arrived very quickly and fit the description. I was pleased to find some in a smaller size to clear out my pond..." - Sheila ★★★★★

Best Long Rubber Gloves for Cleaning Drains

Our Winner: Briers Full Length Drain, Tank and Pond Gloves

Briers Full Length Drain, Tank and Pond GlovesWhy They're Great...

Include a waterproof coating to protect your hands and forearms from getting wet
Feature an anti-slip design that prevents gloves from slipping off throughout use
Offer an elasticated top that protects your arms from water and debris

Ideal For...

Clearing mess and mush from drains and murky ponds
Cleaning and maintenance tasks that involve getting the hands and forearms wet

Not the Best For...

✘ Healthcare professionals looking for a thin and dexterous glove (See our solution)
Carrying out household chores (See our solution)



Editor's Verdict: Cleaning a murky pond or a dirty drain becomes an impossible job without a long pair of waterproof gloves. Luckily, the Briers Full Length Drain, Tank and Pond Gloves are here to save the day. Offering an extended length and elasticated tops, these fully waterproof gloves allow you to navigate deep and murky waters and effectively clean out built-up debris without getting your sleeves wet or messy. Additionally, these gloves are available in one-size-fits-most to accommodate the majority of users.

Customer Verdict: "Not only excellent for pond work but also great for car washing and gutter cleaning. No more soaked sleeves." - Jen ★★★★★

Best Cut-Resistant Sleeves

Our Winner: Kevlar Protective Arm Sleeve KKSL

Kevlar Protective Arm Sleeve KKSLWhy It's Great...

✔ Provides Level 3 cut protection to protect hand and forearm against lacerations
Cut-out thumb slot helps to locate the sleeve securely and increase palm protection
Offers heat protection, enabling users to handle hot objects free of worry

Ideal For...

Factory work including assembly lines and manufacturing
Professionals working in the motor industry

Not the Best For...

✘ Those seeking enhanced protection against extreme heat (See our solution)
Cleaning debris build-up from a drain or pond (See our solution)



Editor's Verdict: Some industries, such as construction or manufacturing, require PPE that will prevent injuries while allowing full finger dexterity. While gloves cannot always meet this expectation, a cut-resistant sleeve such as the Kevlar Protective Arm Sleeve KKSL is the perfect solution to protect your forearm while handling sharp tools and edges without losing finger agility. Besides providing outstanding Level 3 cut protection, this soft and flexible, double-layer construction sleeve is also ideal for handling warm objects without burning your hands. 

Customer Verdict: "They appear to be just what I wanted. Much of my volunteer work involves the removal of overgrown vegetation, resulting in bruising & cuts to my arms. These gloves should provide added protection." - Malcolm ★★★★★

Best Long Heat Resistant Gloves

Our Winner: Polyco Hot Glove 9010 250°C Contact Heat Resistant Gloves

Polyco Hot Glove 9010 250°C Contact Heat Resistant GlovesWhy They're Great...

Contact heat-resistant to temperatures up to 250°C for fifteen seconds
Include an elasticated knit wrist that prevents dirt and debris from getting in
Feature a double-layered design that prevents fabric tear for increased durability

Ideal For...

Foundry work and automotive applications
Bakers and cooks handling hot trays and containers

Not the Best For...

✘ Providing protection while working with sharp blades (See our solution)
Working with oils and solvents (See our solution)



Editor's Verdict: If you work in an industry that involves handling hot objects, you know how painful heat injuries can be. That's why we recommend the Polyco Hot Glove 9010 250°C Contact Heat Resistant Gloves. They are designed to protect your hands and wrists from contact heat up to 250°C. Whether you're a baker moving hot trays or working with hot materials elsewhere, these double-layered gloves will keep your hands safe. Plus, the nitrile pattern ensures a secure grip, so you can work confidently. Please note that although these gloves are great at handling hot objects in various industries, they are not suitable for welding. If you need a welding glove, visit our Welding Gloves category.

Customer Verdict: "These gloves are an excellent addition to my kitchen accessories so much better than the mittens I used to have. I can now grip my roasting tins, and casserole dishes so much easier than before, making it so much safer for me." ★★★★★

Keep Your Hands and Forearms Protected In All Environments

No matter your place of employment, it's crucial to obtain the appropriate PPE to safeguard against both long-term and temporary injuries. The type of gloves required will vary based on your industry, and this guide is designed to serve professionals in all fields. Whether you're seeking protection from contact heat, abrasions, or harmful chemicals, the suggestions in this blog will help you find a suitable solution.

There exists a possibility that you have not found what you're looking for on this page. If that's the case, we encourage you to browse the rest of our Long Work Gloves till you find the perfect pair.