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Rope Access Gloves: No Monkeying Around

12 January 2016

Looking out of a window and seeing the window cleaner dangling outside when you are ten storeys off the ground is enough to give anyone a scare. You might ask yourself: how do they manage to gain access to your window when they do not appear to have any sort of platform to work on? The answer is rope access.

Considered to be more convenient than other forms of access, rope access is just what it sounds like: using ropes to grant access to otherwise inaccessible places. Whether this is cleaning the windows, working on a rigging or even working with cable cars, rope access is highly diverse. The equipment and man-power in comparison with other access routes is extremely beneficial but provides the same level of safety as any other method.

No Monkeying around

Working in this sort of environment means a flurry of protective gear and safety measures will be thrown your way. But rope access gloves are just as important as safety suits and hard hats. Being able to maintain a sturdy grip on your line not only helps stabilise you when you are shifting positions, but has the potential to save your life. Taking hold of a rope, being able to grip it and not have your hand torn to shreds due to the friction is highly beneficial.

Rope access gloves come in a range of different styles, from full gloves to fingerless ones. They differ from standard gloves in a range of ways, mainly focusing on the dexterity and durability of the glove. They must be able to withstand a high level of friction while ensuring you can still carry out your job effectively. There is no point in being securely attached to the line if you are unable to complete your work once you get out there.

Types of rope access gloves

Rope access gloves have different levels of flexibility and padding across different parts of the hand. The palms, for instance, may only be a single layer of material for dexterity, but with a strip across the centre that matches where the rope would be positioned. The backs of the gloves tend to be constructed from a highly breathable fabric to ensure you have the full function of your hand without sweat causing you to lose your grip.

As well as protecting the worker, rope access gloves help to make life easier. With your hands protected from rope burns, friction sores and other injuries, you are able to carry out any range of activities when you are not on duty. The gloves also shield the hands from a biting wind, one that is often present considering the heights the workers are working at. Warm hands are able to both work and grip better, improving safety in a roundabout manner.

Find out more

If you wish to find out more about rope access gloves, visit Safety Gloves or talk to our support team on 020 7720 2266. View our full range of Rope Access Gloves here.