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The Best Waterproof Work Gloves: The Test!

1 Comment22 November 2019

Welcome to the ultimate waterproof winter work gloves test. Four of our best winter gloves, pitted against each other to determine which gloves you want to use and why. Tested for their waterproof capabilities, dexterity, cold resistance, mechanical protection and usability, we've put our gloves through their paces to show you exactly what they can do.

All of these gloves claim to be completely waterproof, suitable for cold weather, and come with a whole host of fantastic features that make them our top 4 best selling winter gloves. When it comes to choosing the gloves for your industry, this guide will hopefully give you a little indication on where to start. Below you can see the four gloves chosen, and you can click on the part of the test that you would like to see.

  1. The Bucket Test: For those who work in the wettest of conditions
  2. Trait by Trait: If you're unsure of which gloves are best suited for you
  3. The Number Crunch: A look at the stats, ideal for those who know what abrasion, cut, heat and cold resistance they need
  4. Industry by Industry: Which gloves should I choose by industry?
  5. Conclusion: How to Buy Your Waterproof Winter Gloves
Ejendals 295 Waterproof Thermal Gloves Ejendals 517 Insulated Precision Gloves Skytec Argon Waterproof Thermal Gloves MaxiDry Zero Thermal Waterproof Gloves
Ejendals 295 Waterproof Thermal Work Gloves Ejendals 517 Insulated Waterproof Precision Work Gloves Skytec Argon Waterproof Thermal Gloves MaxiDry Zero Thermal Waterproof Gloves

1) The Bucket Test

All of these gloves argue that they are completely waterproof. Instead of taking their word for it, we've taken the time to test each of the gloves claims so that you don't have to. We dipped our hands in a freezing bucket of water, and tested just how waterproof our thermal waterproof winter gloves are when compared to a standard work glove.

The Verdict:

Every single one of our thermal waterproof gloves was completely resistant to water. Not a single drop made it through the fabric, meaning that each glove is ideal for working in wet weather, in snow and for handling wet materials. Here are our five takeaways from the bucket test!

  1. All four of these gloves are completely waterproof
  2. MaxiDry Zero has a tight cuff that prevents water from entering the hands
  3. The 295 and the 517 have a looser cuff, so we wouldn't recommend these for submerging your hands
  4. The 295 and 517 have fantastic dexterity when wet
  5. The Skytec Argon remain warm and comfortable when dipped in extremely cold water

2) Trait by Trait

The next stage of our test pits these gloves against each other, giving them a score out of 10 for different qualities. We've made sure to include everything that you require for winter work, including dexterity, cold resistance, mechanical resistance and more.

Quality  Ejendals 295 Waterproof Thermal Work Gloves Ejendals 517 Insulated Waterproof Work Gloves Skytec Argon Waterproof Thermal Gloves MaxiDry Zero Thermal Waterproof Gloves
Dexterity 8/10 9/10 7/10 7/10
Grip 8/10 8/10 9/10 9/10
Comfort 8/10 7/10 10/10 10/10
Durability 8/10 8/10 9/10 10/10
Wrist Protection 6/10 6/10 8/10 9/10
Warmth 7/10 7/10 9/10 9/10
Sensitivity 8/10 9/10 6/10 6/10
Easy to Don 9/10 8/10 7/10 6/10
Appearance 8/10 10/10 9/10 7/10

The Verdict:

Thinner gloves such as the 517 offer far more dexterity and sensitivity, while also being easier to don. However, the thickness works in favour of the MaxiDry and Skytec Argon Gloves when it comes to durability and protection, as their thicker design means less chance of your hands being injured. Five takeaways include:

  1. The Ejendals 295 Gloves are exceptional all-round gloves
  2. The Skytec Argon are thick, comfortable and extremely warm
  3. The MaxiDry Zero Gloves offer more durability, ideal for industrial work
  4. Thinner gloves are better for sensitivity and grip, the thicker gloves are better for mechanical protection
  5. The Skytec Zero Gloves and Ejendals 295 offer superb warmth

3) Number Crunching

Next we have the number crunch. Four quality gloves compared for their resistance to things like cold, abrasion, tears, oil and more. If you're in an industry where specifics matter, this is the test for you.

Quality  Ejendals 295 Waterproof Thermal Work Gloves Ejendals 517 Insulated Waterproof Work Gloves Skytec Argon Waterproof Thermal Gloves MaxiDry Zero Thermal Waterproof Gloves
Contact Cold Resistance -30°C -10°C -50°C -10°C
Abrasion Resistance Level 2 Level 1 Level 3 Level 4
Cut Resistance Level 1 Level 1 Level 2 Level 2
Tear Resistance Level 2 Level 2 Level 3 Level 3
Puncture Resistance Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 2
Heat Resistance
Oil Resistance
Suitable for Food Use
Machine Washable

The Verdict:

Hopefully, this short guide gives you a brief look into the different qualities of each pair of gloves. Below are five key points:

  1. The Skytec Argon are fantastically warm work gloves
  2. The MaxiDry Zero Gloves are ideal for industry, with oil and heat resistance
  3. Food suitability with the Argon make them perfect for freezer work
  4. The low-key, thin design of the 517 makes them well suited to casual and sports wear
  5. All gloves are reusable and machine washable

4) Industry by Industry

Finally, if you're a little unsure of what gloves you need for your industry, we've taken the time to give a brief explanation of which gloves you might want to buy. We start with the Ejendals 295 Thermal Waterproof Gloves.

Ejendals 295 Waterproof Thermal Gloves
Ejendals 295
Ejendals 517 Insulated Precision Gloves
Ejendals 517
Skytec Argon Waterproof Thermal Gloves
Skytec Argon
MaxiDry Zero Thermal Waterproof Gloves
MaxiDry Zero
  • DIY
  • Yard Work
  • Building
  • Outdoor Work
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Warehousing
  • Casual Use
  • Sports Use
  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Sub Zero Work
  • Freezer Work
  • Cold Store Work
  • Window Cleaning
  • Farming
  • Oil and gas
  • Engineering
  • Mechanics
  • Industrial Work
  • Assembly

5) Conclusion

We hope that this guide has given you a little information on which gloves are best for you. To conclude, we would argue that the MaxiDry Zero Gloves are exceptional industrial gloves, and these should be your number one choice for tasks that are a bit dirty and oily, such as mechanics, industrial work and engineering. The polar opposite to these are the Ejendals 517 Gloves, who's dexterity and sensitivity means that while they lack in mechanical protection, they are ideal for tactile tasks with their appealing appearance making them perfect for sports and cycling use.

On the other hand, the Ejendals 295 Gloves are wonderful for general, outdoor work, proving perfect for DIY, maintenance, yard work and other odd jobs that you might have to do around the farm, house or business. Alternatively, the Skytec Argon Gloves are real cold weather gloves, with their thick and strong design proving perfect for sub zero work which includes work in the freezer, or work outdoors window cleaning and more.

Let Us Know What You Think!

If you've bought your waterproof thermal gloves, let us know just how good for winter work they are by commenting below. If you're still unsure on the type of gloves that you want, take a look at our Winter Thermal Waterproof Work Gloves category for our full range.

If you have any questions, you can either comment below or find us on Facebook and Twitter!