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What Are Ceremonial Gloves?

17 July 2015  |  John

Ceremonial gloves are exactly what they sound like; gloves designed to be worn at special occasions. These are frequently worn by members of the armed forces and the police at ceremonies and memorials. Ceremonial gloves are white and made from cotton or nylon.

When Are Ceremonial Gloves Worn?

When ceremonial gloves are worn depends entire on what branch of the military you are in and what rank you are. For example, the Royal Air Force states that white nylon or cotton gloves are to be worn by certain airmen and airwomen for the following occasions:

  • State occasions
  • Guards at Royal residences    
  • Authorised service funerals
  • Officer memorial services
  • Remembrance Day and Battle of Britain ceremonies

They can also often be seen being worn by those playing instruments at military ceremonies. Ceremonial gloves are often worn at ceremonial police events such as award giving and at memorial services.

However, you should always check to see under what circumstance you would be required to wear ceremonial gloves as it will vary based on your rank, regiment and branch of the armed forces.

In addition to their use by the armed forces and police, some members of the public wear them to ceremonies and special events. They are also frequently associated with the Freemasons and Masonry. Members of the Royal Family can also frequently be seen wearing them at special events.

What Kinds of Ceremonial Gloves Are There?

Because of the regulations around the style of ceremonial gloves, there is usually little variation found; most are just white nylon or cotton gloves. However, there are two variations in the fastening style; elastic and buttons.

The elastic wrist is easy to put on and take off, however because of the design it can leave the glove looking like a disposable latex glove and is frowned upon by some branches of the armed forces. Button fastening gloves are generally preferred because of their traditional and formal look.

Other than the fastening, ceremonial gloves usually keep the same design; a white, almost translucent glove with 3-point styling on the back of the hand (this is three lines going down the back of the hand lining up with the spaces between fingers. This is in keeping with military formalities and tradition.

If you are interested in getting some ceremonial gloves, feel free to visit Safety Gloves and check out our range of Ceremonial Gloves.

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