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What are Chainmail Gloves?

14 July 2015  |  John

Chainmail gloves are safety gloves which utilise chainmail to offer a high level of cut resistance and are based on medieval chainmail, which was used for cut protection for thousands of years.

What are the Applications of Chainmail Gloves?

Alongside being used to slay dragons and help pull swords from stone, chainmail gloves have a lot of modern applications. Because of the high level of cut protection that chainmail offers, these gloves are often used in the food processing industry to help protect against knife or cutting accidents.

Butchers often use chainmail gloves when cutting meat from bones because of the protection they offer. Knives in the butchering and food processing industry are much sharper and much larger than kitchen knives, so the extra protection chainmail gloves provided is necessary to ensure safety. Many in the food processing industry also wear chainmail gloves while shucking oysters (removing oysters from their shells) for the same reason.

Chainmail gloves are also used a lot in textile work and sheet metal cutting because of the use of sharp blades and the inherent dangers they pose. Basically, if you are dealing with sharp blades on a daily basis, you could probably benefit from using a pair of chainmail gloves.

What are the Benefits of Chainmail Gloves?    

The main benefit of chainmail gloves is the cut and puncture protection they offer. Chainmail gloves are unrivalled in their ability to prevent punctures and slashing from affecting your hands. Without chainmail gloves the risk of severe injury when handling blades is significantly higher, even while doing something relatively simple such as shucking an oyster

Chainmail gloves are typically constructed from thousands of small stainless steel rings. These rings offer a fantastic level of corrosion and oil resistance, meaning the chainmail gloves have a quality that is sustained through repeated use. Because of their construction, chainmail gloves are also often hypoallergenic, making them safe and comfortable to use.

Are Chainmail Gloves Worth It?

While the price of chainmail gloves may seem prohibitive, they are a fantastic investment in your work. By using less protective gloves you are putting yourself and your business in danger. How much money would it cost you if you or one of your employees was injured and could not work? Or worse; what if an employee decided to begin legal action against you for not providing adequate equipment?

The initial cost of chainmail gloves are insignificant compared to the dangers of not using gloves with the best possible protection.

If you are interested in getting some chainmail gloves, feel free to visit Safety Gloves and check out our range of Chainmail Gloves.

Honeywell R0302 ChaineXium Stainless-Steel Chainmail Oyster Glove

Honeywell R0302 ChaineXium Stainless-Steel Chainmail Oyster Glove

  • Single, stainless-steel chainmail glove
  • Suitable for use in a range of food preparation industries
  • Excellent level of cut protection for safe blade handling
  • Easy-to-clean and anti-bacterial design reduces contamination risks
In stock now  In stock now