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What Are Freezer Gloves?

16 July 2015  |  John

Freezer gloves are gloves designed to handle cold items, usually in a freezer, or for use in cold areas such as outdoor work in inclement climates. These gloves are engineered to protect the user from the dangerous effects of being exposed to cold temperatures, such as damage to the skin and, in sever cases, frostbite. 

What Are Freezer Gloves Used For?

Because of what they are designed for, freezer gloves are found in a wide variety of situations and environments. Some freezer gloves are used in cold outdoor environments such as on fishing ships while others are used for cold handling in walk-in freezers or sub-zero transportation for perishable goods.

Our range of freezer gloves are not only designed to provide protection against extreme temperatures, they're also manufactured to have great overall quality. An example of this is gloves that have an advanced level of grip, allowing you to handle items with greater ease and fewer mistakes.

Some freezer gloves are also great in laboratories for handing cold chemicals. While these freezer gloves sacrifice some dexterity because of the extra lining needed, they keep enough to get the job done. These freezer gloves can also be seen in use in fertility treatment centres because of the low temperatures samples need to be kept at.

How Do Freezer Gloves Work?

Freezer gloves feature a layer of insulation that helps prevent heat escaping from your hand. Without the glove, being in a cold area would force the heat to leave your hand into the air. If you were to pick up a frozen item from a cold warehouse or big freezer with your bare hands, your hand would stick to it and your skin would become damaged. this is because the ice is sticky and your sweat is also sticky – when you touch an item frozen at low temperatures your sweat sticks to it, and then your sweat freezes. The colder the item, the more severe the hold the ice has. This can cause serious injury, so even if you are just going into an industrial freezer for a second to get something it is vital that you wear gloves.

Our gloves will prevent your hand from sticking to the item, and the insulating layer will reduce the chance of loss of body heat that holding extremely cold items can cause.
The thickness of the layer will depend entirely on the intended use. The Polyco Freezemaster Cryo Insulated Gauntlet, for example, has an incredibly thick insulating layer because it is designed for use with incredibly low temperatures, however this does significantly reduce the dexterity it offers. 

The Supertouch Topaz Ice, on the other hand has great dexterity, however because of its thin insulating layer it is not good for very low temperatures.

If you are interested in getting your hands on some freezer gloves, visit Safety Gloves and check out our range of Freezer Gloves.

Supertouch Glacier Insulated Rigger Gloves 21944

Supertouch Glacier Insulated Rigger Gloves 21944

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