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What Are Gripper Work Gloves?

12 June 2015

Protect your employees from the health and safety risks at work with the Gripper Work Gloves specific to the required handling. Safety Gloves have a wide range of Builders Grip Gloves and Grip Work Gloves ideal for other industries including automotive and construction. You will need to base your Grip Work Glove selection on the work being performed, the wearer and the environment the work requiring grip work gloves being worked in. 

what are gripper work gloves?

Gripper Work Gloves have high levels of superior grip balanced with the dexterity required for manual handling tasks. The specialised grip capability of gripper work gloves are designed to enable those who require exceptional grip in a variety of different industries the grip they need to get the job done. 

Health and Safety Statistics in the 2013/2014 ‘At a Glance’ report offer insight into the prevalence of workplace injury in the United Kingdom, and serve as a reminder of the importance of policy to protect workers and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that helps to reduce these numbers, in conjunction with all of health and safety occupational hazard policies which are designed to maximise worker safety.

The most frequent causes of injury are manual handling, slips and trips and falls from height. Highest rates are reported in the sewerage and waste supply, agriculture, construction and transport industries with the highest rates of workplace injury reported in manual occupations. 

These statistics expose there were an estimated 80,000 non-fatal injuries reported by employees. According to this report, there was a total of £14.2 billion per year in economic costs of injury and ill health in the workplace with the largest single cost being non-financial and linked to the value given to pain, grief and suffering associated with workplace injuries and ill health. 

With these statistics in mind, it is a reminder of how important Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is and why it is integral to choose the right Gripper Work Gloves for the job. 
Some industries which Grip Work Gloves are used in frequently: 

•    Construction 
•    Automotive 
•    Assembly 
•    Warehousing and transport and logistics 
•    Utility
•    Local authority 
•    Engineering and manufacture 
•    Component handling 
•    Warehouse work 
•    Local authority 
•    Light engineering 
•    Electronics 
•    Building (see our Builders Grip Gloves)
•    Materials handling 
•    Machine operation 

This list is not exhaustive; there are so many other industries which utilise the safety and grip benefits using Gripper Work Gloves provide. 

Before choosing your Gripper Work Gloves: 

  • Identify the substances you are handling and all other hazards 
  • Consider the type of contact 
  • Evaluate the duration of contact 
  • Consider size and comfort- integral to the success of the glove being protective and providing comfort and dexterity 
  • Consider the task being performed 

Are your hands at risk of abrasion, cuts, puncture or require added warmth? 

There are Gripper Work Gloves which provide these additional features. See below for our pick of Grip Work Gloves, including Builders Grip Gloves that are ideal for reducing these risks.  

What about builders grip gloves ideal for construction and automotive industry use?

Comfortable, well fitting Gripper Work Gloves do not impair the work being performed, and perhaps more importantly increase the likelihood of the Grip Glove being worn in the first instance. Helping to avoid those accidents that happen when a task feels too short to bother putting on gloves, or when you don’t want to wear your gloves because they are ill-fitting, a well-fitting glove helps you perform your task safely, without hampering the task at hand. 


Wearing a Safety Grip Glove specific to your handling task that balances protection with dexterity required. Our range of Grip Gloves have been specifically chosen in consultation with the brands stocked online for ordering on Safety Gloves, so you can rest assured to find the right glove for your safety glove requirements.