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What are Industrial Cleaning Gloves?

20 July 2015  |  John

Industrial cleaning gloves are designed to withstand the heavy duty chemicals that can be involved in industrial cleaning. These chemicals are much more harmful than household cleaning products; while household cleaning jobs usually require only mild chemicals, industrial cleaning products need to be bigger and tougher to get through industrial grime to leave surfaces spotless.

Why Should I Wear Industrial Cleaning Gloves?

Industrial cleaning jobs use incredibly concentrated  chemicals that can cause serious damage if they come into contact with skin. This is so that they have the clout they need to shift marks and stains on an industrial level. 

However, because they are so potent, they can do significant damage to your hands. They can do anything from seriously irritate your skin all the way to removing skin and flesh from your bones, depending on the chemical used.

This is all without considering the potential for calluses (areas of thick, rough, yellow skin) to develop on unprotected hands, which makes them less sensitive and can be very frustrating, even painful. Because of this, it is vital that your hands have the protection they need when there is even the slightest chance of coming into contact with chemicals.

What Kinds Of Industrial Cleaning Gloves Are There?

Because of the heavy-duty nature of industrial cleaning products, industrial cleaning gloves have to be incredibly tough and hardwearing to protect against the strong chemicals. Because of this, it is highly unlikely you will see a pair of disposable gloves that offers suitable protection for industrial cleaning.

Many industrial cleaning gloves are made from either nitrile or latex. These both offer high levels of protection from chemicals however nitrile has the advantage of not containing latex, to which many people can have allergic reactions..

PVC is also a common material for industrial cleaning gloves. This is a synthetic material which offers a huge amount of protection against chemicals while still being tough. These do not have as tight a fit as latex or nitrile, and for some this can be an advantage. Some recent industrial cleaning gloves are made from neoprene; the same material found in divers’ wetsuits. This gives a great resistance against chemicals like acids and alcohols.

Despite having been used for decades, rubber gloves are still a popular choice for industrial cleaning gloves. They not only have a retro look to them but also offer a great level of chemical resistance.

A few industrial cleaning gloves also have a knitted sleeve, which helps stop chemicals getting inside the glove and making the glove pointless. These are best suited to more runny chemicals and situations where the cleaning chemicals could splash.

If you are interested in getting your hands in some industrial cleaning gloves, head over to Safety Gloves and check out our range of Industrial Cleaning Gloves.