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What are Kevlar Gloves?

17 March 2015

Kevlar gloves have a number of inherent qualities that make them the ideal as protection in and around the workplace. Kevlar gloves offer safety; grip; cut and puncture resistance as well as being impressively heat resistant.

Kevlar is a Ballistic Material

Kevlar is a synthetic plastic material that is constructed from molecules chained together very similar to the fibres found in reinforced concrete. Commonly used to construct bulletproof vests and knife proof body armour, Kevlar is recognised for its antiballistic qualities. This means it takes a lot of energy to break through the material with objects such as knives and bullets because Kevlar is such a tightly woven material. Energy is dissipated and soaked up by the material so even if the fibres are forced apart, the force is considerably slowed, causing far less damage.

Kevlar is then a perfect choice of safety glove for applications which require reliable cut and puncture resistance such as engineering, assembly, and metal works. The Polyco Reflex KN Plus Gloves are an excellent example. This is a safety glove that scores very highly on EN 388 European Standard testing for Mechanical Hazards whilst also providing the user with a high level of flexibility and sensitivity of touch.

Heat Resistant Kevlar

When working in metal and glass forming, and other similarly hot environments, heat resistant gloves are a necessity to keep the working force safe and productive.  Where workers are exposed to hot surfaces and objects Kevlar heat resistant gloves can typically provide the outstanding performance required. Unlike most plastics, Kevlar will not melt, support combustion or burn. Kevlar is an inherently flame resistant material that does not decompose until it reaches temperatures of around 450 degrees Celsius, far higher than often seen in the working environment.

Our Polyco Ingot Heatbeater Mitten scores the highest performance levels for contact heat and burning behaviour when tested in accordance to European Standard EN 407 for Heat Protection. These gloves can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees Celsius for 62 seconds making them ideal for applications such as foundry work and glass manufacturing.

Lightweight Material

Kevlar is a considerably lighter and thinner material that many traditional equivalents. This makes Kevlar gloves suitable not only for heavy duty applications such as welding, but are beneficial in industries such as gardening and food preparation.

Our Polyco Touchstone range is made of 100% Kevlar material. They are lightweight and form fitting which means they allow the user maximum dexterity which is necessary in tasks such as vegetable cutting on a mandolin.

Applications for Kevlar Gloves

Kevlar safety gloves can be used in a wide range of applications including:

  • Welding
  • Steel Works
  • Glass Manufacture
  • Glazing
  • Engineering & Manufacture

Our full range of Kevlar Gloves can be seen here: