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What Are Metal Detecting Gloves?

17 February 2017  |  John

While metal detecting can seem like a harmless hobby, there are a range of very real dangers lurking below the surface (literally). Bacteria, germs and sharp objects can all be found in the same place as buried treasure, so it’s vital that detectorist hands can get protection against these real hazards.

Protect Against Bacteria

An array of different and dangerous bacteria and germs are found in dirt and soil. Unfortunately, that’s also where the best finds are. Leptospirosis and botulism bacteria are often found in British dirt, and can cause headaches, muscle aches and vomiting. E.coli is also commonly found in soil, and can cause worse illness and even death! 

If you’re digging around in the dirt with your bare hands, all of these germs and more are all over your hands and fingers. Even washing your hands can’t completely get rid of the bacteria, so the best solution is prevention – stopping the germs from getting on your skin in the first place.

Fortunately, you don’t need to dig around wearing latex gloves – any pair will significantly help to prevent hands from becoming carriers of bacteria. But that alone isn’t enough for a proper pair of metal detecting gloves.

Protect Against Cuts

While there may be unknown treasures lurking just below the topsoil for metal detectors to find, there’s also a lot of less savoury items. Sharp objects like cans are often discarded and left to be buried. If you’re going through dirt with your bare hands, you may soon find them with slightly less skin than when they started.

What’s worse is that once the skin is broken, the above-mentioned bacteria are able to get in and cause all of those awful symptoms. Because of this, metal detector users need gloves with proper cut protection, keeping them safe from whatever sharp objects they may find.

Protect Against Cold

Going out in the bitter cold is a common part of metal detecting, so you need to be sure that your hands get the protection they need from winter’s chill. Cold weather can make your hands harder to feel, which can make it more difficult to tell when they’re injured. 

Numb hands also make it hard to know exactly what’s in your hand – important for those fragile and delicate finds which require you to handle them with a light touch. A good pair of metal detecting gloves will protect your hands against the chilly weather, helping you more easily hold items and keep digging and scanning for longer.

Maintain Dexterity

As well as keeping hands protected against cold, they also need to keep them dexterous and flexible. Some of the best metal detecting finds are also the smallest, so it’s vital that your hands can stay flexible and more easily feel what’s being handled. 

A proper pair of metal detecting gloves will do all of the above, helping you to find the many wonders literally hidden under our feet while also ensuring none of the dangers lurking there can put you out of commission.

If you’re interested in getting your hands in some gloves to protect your hands while metal detecting, head on over to Safety Gloves and take a look at our range of Metal Detecting Gloves.

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